The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 8 Chapter 8

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Chapter 8: The Red Is the Wedding Clothes

Although the trip to the Snow Sea had some twists and turns, it didn't affect Bai Lian's plan in general.

In the next few days, in addition to going to comfort An Lan in her cave every day, she devoted herself to sewing clothes.

In fact, Bai Lian did it very quickly.

With the addition of many skills, the flexibility of her fingers can definitely be evaluated as a Guinness World Record in her previous life.

However, because it is a gift for An Lan, Bai Lian has also added many magic arrays to the clothes while pursuing dignity.

These things are like children's play to An Lan, but after all, they are the things Bai Lian has devoted herself to.

In this way, it was not until the eve of An Lan's birthday that she finished the work and put the two clothes into a box.

In front of the dresser.

As soon as she thought of the way that Shifu was wrapped up in her own "hard work", Bai Lian couldn't help laughing foolishly.

She looked at the time. Now it was midnight and she still had half an hour to spare.

Anyway, she had nothing to do at this moment, so she started to plan what to do next.

Not much.

Just two.

The first thing is to get to the Thunder Swamp as soon as possible and pick up the fifth Martial Sister who is wandering there.

After a long delay, maybe the fifth Martial Sister will go somewhere else.

There is no danger in it.


Bai Lian wrote down two place names on the paper.

[Yao Xia Bay], [The Thunder Swamp]

These two places are [Intermediate] maps in the game, which were too dangerous for Bai Lian!

But times have changed.

In the past, everyone rumored that she had killed a dragon, and now, she really has the strength to kill the dragon in the Thunder Swamp.

However, in Bai Lian's opinion, this is not easy to do.

The figures in the Battle of the Gods are all anime paintings.

But game is game, reality is reality.

Even if the 17-year-old fifth Martial Sister was suddenly appearing in front of her, Bai Lian could not judge that it was the fifth Martial Sister by her appearance. She must first have a close fight with the fifth Martial Sister to make an accurate judgment by her fighting style.

Not to mention that the fifth Martial Sister is only 10 years old now. Her appearance and strength don't match her impression.

Due to changes in the world line, Bai Lian is worried that she will miss her fifth Martial Sister forever.

Just like when she found the fourth Martial Sister.

One wrong choice would become a regret for your whole life.

"Only one stupid way I can use!"

Bai Lian decided to find out all the bun-haired girls on the road from the Thunder Swamp to Guangchang Prefecture, and then asked them one by one. Even if children lied, they could not cheat her.

After the fifth Martial Sister is found, all she has to do is find out the Ancient Starry Sky Road.

Even if Shifu doesn't know the existence of this road, it will help Shifu avoid the surveillance of her foe and return to the Immortal World.

"Maybe I can ask the people of Xingluo Fortress for help."

The eldest princess comes to her mind when referring to the Xingluo Fortress.

Last time, the eldest princess went to the Qiongming peak to help, but she left without saying a word. Bai Lian sent a message to thank her later, but a month later, the eldest princess still didn't reply.

She doesn't know whether the eldest princess didn't see her message or something happened. Go to see her on the way.

Bai Lian put the paper in her chest and sat for a while. There was a knock at the door.

She let go of her Divine Sense and scanned. Standing outside the door were the Martial Sisters and the jade rabbit, each holding a box in their hands.

It's a gift!

Bai Lian understood.

She opened the door, and the Martial Sisters and the jade rabbit went in.

"Elder Martial Sister."

The second Martial Sister called softly.

It was her suggestion to give gifts to Shifu together.

But she was still nervous when it came to the matter. After all, the gifts they prepared were not very valuable.

"The important thing is the thought!"

Bai Lian smiled happily.

Now it seems that the relationship between Shifu and Younger Martial Sisters is much better than she imagined.

In this way, she seems to be able to look forward to a happy and harmonious family life in the future.

After the early morning, the new day came.

Led by Bai Lian, they walked all the way to the forbidden area.

Since Shifu spent most of the day sleeping and "recovering", no one knows when she will wake up, so Bai Lian has no time to pick.

When she stepped into An Lan's cave, she was still sleeping.


