The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 8 Chapter 9

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Chapter 9: Your Way and My Way Will Intersect

At dusk.

The sound of the birds' chirping was rather bleak.

Starting from the left, Bai Lian knocked on the door of the Martial Sisters and the jade rabbit.

She didn't stay there long.

The average time is three minutes.

But don't underestimate these three minutes.

Three minutes is enough time for Bai Lian to do many things!

After several in-depth exchanges, everyone smiled contentedly.

"So it is."

Shifu was very happy when she received the gift, and Shifu asked Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian to come forward to express her gratitude.

Unexpectedly, Shifu is also a shy person!

"In the New Year, prepare gifts more carefully."

Younger Martial Sisters thought at the same time.

Even the jade rabbit was stunned.

Because she couldn't think of anything to give away - she couldn't give herself to An Lan to eat, right? So she chose some smooth-looking radishes.

Although she planted the radishes, it was quite perfunctory compared with other Martial Sisters' gifts.

Unexpectedly, An Lan really liked her radishes and asked Bai Lian to thank her.

"Sobbing -"

The jade rabbit wiped her eyes.

She remembered how miserable she had been when she had just left home.

An Lan is a little "bad".

But if she didn't take her in, perhaps she would have died in the wilderness.


In essence, An Lan is also a good woman.

The jade rabbit clenched her fist.

Then give An Lan a bigger and thicker radish for the New Year!

I believe she will like it more.


Bai Lian, leaning against the crooked neck tree at the back of the house, breathed a sigh.

At last, she finished the hard work.

She thought that Shifu had also sent messages of thanks to the younger Martial Sisters, but after investigation, she found that there was no such thing.

She had to make up a story for the harmony between Shifu and Younger Martial Sisters!

She pretended that Master asked her to express her gratitude.

Of course, Bai Lian said this tactfully. If Shifu heard it, she might be beaten and not be able to get out of bed for a month.

After all, An Lan is such a woman.

However, there is still something to be happy about.

Shifu now has four disciples, but she only sent her a message afterward, which shows that she has a unique position in Shifu's heart.

Even Martial Master Yan Yue doesn't have this treatment.

"Not all my efforts so far have been in vain."

Orga Itsuka once said——

[As long as we don't stop, the road will continue.]

Bai Lian believes that her path will eventually converge with that of Master!

They will support each other until they grow old after countless years.

Just thinking about it makes her fists hard!

"Big tree, big tree, do you think so too?"

Bai Lian said to the crooked-neck tree.

The crooked neck tree couldn't speak, but the evening wind blew its branches and leaves.

"I'll take it that way."

Not at all!

At this time, An Lan, who hid in the quilt and looked through the clothes Bai Lian gave her, stared hard at the pillow.

It has the body fragrance of Bai Lian.

Rebel, who asked you to thank those disciples for me? Do I have no legs and mouth? Do I need your mouth to help me?

What a waste!

And Bai Lian actually suggested that she would be shy.

"Ha ha ha…"

"Was I shy when I kicked the Ancient Domain Master down from his throne in front of thousands of people?"

"Was I shy when I cruised in the domains under my control from time to time?"

It's funny enough.

Young people nowadays are really ignorant.

"For the sake of these two clothes, I will not punish you today, or I will make beat your ass hard and let you burst into tears."

An Lan continued to lie down.


In a while, Bai Lian will come to help her take a bath and massage.

Don't mention, it's quite comfortable. An Lan didn't even want to "recover" now.

Bai Lian just dropped her finger on her back, and she felt a numbing current running around her body, which made her want to snort.

She doesn't feel this way when others touch her.

It must be said that Bai Lian has extraordinary attainments in this field. Her former maids are inferior to Bai Lian.

It's still morning.

Bai Lian entered the cave on time.

But unlike before, after pressing and rubbing An Lan who was sleeping, she didn't rush to leave.

She said quietly, "Shifu, I will leave the Duxian sect tomorrow. If this trip goes well, I will be back in half a month. If things go wrong, it may take a month or two. But don't worry, I will let the jade rabbit take care of you…"

Bai Lian didn't finish her words.

