The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 8 Chapter 7 Part 2

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Chapter 7: I Can Be Your Mother! (2)

Is Shifu addicted?

No, no, it's impossible.

Bai Lian still punched. This time, she deliberately didn't use all her strength.

Her fist was like doing slow motion.

But to Bai Lian's surprise, Shifu could not avoid such a gentle fist.


The fist landed right in the chest of An Lan.

Bai Lian only felt she hit a steel plate.



An Lan rushed up before Bai Lian had finished speaking.

How dare you do evil things behind my back!

Bang Bang Bang——

The fist was like a flying shadow, and soon Bai Lian was hit on the bed.


An Lan sighed.

Because Bai Lian hit her first, she would have no psychological burden if she fought back!

I'm so clever!

I have come up with such a powerful method!

An Lan wiped her forehead.

Looking at Bai Lian, who was huddled in the corner and squatted with her head in her arms, she felt refreshed.


But Bai Lian was not feeling well.

Is this fishing law enforcement?

She remembers it! When her strength is stronger than An Lan's, she must throw An Lan to the bed and beat her hips!

An Lan sat by the bed, her bare feet cocking excitedly.

It's not enough just to teach Bai Lian a lesson, but also to teach her how to resist temptation.

An Lan nodded gravely.

This is a good idea. As long as Bai Lian is unmoved, no temptation will work to her.

Therefore, An Lan said, "I originally wanted to teach you the spell I just created, but after testing, I found that your strength didn't meet my requirements. Bai Lian, I am very disappointed!"


Was that testing her strength just now?

Bai Lian hurriedly "admitted her mistake", "Shifu, I was wrong. I didn't work hard enough."

An Lan stretched out her right hand and gently pressed down, "Forget about it. If you want to practice this spell, you must first practice your mind. Let me teach you how to practice your mind first. Put your head out."

Bai Lian put her head in front of An Lan.

An Lan extended her hand and touched Bai Lian's head.


It's quite sudden.

Bai Lian suddenly understood a new meditation method in her mind.

An Lan said, "This meditation method can help you refine your soul and concentrate on seeking Tao. You need to practice it well."


An Lan snickered.

This meditation method is awesome.

No matter who wants to do evil with Bai Lian, Bai Lian's heart will be as unmoved as a Buddha after she practices it!

"I will heal your wounds. Don't move."

An Lan used her spirit Qi. As red flowers blossomed, she instantly removed all the scars on Bai Lian.

It seems that Shifu really recovers well.

Bai Lian's eyes brightened.

An Lan, who is in her declining period in the game, can't even use ordinary spells. Otherwise, she won't be "bullied" by "Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian" in the game.

At this time, An Lan lay down on the bed.

She put her chin on her arm and said, "Please press it for me. After lying down for a long time, I'm a little tired."

Bai Lian did what she said.

She may not be good at other things, but she is very proficient in massage.

Press, pinch, knead, knock…

She consoled An Lan's body in various ways.

Seeing that An Lan's butt was right beside her hand, Bai Lian suddenly wanted to hit it hard.

But in the end, she gave up. It would be too imprudent.

Suddenly, An Lan, who enjoyed Bai Lian's service, said, "Bai Lian, do you think I'm old?"

I heard that people like young people nowadays.

Bai Lian shook her head, "No. In the eyes of others, you're younger than me. They may misunderstand that I'm your mother."

An Lan arched her waist.

"Jokes, just you… Hum!"

Want to turn the world upside down?

No way!


Didn't I praise you?

Bai Lian continued to beat the back of An Lan.

Time flew fast.

When the morning wind blew the bamboo forest, An Lan had fallen asleep.

Bai Lian got up and left.

But when she came to the cave entrance, a vague voice suddenly came from behind.

"I want to turn you into a little Bai Lian, so that you won't listen to me."

Bai Lian stopped.

She walked back, covered her master with quilt, and then fingered An Lan's hair on her ears, and put it in front of her nose.

She knows that Shifu is a person with a strong sense of control.

In fact, in a sense, so does she.

Good night, master.