The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 9 Chapter 10

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Chapter 10: Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian, I Like You!

Tianyi City, in the courtyard.

In front of the carved window frame sat a slender and shrunken "flower".

It seems that the flower has not received rain and dew for many days. Now it is full of withered gray and black, which makes people feel extremely pitiful.

This is the eldest princess who has not replied to Bai Lian's message for a long time.

She sat at the window, her right hand propping up her cheek.

Half a foot away from her, a small and exquisite box was playing the recorded poems and songs.

The singer was singing a song full of sadness.

"If I had known it was so frustrating, why did I meet you at that time?"

One o'clock in the morning.

The candle would be exhausted.

There was a tap on the wooden door.

At this moment, the figure stopped outside suddenly asked, "The eldest princess, are you still awake?"

The eldest princess slowly raised her left hand and tapped the top of the box.

The music in the room stopped at once.

The outsider understood and gently pushed the door in.

It was her maid who came.

She lowered her head and dared not look directly into the eyes of the eldest princess.


The eldest princess asked.

The maid bowed her knees and said, "Marquis Wu'an and others will go to Canglong Garden tomorrow afternoon, accompanied by 3000 shadow guards."

"I see."

The eldest princess responded casually, and her spirit seemed very poor.

She ordered to investigate the matter but was not interested in hearing the results.

This strange contrast made the maid look at her more.

Is she tired?

After a short silence, the maid suddenly said, "The eldest princess, Fairy Bai Lian contacted you before, why didn't you reply to her? Fairy Bai Lian is a reincarnated Immortal Emperor…"

"Get out!"

The eldest princess suddenly roared in the room.

Her eyes were full of impatience.

The maid was so frightened that she immediately bent down and confessed.

"The eldest princess, I was wrong, I shouldn't…"

The eldest princess still said coldly, "Get out!"

She pointed to the half open door.

The maid ran away in fear and almost threw off her shoes.


A strong wind blows.

The wooden door slammed shut.

The eldest princess gasped for a few seconds. She turned on the box again, but listening to the music, she didn't feel any fulfillment in her heart, only endless emptiness.

She turned off the switch again and lay back in bed.

Tossing and turning, she couldn't sleep.

She was really tired today, and she would be tired for a long time.

She once got a mirror with the ability to predict the future.

She tried to reverse all this when she learned that Heluo would fall under the leadership of her brother.

She tried hard to attract all parties, but the more she moved forward and went deep, the more she found that it was very spacious.

At the end of the road was a huge palace that was too wide for her to explore.

Compared with that, she is too small.

The eldest princess turned sideways, facing the wall and shrinking into a ball.

Only in this way could she feel a little warm.

At this time, she really wanted to be surrounded by someone.


She couldn't.

The eldest princess wanted to sleep.

Bai Lian drove the Cloud Chasing Boat under the white clouds.

This was her second trip to Wutan state, and her mood was completely different from the previous time.

Last time, she was frightened and felt that she was going to take back an "encumbrance".

This time, the "encumbrance" became her lovely Martial Sister. This time, she felt as if she was going to see her cute Martial Sister's parents.

She felt a little nervous in excitement.

The speed of the Cloud Chasing Boat was breakneck. Bai Lian and Xiao Jinse entered Castle Peak city the following day.

They came back quietly and didn't attract anyone's attention after changing their looks.

The Xiao family is one of the three families in Castle Peak city. The residence is located in the north of the city and covers a vast area.

Bai Lian could see the towering steeple from a distance.

As they got closer, Xiao Jinse slowed down.

She was afraid.

It was the place she missed most and hated most.

There was a whirlpool of contradictions.

At this time, a cold hand stretched out from the side and wrapped her hand tightly.

It's a feeling of peace.

Xiao Jinse turned away from her head and looked at the smiling Bai Lian.

There was a warm current in her body, as if it would come out at any time.

She had courage again.

Xiao Jinse walked steadily towards the Xiao family.