Bai Lian sighed.

Her contact with her master always seemed to be full of twists and turns.

When she had not recovered her memory related to the game, she always stayed at the table on New Year's Day, hoping that An Lan would celebrate with her.

But she was disappointed over and over again.

She was accompanied only by green lanterns and yellow scrolls, and a table of cold dishes.

When she finally persuaded An Lan to go to the Lantern Festival with her, An Lan was also too restrained.

The excitement belongs to others and has nothing to do with her and An Lan.

This time…

She still can't see Shifu's smiling face.

But Bai Lian also knows.

Even if Shifu is not ill and has no disaster, she will certainly find a way to hide. Because she is such an awkward person.

Even if she can't hide, she will only say "just so so".

Let's put the birthday gifts by the bed over there.

Bai Lian wrote her name and blessing words on the box——

[When you are standing on the peak, you are on top of the world.]

The second Martial Sister and others also started to write their blessing words. After writing, they placed their boxes behind Bai Lian's box in order.

"It's a pity."

In the bamboo forest.

The second Martial Sister suddenly said.

The third Martial Sister and the fourth Martial Sister nodded in agreement. To be honest, they were looking forward to Master's response.

Next time, certainly next time!

Bai Lian said, "Well, let's go back. It's late at night. We should rest now."


When the sound in the bamboo forest completely disappeared, An Lan, lying in bed, opened her eyes.

Her nimble eyes twinkled, as if they were going to fly into the clouds.

Because there was no other person besides her, she could freely admit that she was really surprised.

She knew that Bai Lian was making a birthday gift for her, but she didn't expect that the other disciples had also prepared gifts for her.

The second disciple gave her the Medical Pills she personally refined.

The third disciple gave her a wooden carving carved by herself.

The fourth disciple sent a wreath woven by herself.

The jade rabbit also prepared her gifts, which were two long, big, and thick radishes.

After a while, An Lan put all these things into the storage space she opened.

The only thing left in front of her was Bai Lian's box.

"When you are standing on the peak, you are on top of the world? Hum, I've been on top of the world for a long time!"

An Lan snorted.

She put her hands out slowly.

She could have been very fast, but her heart beat faster at that moment.

After taking a few deep breaths to calm down, An Lan opened the box.

Lying in the box is a blue and white dress.

An Lan took the clothes out.

She was about to change her clothes and try them out, but she was surprised to find another red dress with a gold border underneath.

"What's this?"

An Lan looked at the clothes for a long time.

Compared with the blue and white clothes, this one doesn't engrave with any magic arrays and runes.

After much hesitation, An Lan slowly took off her clothes.

Her snow-white skin stunned the whole cave for a moment, making the cold and silent night full of the warmth of spring.

It seemed that even the drops of water on the stalactite hid shyly at this time.

An Lan changed into that red dress.

The clothes fit her very well. The fabric is soft and doesn't make her feel uncomfortable.

She waved her right hand and summoned a mirror.

In the mirror, she looks small and weak, but the layers of red clouds on the dress make her nobler than a snow lotus.

An Lan frowned, "Why do I feel this is a wedding dress?"

Then she denied her guess.

It is too far-fetched to say that this is a wedding dress, because it's not paired with a phoenix coronet.

She got it!

Bai Lian gave her two sets of clothes, one is blue and white, which she likes, and the other is red, which Bai Lian likes.

She was well-prepared!

An Lan nodded with satisfaction.

She temporarily forgave Bai Lian's bad deeds in the Ten Thousand Poison Pearl.

An Lan changed the clothes back and folded the two clothes carefully.

Go on pretending to sleep.


Let's say something.

If I don't say a word, won't it hurt Bai Lian's enthusiasm? If she doesn't give me anything the next time…

That's not good!

After half an hour, An Lan pretended to have just woken up and sent a message to Bai Lian's jade slip.

"The clothes fit me well."


Bai Lian, who received the message, covered her mouth and snickered.

Shifu is really as I expected.

If she really doesn't like the clothes, she will never send this message.

Next time, she will personally bring a phoenix coronet to Shifu!