The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 8 Chapter 29

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Chapter 29: A Latecomer In the Wind and Snow

Gu Jiu's leap was like a drop of water disturbing the pond.


Something that was still moved.

Something that was moving raised a bigger wave.

Everyone, including Bai Lian, was stunned by Gu Jiu's sudden action.

"Gu Jiu!"

Chen Fu wanted to say something, but his words were soon drowned by the white light from the narrow slit at the entrance of the small world.

He felt that his throat was full of strange things. It hurt. Even his nose was sour, so that he could not say a word.

This road is still a road of no return.

The powerful Seal Array that has lasted for ten thousand years has been launched.

It was like an ascetic who couldn't control its desire.

The flames were burning in its body, and they would not stop until Gu Jiu was completely drained.

Unless the Seal Array was directly broken with supreme power.


Chen Fu looked at the sword in his hand.

He may be able to do it reluctantly now, but he can't do it in front of his Heart Sword.

The Blood Demons came like a tide. Once the Seal Array was broken, the whole East Wilderness would be destroyed.


Chen Fu felt extremely lonely.

He was surrounded by people, but his world at this moment was only his own and Gu Jiu who was burning in the flames.


He gave up halfway. Facing the heavy oath like a mountain, he backed down and chose to spend his life with the sword.

Practice sword.

He still gave up halfway. He tossed and turned in regret, and finally lost his direction. He could not survive the Heart Asking Disaster all his life.


He didn't achieve anything. After taking over the position of Elder, he not only failed to make Thousand Sword City go further, but also made Thousand Sword City decline because of his own incompetence. He could not be as carefree as An Lan, so he could only become more and more depressed by self-blame.

Family affection.

He was an orphan like Gu Jiu. He was brought into Thousand Swords City by his Shifu. He was grateful for what his Shifu had done for him. However, he could not speak his mind until his Shifu died; Later, he adopted Gu Jiu, but he was far inferior to his Shifu. He never led Gu Jiu to the right path.

Now all kinds of things, whether sorrow or regret, all come from his own weakness.

"I am a waste!"

Chen Fu gritted his teeth.

This is an irrefutable fact.

The most difficult thing for people is to accept their true selves.

That is a hurdle. Many things may be different if you can step over them.

"Gu Jiu."

Chen Fu looked up at Gu Jiu, who also looked calmly at him in the flames. It's too hard for me to continue living alone. Let me go with you, my disciple.

He walked steadily forward.

But just as he was about to step into the Seal Array, a plain white arm wrapped in a wide white sleeve suddenly stretched out.

It was Bai Lian.

She would always force herself into other people's worlds when she felt that it was necessary.

At this time, the girl's face was neither happy nor sad, and she spoke in the flattest voice.

"He should not want to see such an end."

Chen Fu stared at Bai Lian.


Bai Lian's voice seemed to have some magic power.

Chen Fu calmed down.

He thought that all changes began when Gu Jiu met Bai Lian.

He listened.

Then he heard Gu Jiu saying something.

"I'm sorry."

Chen Fu looked up, and his eyes were fixed on Gu Jiu.

"I've never really made you proud."

I have only brought you endless troubles.

I really appreciate that you can do so much for me.

Unfortunately, these words are not so easy to say. When Gu Jiu wanted to say them, he already had no chance.

That's why some people feel that life is short.

The burning flames made Gu Jiu fall back slowly.

Chen Fu stretched out his right hand and watched helplessly as Gu Jiu was engulfed by more flames.


He still can't do anything!

Perhaps this is the best result, but rationality can't defeat sensibility in many cases.

Chen Fu suddenly knelt on the ground with his hands on the ground. Big drops of tears rolled down from the corners of his eyes, like crystal beads, falling to the ground.

"I said you didn't need to say sorry to me. I said everything, I said everything…"

At this time, Chen Fu looked like a child who had lost everything.

He didn't care that the young disciples of Thousand Sword City were standing around him.

Does that matter?

That's not important.

He just wanted to express his feelings unreservedly.

Gradually, the cry grew louder and louder, and became heart-rending.

No one spoke. Everyone silently looked at Chen Fu's stooping figure.

His hair, which used to be only white at the temples, turned gray, and as time went on, it seemed as if there was heavy snow that suddenly fell to his head, and his hair turned white completely.

Bai Lian couldn't help thinking of the pictures in the game.

In the game, when "Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian" hadn't started to do evil, how would those who liked her feel when watching her fall?

Her younger Martial Sisters rushed towards the enemy with weapons.

Her master, holding the body of "Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian", cried with a heart-rending voice.

What the hell was that?

Bai Lian's mood suddenly dropped.

A moment.

Chen Fu, who was kneeling on the ground, suddenly coughed violently and vomited blood.