But the final result seemed not very satisfactory.

When she came to the Xiao family's house, she was shocked to find that there was nothing left.

"Where are the people?"

The huge mansion was empty!

Bai Lian grabbed an old man passing by.

After she asked patiently, she finally found out the reason.

"The Xiao family moved away half a year ago. They left in batches."

"Why did they move?"

"What else can it be? Because they offended the Duxian sect and were afraid of their revenge."

Bai Lian, "…"

The Xiao family broke their leg before they took off.

She looked back at the second Martial Sister. Fortunately, Xiao Jinse's look was normal.

Xiao Jinse was not sad, she just sighed.

In fact, it's good that she doesn't have to face those people.

She led Bai Lian into the Xiao family's house.

Walking along the familiar yet strange road, she finally came to her former residence.

That was a house transformed from a firewood shed.


This was Bai Lian's first feeling.

She stood behind the window and looked up at the bright sky. She tried to experience the mood of the second Martial Sister when she saw the meteor.

Unfortunately, she got nothing.

But she knew that without The meteor, she would probably never see the second Martial Sister again.

"Is that meteor left by Shifu?"

Bai Lian pondered.

When the second Martial Sister was twelve years old, six years ago, maybe Master An Lan met her at that time.

I should ask Shifu when we go back.

Bai Lian walked out of the woodshed, but suddenly the second Martial Sister disappeared.

Her Divine Sense scanned, only to find that the second Martial Sister had walked into the courtyard facing the street.

Someone was chatting on the street.

"The Xiao family is also unlucky."

"What bad luck?"

"They messed with someone they shouldn't provoke. You've heard about Xiao Jinse, right?"

"Of course."

"She used to be a mortal who could not cultivate, but somehow she was admired by the immortals of the Duxian sect. The Xiao family was scared and ran away in a hurry. They didn't even have time to sell their property…"

"Didn't they ask for it?"

"Ah, of course, but…"

"What else is it?"

"I mean Xiao Jinse was so lucky, and somehow the Duxian sect took a favor towards her. If she had to rely on herself, can she have her current identity? He he…"

"You can't have such luck anyway. If you have the time, it's better to carry more bags of sand to earn money."

Bai Lian walked to the second Martial Sister.

She saw that Xiao Jinse's face was slightly gloomy.

How talkative they are!

In her anger, she created the phantom of a fat tiger directly relying on True Secret of 500 Million Dharma Bodies.

The fat tiger poked its head out of the street corner, and the porter was immediately scared to death and fell down on the ground.

"Ow -"

After roaring, the fat tiger walked away proudly.

"Younger Martial Sister…"

Bai Lian was ready to comfort Xiao Jinse.

Xiao Jinse suddenly turned around, just like the sun piercing the night, and the gloom on her face suddenly disappeared, replaced by a smile that made Bai Lian's heart beat fast.

"In fact, he is right." Xiao Jinse said, "If there were no Elder Martial Sister and Master An Lan, I would have been buried in the ground now. I could have the present only because you and master, which is not something that cannot be admitted."


Xiao Jinse basked in the sun.

She thought she had caught what she once lost——

Her original intention.

It was the most precious thing her father left her. She didn't feel inferior because of poverty or pride because of wealth.

She just needed to be the most authentic.

Sword Washing Pavilion? In a few years, I will tell you what is the real me!

She was serious!

After seeing the brilliance in Xiao Jinse's eyes, Bai Lian thought of it this way.

This may be a good start.

She vaguely saw the figure of the indomitable second Martial Sister in the game.

When a flash of fire swept through the blue sky, Xiao Jinse stepped forward and held Bai Lian tightly.

Even when she was most excited in the past, she didn't speak her heart feeling out.

But now she wanted to put her heart feeling on the table formally.

"Elder Martial Sister."

Xiao Jinse looked up.

This was a very ordinary day.

But this was also an extraordinary day.

She said:

"I like you!"