The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 8 Chapter 3 Part 1

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Chapter 3: Bai Lian's Taste (1)

The jade rabbit was very nervous.

She was quite innocent.

Originally, she was idle and bored, cultivating by the cold pool in the back mountain.

At this time, the Blood Tree Patriarch fell from the sky and said that he was looking for Bai Lian, so she came to pass on the message.

Just come to pass on a message!

As soon as she came in, she saw An Lan riding on Bai Lian.

Too bad!

What's more, An Lan even bullied Bai Lian's chest with a ferocious look on her face!

Flat, flat!

If you flatten them further, they will break down!

The jade rabbit glared at An Lan's butt.

Bai Lian's chest was originally her temporary nest.

However, after Xiao Jinse and Su Youwei found that she can transform into a human shape after she broke through the Soul Changing Stage, she never slept in that warm nest again.

The jade rabbit was so angry.

Bang bang.

She waved her fists in place, ready to hit the back of An Lan's head.

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But at the thought of the strength of An Lan, the jade rabbit immediately shrank back.

She dared not express her anger or speak.

When An Lan turned her head stiffly, the jade rabbit immediately raised its paws and ears.

Don't kill me.

I didn't see anything!

The jade rabbit turned around, faced the stone wall, and pointed her butt at An Lan.


The wind outside the cave was whistling.

Bai Lian, who was held down by An Lan, also found something unusual.

She looked up slightly and saw the jade rabbit shaking in the corner.


Calm down!

Don't panic at this time. If the jade rabbit misunderstands, it won't be long before other Martial Sisters know that she and An Lan are "fighting" in the cave.

This is very unfavorable for shaping the dignity of their Elder Martial Sister!

Bai Lian said, "Shifu, you'd better take this Immortal Spirit Stone. I know you don't take it for my good, but now you need it more than I do!"



An Lan immediately responded.

Don't panic.

She was not doing anything strange.

She was just caring for her eldest disciple. By the way, check what "level" her eldest disciple had grown to!

This rabbit she picked up from the outside really doesn't know how to read the room.

An Lan said seriously, "I have already felt your filial piety, but… let's do this."

She pulled the Immortal Spirit Stone out of the "gap" between the "peaks".


The dazzling white light burst out.

The dense white fog filled the cave in an instant.

So pure!

So warm!

So comfortable!

At this moment, the jade rabbit in the corner turned slowly under the "seduction" of Immortal Spirit Qi.

For a moment, she felt that the barrier that had blocked her cultivation base for a long time was loose.

As long as she persists for a while, she will be able to break through that barrier!


The jade rabbit suddenly staggered, her hind limbs were limp, just like drinking fake wine.

A layer of water mist appeared in her originally clear eyes.


No… it doesn't work.

If this continues, she will surely break away from the ground.

Suddenly, a gentle force fell on the jade rabbit, and the jade rabbit was pushed out of the hole.

Returning to the bamboo forest where the wind was sobbing, she soon recovered to normal.

"People below the Soul Changing Stage can't directly contact the Immortal Spirit Qi. It's harmful to your body." An Lan said so.

Bai Lian nodded.

This is the first time she has heard of it.

An Lan didn't rush to get off Bai Lian.

On the one hand, it can show her dignity.

On the other hand, she thought Bai Lian was soft and comfortable to sit on her.

Bai Lian was not angry.

As a disciple, it is right to serve Shifu patiently!

An Lan held the Immortal Spirit Stone in her left hand, and her index finger gently fell down, dividing the Immortal Spirit Stone into two halves very evenly.

Even if she divides the Immortal Spirit Stone into two parts, she doesn't break the balance of the Immortal Spirit Stone, causing the Immortal Spirit Qi stored in it to overflow.

"Each of us takes half of it!"

An Lan handed half of the Immortal Spirit Stone to Bai Lian.


Bai Lian wanted to say something, but An Lan looked at her seriously.

"Whether you are a reincarnated Star Lord or a reincarnated Immortal Emperor, you are my disciple, and the disciple is not allowed to contradict her Master, understand?"

Her words are not strong for Bai Lian.

What if I contradict my Shifu?

I've even already kissed her!

However, the firmness revealed in An Lan's eyes made Bai Lian retreat.

It's no fun to fight each other.

Take it.

Leave it in the storage pendant, just don't use it.

Shifu will not force her to "eat" it, will she?

She reached out to pick up half of the Immortal Spirit Stone, only to find that An Lan suddenly pulled her hand back.