The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 8 Chapter 3 Part 2

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Chapter 3: Bai Lian's Taste (2)

Bai Lian grabbed the middle finger of An Lan.


An Lan retreated like a frightened rabbit.

"Let me help you put it in the box."

She purposely avoided Bai Lian's eyes, sealed half of the Immortal Spirit Stone into the box, and pushed the box to Bai Lian's chest.

Bai Lian put the box away.

She looked up and saw that An Lan used a dragon tendon to pass through the other half of Immortal Spirit Stone and made it into a pendant placed against her chest.

When she thought about it, the Immortal Spirit Stone on them was placed in the same place.

Bai Lian's mood brightened immediately.

An Lan got up from Bai Lian.

At this time, she looked refreshed, without any appearance of injury.

She said, "That tree is looking for you. If you have nothing else to do, go out first, and I will have a rest."


Bai Lian, who got up from bed, arranged the messy clothes.

Although the process was a little tortuous, Master still accepted her kindness.

It was very good.

She walked briskly out of Master's cave.

In an instant, the cave became quiet again.

An Lan sat cross legged on the bed.

The fragrance of Bai Lian lingered in this cave.

When Bai Lian rolled around on her sheets, the smell became stronger.

When closing her eyes, An Lan even felt that she was held in Bai Lian's arms.

So warm.

That's reassuring.

In the dark, she felt that she had the same feeling a long time ago.

Is it the so-called sense of sight, or is it a past life she has forgotten?

An Lan felt a little uncomfortable.

She wanted to grasp everything, and this feeling of being unable to control the whole situation made her feel uncomfortable.

I'm bored.

An Lan opened her eyes and saw a light on her index finger.

It's sweat!

If she remembers correctly, she accidentally wiped it off Bai Lian.

The sweat reflected the candle fire, just like a crystal clear gem.

An Lan was more interested in this than the half of Immortal Spirit Stone hanging on her neck.

Does it really make people feel happy?

To be honest, she didn't believe it, but in the spirit of inquiry, she still wanted to try.

So An Lan suddenly retracted into the quilt and completely covered herself with the quilt.

Well, no one will notice here.

A white light shone on her palm, illuminating the dark bed.

She didn't do anything but watch quietly.

She had a strange feeling.

Exactly speaking, it was the unique smell that evoked strange memories.


An Lan found herself suddenly in a white world.

The world was originally empty.

There is neither chaos nor existence.

There is no rule or life.

A long time later, a familiar voice came.

"An Lan~"

An Lan suddenly woke up.

She found her index finger pressing against her lips.

Oh, I'm a pervert too!

That's all right.

The pervert's master is also a pervert. There should be nothing more appropriate than a pervert and another pervert together.

An Lan lay down, covered the quilt, and quickly fell asleep.

The other side.

Bai Lian came out of the cave and met the jade rabbit wandering in the bamboo forest.

The autumn wind lifted the corner of her clothes.

Bai Lian bent down and held the jade rabbit in her arms from behind, then reached out and caressed the jade rabbit's head.

"Jade rabbit, with that Immortal Spirit Stone, Shifu will be better soon!"

"Haw haw!"

The jade rabbit stretched her legs and finally stopped struggling.

But she was still confused.

Why were you in bed when sending the Immortal Spirit Stone?

The world of adults is really complicated!

"Let's go and meet the Blood Tree Patriarch."

Bai Lian walked towards the cold pool at the back of the mountain.

However, Bai Lian finally withdrew the jade rabbit because the Blood Tree Patriarch wanted to discuss the relationship between Yan Yue and An Lan.

An Lan was injured unexpectedly, which made Yan Yue open her heart.

Although it was only for a moment, it seemed that Yan Yue no longer hated An Lan.

She used to call An Lan "bitch", but now she has changed her call to An Lan to "that woman".

"Thank you!"

Bai Lian said modestly, "This is what I should do."

The Blood Tree Patriarch was happy and sent a lot of medical pills to Bai Lian.

"Don't tell Yan Yue that I stole it from her room."


That's ok.

I understand!

Bai Lian shook hands with the Blood Tree Patriarch's outstretched branches and then send him away.

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