The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 8 Chapter 7 Part 1

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Chapter 7: I Can Be Your Mother! (1)

In interpersonal communication, "understanding the atmosphere" is a very important subject.

It can tell you when to enter and when to withdraw.

In the middle of the walk, Bai Lian noticed something different!

The cave is unprecedentedly hot. The pool in the corner is filled with moisture, making the air more humid.

At first glance, it seems that the temperature control magic array is out of control.


Bai Lian's eyes fell on An Lan's face.

Shifu is laughing!

Shifu doesn't always keep a straight face, but she has always restrained herself when she smiles.

When she smiles, her eyebrows and eyes don't move, and the corners of her mouth are slightly lifted, but the teeth will never be exposed.

But today's Shifu is not right.

Her smile looks a little [out of control], wild and unbridled.

This is probably the feeling.

She exposed a row of white teeth like snow, and her eyes were vividly curved into a pair of crescents.

In short, it is very cute!

But using "cute" to describe An Lan makes Bai Lian feel very funny.

She is the Immortal Heavenly Lord, how can she be described as cute?

Bai Lian was scared.

If anything goes strange, there must be a reason.

She made a slight pause in her footsteps.

Suddenly, the system popped out.

[Task 1: It is not suitable to stay here. Turn around and run away (Reward: a Broken Jade Flying Scripture)]

[Task 2, "Shifu, you are still injured. You'd better teach me later." (Reward: a best-grade magic tool - Slim Cloud Wand)

[Task 3: I respect my master and value morality. How can I disobey my master?! (Reward: Golden Wind and Jade Dew)]

It's terrible.

The value of the Broken Jade Flying Scripture is slightly lower than that of the top-grade Spirit Tool. With Bai Lian's strength, it is very dangerous to deal with this level of task without using Qianhuan Real Eye.

She resolutely chose Task 3.

The reward is medicine for healing. It's better to store more medicine.

And the system is right, she is really a person who respects her master and values morality!


Bai Lian stood in front of An Lan with a well-behaved look on her face.

An Lan nodded.

Her eldest disciple is still obedient.

She had already made full preparations. She not only repaired the broken magic array shield with spirit Qi in advance, but also added a layer of spirit Qi film to the cave to completely seal the cave.


How dare you run after entering my cave?

If you dare to do it, I will cut off your head!

An Lan was a little angry. She said, "Put your hand out."


Bai Lian stuck out her right hand.

An Lan gently pinched the middle finger.

She was a little distracted. Was it this hand that did something bad just now?

It's cold.

Even An Lan felt that it was too cold.

In short, it is very annoying.

Chop it directly!

An Lan raised her right hand.

Raised high.

Accumulate strength, and boom!

I'll beat you to death, the disciple who secretly did evil things!

Pa pa pa.

Deadly rhythm! Dragon strike!

Obviously, she intended to cut off Bai Lian's hand, but at the moment when her hand really fell, An Lan reduced most of her strength and turned into beating Bai Lian's palm with her little hand.


Bai Lian was dumbfounded.

She didn't understand what Shifu wanted to do.

First, she grabbed her finger and kneaded it like dough, then suddenly she began to beat her hand.

But the key is that Shifu beat her hand very lightly.

It's loud enough. In fact, it's even lighter than a cat scratching her with its paws.

Is this the new spell?

No way, no way!

Bai Lian even wanted to shout, "Use more strength!"

After a while, An Lan finally let go.

She still sat cross-legged with her arms around her chest. After moving her hips, she turned her side to Bai Lian.

She became angrier after beating Bai Lian "hard".

She was angry not only with Bai Lian, but also with herself.

But once she thought of Bai Lian going all the way to the Snow Sea to find Immortal Spirit Stone for her, she couldn't harden her heart.

She is so weak!

She can't even teach her disciple a lesson. No wonder she failed in the fight against her foe.

Maybe the accident was not just an accident.

An Lan was silent.

She now regretted that she should not take Su Youwei as her disciple.

Without Su Youwei, the internal demon would not exist. Without the internal demon, Bai Lian would not be tempted.


I'd better find a useful way.


She suddenly pointed at Bai Lian and said, "Punch me!"


Bai Lian remembered that the last time she accidentally punched Shifu away, and then after a fight, Shifu inexplicably gave her first kiss.