At this moment, An Lan, lying on the bed "sleeping soundly", suddenly jumped up.

"Are you going out again?"

She tried to stare at Bai Lian, but suddenly found her reaction was too fierce.

But it's not her fault.

She is really "scared"!

If Bai Lian goes out, she will have more words of "death" around her body.

Who can stand this?

And, well, because Bai Lian is his first disciple, if she doesn't care about her more, she will lose her reputation as a Heavenly Lord.

Bai Lian was shocked, "Shifu, you didn't sleep?"

She wanted to say "pretend to sleep".

But she didn't dare to say it out!

Fortunately, she didn't do something strange while An Lan was "sleeping" - she meant to use a rubber band to flick An Lan's butt.

An Lan immediately denied, "I just fell asleep. You woke me up by talking too loudly!"

Is that so?

Why don't I believe it?

Bai Lian looked at the task in front of her and fell silent.

[Task 1: Shout at An Lan loudly, "Stop pretending!" (Reward: Gold Jade Iron Head Skill)

[Task 2: Don't say anything (Reward: Soft Skill+1)]

Well, if she chose Task 1, she couldn't imagine what would happen!

Bai Lian is not stupid. Of course, she will not contradict An Lan.

It's like running a marathon to deal with an awkward person like An Lan.

You have to put your mind on the preparation first, and then launch an attack after everything is ready.

Therefore, Bai Lian resolutely apologized.

Bow her head, droop her eyebrows and eyes, and say sorry three times.

In front of An Lan, she has already perfected this set of tricks.

She doesn't know whether An Lan has seen through her tricks. Anyway, An Lan looks enjoy it.

She nodded, "If only you knew!"

A moment later, she asked, "Where are you going?"

Bai Lian answered truthfully, "The Thunder Swamp."

"What are you doing there?"

"Search for medicine."

At this time, of course, she won't say that she is going to find a new disciple for An Lan. An Lan will certainly stop her.

An Lan blinked, and finally gave up persuading Bai Lian.

She couldn't find the right reason.

She can't just say that I'm not ill. Would you stay here and continue to take care of me?

So, the words in An Lan's heart finally turned into a simple "Be careful on the way".

Bai Lian, sitting on a stool, was really moved.

What did Master say when she went down the mountain for the first time to pick up the second Martial Sister?

"Go ahead. Anyway, you haven't been doing anything lately!"

Although these two words sound indifferent, it is clear that An Lan was just controlling her emotions.

She has long been used to "pretend".

"I will."

Bai Lian held An Lan's hand directly.


Alarmed, An Lan quickly slapped Bai Lian's hand away.

After the slap, she was afraid that her strength was too heavy.

After taking a peek at Bai Lian, she found that Bai Lian was OK. She hugged her chest and said, "Humph, you can go if you want. You don't need to report to me."


I'll bring you a new daughter!

Bai Lian left.

Before leaving, she went to see the second Martial Sister.

The new trial of the sect is coming, and Bai Lian will not follow this time.

"Now you have broken through to the Golden Core Stage, but you must not be complacent. You should act according to your ability and not be reckless."

"Remember to take care of the third and fourth Martial Sister. You are the representative of the Qiongming Peak when I am away."

"Take these seal characters and Magic Formation Flags, which I have specially refined for you these days."

"One more thing…"

Just as Bai Lian was talking, Xiao Jinse suddenly stepped forward and hugged her waist tightly, then buried her head in her chest.

"Thank you, Elder Martial Sister."

Xiao Jinse breathed greedily.

Bai Lian suspected that Xiao Jinse was having a "bad" intention.

But coincidentally, she had a "bad" intention too!

"Younger Martial Sister!"

Bai Lian held Xiao Jinse.

The second Martial Sister will be eighteen in six months.

Xiao Jinse finally released Bai Lian.

She smiled and left.

One day, she will be on top of Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian, not to suppress her, but to protect her!