The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 9 Chapter 12

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Chapter 12: The Day of Becoming a God!

"Please come in!"

When the door opened, Yu came in coyly.

Feeling the spring breeze in the room, her slightly impetuous heart suddenly calmed down.

"Elder Martial Sister."

Bai Lian said softly, "What can I do for you?"


Yu Ying was about to open her mouth when suddenly there was a clatter outside the door.


She and Bai Lian turned their eyes to the door in unison.

The jade rabbit, the fifth Martial Sister, the third Martial Sister, and the second Martial Sister were "stacked" together in order of height, and they were looking hard from outside to inside!

Bai Lian, "…"

The second Martial Sister who was found kicked the jade rabbit's ass with her foot in frustration.

Stop arching!

The jade rabbit glared back at the second Martial Sister with an aggrieved face.

Is it her fault?

Who let Su Youwei, that big fool, hold her ear hard and straighten it?

The second Martial Sister hurriedly said, "Elder Martial Sister, we are just passing by and are going to practice in the back mountain."

Bai Lian nodded.

Do you think that I would believe your bullshit?!

You think my head is as light as my chest?

The thing inside is my brain, not water!

However, she didn't break through the lie, "Take your time. Don't just be quick, and you'll hurt yourself."

"Elder Martial Sister, we know."

The second Martial Sister smiled and responded, looking like she was the leader.

A moment later, they left.

Xiao Jinse was reading books about alchemy in the room, but suddenly she smelled a strange smell. She immediately realized that someone had secretly sneaked into Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian's room at midnight.

Can this be tolerated?

As the second Elder Martial Sister, she must stop this improper act!

She rushed out.

Then the jade rabbit found her abnormal movement.

Then Su Youwei and Ling Xuan ran out of the room.

They huddled together in a string and were caught by Bai Lian.

"Second Elder Martial Sister."

At this moment, Su Youwei suddenly spoke. Her eyes smiled, and she looked very happy.

Xiao Jinse wondered, "What's wrong?"

Su Youwei said with a smile, "I have been dueling with Hong Yi for the past two days, and I have gained a lot. It's like breaking through a narrow barrier. My whole person was suddenly enlightened, and I understood many things that I didn't understand. I will definitely get good results in the assessment next month!"

The jade rabbit yawned and walked away.

Hum, you only know to practice sword all day. You will become dumb sooner or later!

The naive Ling Xuan clapped her hands and said, "Sister Su is so powerful!"

"Of course!"

Su Youwei picked up Ling Xuan.

She likes Ling Xuan very much.

On the one hand, because Ling Xuan's body is as "flat" as hers - after all, Ling Xuan is only ten years old.

On the one hand, she didn't regard Ling Xuan as a threat at all - after all, she is only ten years old.

It's just a little girl. Don't care. Just tease her and it's over!

Xiao Jinse was stunned for a moment.

Then she realized that the third Martial Sister was showing off to her, and it was also a disguised provocation.

The second Martial Sister? No way.

The third Martial Sister? Yes, yes, yes!

Xiao Jinse looked strange.


It's good to practice your sword skills. How can you become stronger without practicing your sword skills?

You must continue to practice!

She stretched out her hand and patted Su Youwei on the shoulder, "The third Martial Sister, we shouldn't feel happy for a temporary victory or defeat. Only a long-term strong is the most real."


Su Youwei nodded.

Look at the expression, the second Elder Martial Sister was really trying to support herself.

Ha ↑ Ha ↑ Ha ↑

Su Youwei smiled proudly from the bottom of her heart, "The Second Elder Martial Sister, what you said is reasonable. Thank you."


Xiao Jinse then turned and left.

Her body quivered slightly.

What a lonely figure!

Su Youwei secretly sighed, but she would not show any pity. She must show her amazing achievements in the assessment next month to defeat other Martial Sisters, so as to leave a deep impression on Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian.

The Second Elder Martial Sister, don't blame me for bullying you.

Anyway, our alliance has already been dissolved.


Su Youwei pulled Su Hong Yi out of the Ten Thousand Poison Pearl again.

"Hong Yi, accompany me to practice the sword. I will seize the time to practice the Canghai Yueming Sword Skill to the fourth-ranked!"


Su Hong Yi floated behind Su Youwei like a ghost.

She began to wonder if Su Youwei knew that she had done something bad by holding the hand of Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian, and now she was deliberately trying to punish her.

