The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 9 Chapter 1 Part 2

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Chapter 1: The Fifth Martial Sister (2)

The city master replied, "We have killed them all."

"Many people must have died."

"Casualties are unavoidable."

Chen Fu shook his head.

His white hair fluttered like snow in the sky.

In fact, it is not far from snowing. In another month, the East Wilderness will step into the cold winter.

Bai Lian quietly left.

She will be surrounded if she continues to stay. She doesn't want to join in the excitement.

Being blown by the evening wind blew, Bai Lian crossed the East Wilderness under the morning sun.

At this time, Yao Xia Bay appeared in her eyes again.

As early as the Dragon Qi dissipated, Yao Xia Bay fell down from the sky again like an airship.

Although the golden light had completely disappeared, there were still colorful lights shining over Yao Xia Bay.

That was a symbol of vitality!

Bai Lian hid her true face. After letting go of her Divine Sense and sweeping around, she fell behind the fifth Martial Sister.

At this time, Ling Xuan was standing by the bridge, biting her lips and saying nothing.

When Bai Lian approached her, she could still find her body shaking slightly.

A moment later, Ling Xuan sobbed in a low voice.

"Is Sister Bai Lian fine?"

"I can't reach her at all now."

"What should I do?"

She squatted down.

She looked steadily at the high pier in front of her, and her teeth unconsciously bit her lips.

She saw the fire of the lanterns reflected on the river.

At a certain moment, a stone fell into the water, and the flame immediately dispersed.


Ling Xuan reached out and grabbed the pier.

She was very sad when her grandpa died. If sister Bai Lian also has an accident, what should she do?

Sister Bai Lian clearly agreed to take her to the Duxian sect.



Bai Lian pursed her mouth.

After all, the fifth Martial Sister is only a child. No matter how sensible she is, she is only a ten-year-old child.

I'm sorry.

She reached out and hugged the fifth Martial Sister from behind, almost squeezing her into her body.

"You are worried."


Ling Xuan struggled.

But after seeing the ★ that Bai Lian intentionally exposed, she stopped struggling.

Hee hee.

Bai Lian grimaced at Ling Xuan.

But Ling Xuan resolutely turned her head away.

A liar!

Bai Lian put a piece of jade slip in Ling Xuan's hand, "With this, Younger Martial Sister, you can contact me at any time."

"I just…"

Ling Xuan wanted to throw the jade slip out on impulse, but she regretted it when she reached halfway.

The jade slip slipped out of her hands and was about to fall into the river.

At this time, a hand suddenly stretched out and caught the jade slip.

"Hold on."

Bai Lian said.


Ling Xuan lowered her head. It could be seen that she was still in a bad mood.

Bai Lian doesn't really know how to deal with children.

Fortunately, the system came out at this time.

[Task 1, "Don't listen to my words, do you?" Press the fifth Martial Sister down angrily to let her grow up quickly (Reward: Hard Skill+4)]

[Task 2: Continue to apologize until the fifth Martial Sister accepts (Reward: Tea Ceremony+1)]

[Task 3: Take the fifth Martial Sister to eat (Reward: Alchemy+1)]

Do I need to think?

As long as the fifth Martial Sister is happy, she will be relieved.

She chose Task 3 decisively.

And Bai Lian still had a trump card.


Ling Xuan, who wanted to deliberately ignore Bai Lian, immediately pricked up her ears.

Bai Lian looked seriously at her and said, "You can only drink a little, understand?"


Ling Xuan's nodded quickly.

She had long wanted to try the taste of wine. It smelled delicious!

In an inn in Yao Xia Bay.

Ling Xuan held a small wine glass and giggled.


She looked up and took a big drink.

With a loud cough, her cheeks turned red.

"Sister Bai Lian, hey hey hey hey."

No, no, no.

Are you drunk?

This is too weak.

Bai Lian hurriedly walked over and said, "Younger Martial Sister?"

She gave a little cry, then reached out and lifted Ling Xuan's hair.

At this time, she was less than an inch away from Ling Xuan.

Just then, Ling Xuan suddenly raised her hands and patted.

Dong Dong Dong.

Bai Lian lowered her head expressionless.

"Ball ball."

Ling Xuan still smiled foolishly. Even though Bai Lian stared at her, she still played the "balls" in front of her persistently.

"Big balls!"


Bai Lian glared.

Ling Xuan was not aware of the danger.

She felt her body warmer than ever before.

Sister Bai Lian is so nice!

Not only give her food and drink, but also play balls with her.

Dang dang.

Ling Xuan excitedly lifted the "balls" with her head.

Soft, cute, I really want to take a bite!


Deep in the Qiongming Peak.

An Lan, who was yawning and reading a legendary novel, looked stiff.

She had received another incredible message.

Bai Lian killed a disciple of Thousand Sword City!

The disciple's Shifu was very angry. It is said that he is on his way to the Duxian sect now. It is said that other Elders of Thousand Sword City are also very angry because of this.

What the hell?

An Lan immediately got up.

However, she learned from the previous fall. This time, she didn't immediately fly to Thousand Sword City, but first sought confirmation from many parties.

As a result, she found that Jue Yunzi was also worried.

"You rebel!"

An Lan flew towards the Thousand Sword City.

She has had enough. She has to clear up messy situations for Bai Lian every day.

When Bai Lian comes back, she must learn from her Younger Martial Brother Qin. She will hang Bai Lian up and beat her, and put her in detention!

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Don't think she can't do such a thing.

She is merciless.

After all, she is An Lan the Immortal Heavenly Lord!