"Martial Master!"

The disciples of Thousand Sword City rushed up in panic.

The scene was a mess.

The little fox raised her head slightly, and her eyes were attracted by the Seal Array.


A lot of light!

She thought it would be difficult to block those Blood Demons only by relying on the sacrifice of one person, but Gu Jiu's "potential" was far beyond her imagination.

In this way, there will be enough time to deal with those Blood Demons.

It's a good thing.

The little fox bit her lips gently.

She remembered her brother.

Her brother said that the world has been progressing, and he was right. Ten thousand years later, the world has more brave people.

Gu Jiu fell down.

He sank into a sea of fire.

The fire devoured his body and tore his soul. Only the Heart Sword was still with him.

He held his sword tightly.

His eyes were as calm as ever.

Then he saw the phantom again.

Then, with the idea that if he didn't say it now, he would never have a chance to say it, he opened his mouth.

"Am I a bad person?"

"Of course."

"Is it this world's fault?"


"I see."

"So you regret it?"

"It's pointless to say that."



"It looks like you don't want to run away anymore."

"Because there is always a reason not to run away."

Gu Jiu turned over his head.

He looked at the flame in front of him and saw a crack. What appeared in front of him was the boundless snowfield that had once made him crazy.

What is this?

Gu Jiu suddenly understood something.

He stood up and stepped into the snowfield.

It was evening, and it was snowing heavily.

He walked down the familiar road against the wind and snow, step by step.

From afar, Gu Jiu could see the familiar straw hut covered with snow.

He went gently into that good night.

When he came near the house, the yellow dog lying in the corner suddenly stood up.

"Woof, woof!"

Gu Jiu squatted down, and he reached out and gently stroked the yellow dog's head.

Gradually the dog stopped barking and instead put out its tongue to lick his palm.

"Good boy."

Gu Jiu called in a low voice.

A voice suddenly came from the room.

"Brother, who is it?"

"I'll go and have a look."

A moment later, with a squeak, a little boy poked his head out of the door.

"What can I do for you?"

Gu Jiu turned around and said, "I'm leaving."


The little boy froze.

Gu Jiu murmured, "If a man like me doesn't become a demon, he will die."

The little boy became more and more confused.

Gu Jiu said, "It's normal that you don't understand, because you haven't grown up yet. You still have dreams, hope, and a future."


What are you talking about?

The little boy stared at Gu Jiu.

Gu Jiu shook his head, "It's really crazy. I heard that God created 500 million worlds at the beginning of the creation of the universe. If the 500 million worlds are from the same source, then maybe there is a person as happy as you in one of the worlds!"

There is no human-eating white fox.

There is no demon-slayer Gu Jiu.

There, dreams come true.

"But he is him. He is a swordsman respected by thousands of people. I am me, a coward hiding in the house."


Gu Jiu held out his hand to the little boy. "That's enough. Let's go together."

The little boy stepped back. He looked back at the room, but there was no Yu Niang there.

"She is dead."

The little boy's face turned gloomy.

He wanted to run, but Gu Jiu had blocked all his escape routes.

Finally, he held out his hand to Gu Jiu.

Hold tight.

Then Gu Jiu squatted down and hugged the little boy.

"Thank you for accepting me at the end."

After saying that, he stabbed the back of the little boy with his Heart Reading Sword, and his own body was also pierced.

The wind in the snow was getting stronger and stronger, and it was going to blow the snow away.

Gu Jiu's vision gradually blurred. He saw his Heart Reading Sword lying in his hand, with the blade reflecting his face.


A ferocious monster!

However, he should have been like this.

Gu Jiu was not surprised at all. He held his Heart Reading Sword firmly in his arms.

Salvation is something that doesn't belong to him.

He saw countless Blood Demons rushing towards him, and those Blood Demonic sometimes turned into countless magic beasts.


Suddenly, the sword that accompanied him for most of his life was broken and turned into bright spots all over the sky.

He looked up and watched the spots of light go away, and finally, the flame completely engulfed his body.

Before his consciousness dissipated, Gu Jiu turned his head and looked at Bai Lian for the last time.

At a glance, you can see 500 million worlds!

At a glance, you can see all the years!

At a glance, you can see all over the three thousand realms, the heaven above the sky!

Gu Jiu disappeared completely.

But before he dissipated, a glimmer of light floated out of the Seal Array and finally fell on Bai Lian.

On the East Wilderness land, a white light rose to the sky.

The white light, like a sword, pierced the dark night.

Finally, the light of dawn came.

After seeing a large number of reinforcements coming from Thousand Sword City, Bai Lian suddenly received a prompt from the system.

[You have obtained the cultivation method "True Secret of 500 Million Dharma Bodies"]