Ding Ding——

Not long after, the fierce sound of fighting sounded again in the back mountain of the Qiongming Peak.

Bai Lian brought the topic back.

"The fourth Martial Sister, just say what you want."

Yu Ying said, "Elder Martial Sister, I had an accident during the Original Dragon's test."

"An accident?"

Yu Ying explained, "It's like this…"

Yu Ying had been working hard these days. She was about to pass the second level of the Original Dragon's test and get the gift from the Original Dragon, but an accident happened in the process.

A huge stone tablet stood around the trial site.

The towering stone tablet looked like the peaks where the giant gods lived.

In the words of the golden man guarding the entrance of the testing ground——

[That is the fragment of Sansheng Stele used to guard the Breath of the Black Dragon in the underground of Canglong Garden]

On that day, the fragments of Sansheng Stele suddenly split.

Like being hit by someone with a sledgehammer from above, numerous cracks instantly spread all over the stele.

Countless white lights gushed out from the crack, and dyed the entire testing ground.

It was really terrible!

Bai Lian asked, "Do you suspect that something has happened to Canglong Garden?"

Yu Ying nodded, "Well, I want to go back and have a look."

Speaking of this…

The plot of the fourth Martial Sister's sideline in the game immediately flashed through Bai Lian's mind.

She was very impressed. In a certain sideline, "Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian" once raped the fourth Martial Sister in front of the statue of the black dragon in the Canglong Garden.

Because this movement was too "brave", it was hard for her to forget.

[Although "Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian" was weak, she was full of courage!]

Why did "Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian" take the fourth Martial Sister to Canglong Garden?

She remembered that it was closely related to Emperor Xu Pan and Marquis Wu'an of Heluo Country.

Speaking of these two people, Bai Lian thought of the eldest princess.

She had planned to take time to see the eldest princess and exchange feelings with her. Now, this is a good opportunity.

When Bai Lian was ready to reply to the fourth Martial Sister, the system task also appeared.

[Task 1: Go straight to Canglong Garden (Reward: Future Creation Classic)]

[Task 2: Go to Heluo secretly, and find out the information of Canglong Garden first (Reward: a top grade Spirit Tool - Military Interpretation Book)]

[Task 3: Dissuade the fourth Martial Sister (Reward: Soft Skill+11)]

Bai Lian was gape-mouthed.

Is there such a big risk?

She doesn't want the Future Creation Classic.

On the one hand, this task is very risky. Even if she has reached the Transcendency Stage, she may not be able to cope with it. On the other hand, it is because she has no interest in the Future Creation Classic.

However, the value of 11 points of Soft Skill for her is not much different from that of a top-grade Spirit Tool.

"Then choose Task 2."

The risks are similar. Bai Lian wants to know what happened in Canglong Garden, so that she can be ready.

With her current strength, it is not particularly difficult to cope with tasks at the price of a top-grade Spirit Tool.

Bai Lian touched the fourth Martial Sister's head and said, "Let's go together."

Yu Ying bowed her head and apologized, "Elder Martial Sister, I have caused you trouble again."

"No trouble."

Bai Lian said with a smile.

She likes the fourth Martial Sister's seriousness.

One day later.

When the sun shone at noon, Bai Lian said goodbye to An Lan and embarked on the road to Heluo.

She made enough camouflage, and the fourth Martial Sister also became a sword very cooperatively. Bai Lian wrapped the sword in the scabbard, and then held it tightly in her arms.


Ten thousand miles away.

In the ruins of Canglong Garden shrouded in wind and rain.

The deputy commander of Shadow Guards, Kite, stood in front of the stone wall with a cold face.

He saw the rain rolling down on the black stone surface, as if he had seen countless enemies fall under his hunting knife like grass.

He took a deep breath.


It's the smell of blood boiling!

He licked his mouth.

Although the expression on his face remained unchanged, Kite's heart was already full of excitement.

He has waited too long for this day.

The ancient magic array buried under the Canglong Garden is finally going to be broken.

They achieved this result by stupid means.

They consumed its energy little by little.

In those days, countless people said to him, "Stop scratching the magic array, Master Kite. It won't work!"

The facts proved them wrong.

As long as you work hard, even an iron plate can also be scraped into paper!

Once the magic array is broken, the Black Dragon's Blood will be theirs.

In this way, the Saint Casting Plan can be successfully implemented.


The day of becoming a god is coming!

Kite laughed, "Go and inform Marquis Wu'an!"