The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 8 Chapter 28 Part 3

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Chapter 28: Because She Is Bai Lian! (3)

The group of disciples of Thousand Sword City followed the little fox fiercely.

"Damn Blood Demons!"

"If a hair falls from White Emperor Bai Lian, I will let their heads fall too."

"If White Emperor Bai Lian shed a drop of blood, I will turn them into mummies!"

They roared together. The lights from their spirit Qi were thick like mud, and even the night was washed away by their lights.

Soon they came to the entrance of the small world.

Chen Fu hesitated for a moment and followed.

Gu Jiu also followed behind Chen Fu.

In front of the entrance of the small world, they watched.

The Dragon Qi from Bai Lian is indeed getting weaker and weaker.

All people of Thousand Sword City looked at each other.

There's nothing to hesitate about. Go in!


The little fox took the lead, and they rushed into the small world one after another.

Just as they were preparing to rescue Bai Lian, a golden fist suddenly came from afar.

Along with the shrill scream, Bai Lian appeared in a hurry.

"It's White Emperor Bai Lian!"

The shouts of surprise went up.


Bai Lian just got rid of the pursuit of the Blood Demons. She was about to escape from the small world, but she was surrounded by a large number of strangers before she could fly out of the entrance.

To be honest, Bai Lian is a little flustered.

What's their problem?!

They were extremely excited, and their bodies were emitting steaming heat. When they gathered in a circle, Bai Lian was almost scared silly.


What are you doing?!



Calm down. Calm down first.

Bai Lian immediately took out the majesty of the "Immortal Emperor", and she shouted, "Get out of here!"

Don't come here. I will beat you if you continue to come to me!

The people of Thousand Sword City were all shocked.

She is worthy of being White Emperor Bai Lian!

As soon as she saw them coming, she showed up and let them out.

But how can they abandon White Emperor Bai Lian and leave by themselves at this time?

They are from the Thousand Sword City, which is one of the four major sects. If they run away, they will lose the reputation of the Thousand Sword City, and they can't pass the barrier in their hearts.

My courage, blaze up!

At this moment, the people of Thousand Sword City became more excited.

"No, I'm not going!"

"White Emperor Bai Lian, you don't have to pity me."

Go away! Who wants to pity you?

Another person shouted, "I have already put my life aside, and now I will uphold the will of the ancestors. White Emperor Bai Lian, take me to kill these Blood Demons!"

"White Emperor Bai Lian, I will follow you!"


Bai Lian blinked.

What happened?

She suddenly found that things seemed a little different from what she had imagined.

These people didn't come to trouble her, but to fight with the Blood Demons.

They give up themselves for everyone!

How admirable is such courage and such mind!

Bai Lian could not help feeling that the Saints were actually beside her!

However, Bai Lian was even more scared after the emotion.

No! Don't do it!

She was going to cry.

Don't take me with you. I just want to go home now. The fifth Martial Sister is still waiting for me in Yao Xia Bay, and my Shifu is still waiting for me in the Qiongming Peak.

Bai Lian looked seriously at them.

A man suddenly shouted, "OK, what's the noise? How can we let White Emperor Bai Lian rush ahead? Listen to me, I will lead the charge. We must beat those Blood Demons back, and we must not let them harm the East Divine Land!"

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Others were not convinced, "You lead the way? Don't even think about it. Let me do it!"

"I'm coming!"


The little fox sighed. She had seen similar scenes many times. In the past, there were also many people as brave as them.

Ten thousand years later, although her era has become history, the courage is still spreading on this land.

The most dazzling one is the woman in white!

Bai Lian pressed her hand down slightly in the air and said calmly, "Be quiet!"

All the people who were quarreling closed their mouths.

Bai Lian said, "What are you thinking about? Are you going to kill yourself? Do you know how many Blood Demons are there? Even if all of you rush in, your bones are not enough to crack the teeth of the Blood Demons. It won't work. Just listen to me. Now, all of you, go out."

At once, someone shouted, "You said you were going to kill ourselves, but White Emperor Bai Lian, didn't you also go in?"

Bai Lian waved her hand and said, "I'm different!"

What's different?

Even if you are a reincarnated Immortal Emperor, Immortal Emperor can also be killed.


Seeing that everyone still refused to give way, Bai Lian felt that she was going crazy.

She wouldn't come in if she knew it!


The Blood Demons are going to catch up. She is going to die!

An Lan, help me!

Bai Lian wanted to send a distress signal to Shifu, but at the thought that Shifu was still seriously injured, she stopped.

I can't drag Shifu into this mess!

Fortunately, the little fox said, "White Emperor Bai Lian is right. It's no use trying to be tough. We can only find a way to temporarily seal this small world."


"That's right."

The little fox nodded. There is no better way.

"How to seal it?"

The little fox explained.

We need sacrifices.

Is this something to be afraid of?

Someone immediately stood up and said, "Let me do it. It's our responsibility to maintain the peace of the East Wilderness!"

"No." Another person stopped him, "You have a brother to take care of, let me do it."

"He has a brother, and you also have a mother. Let me do it. I'm alone, and no one will be sad even if I die. At least in this way, you will never forget me."

The speaker smiled brightly.

But the person who stopped by him was ungrateful, "I've had enough of you. Do you want to rob me of such things?"

Bai Lian's heart was full of shame during the noise.

Compared with those people, she felt that she was a bad woman.

Gu Jiu was stunned by this scene.

What did he see just now?

"All right."

At this time, a steady voice sounded in the ears of everyone.

It was Chen Fu.

He stepped forward and said, "Don't argue. Anyway, I'm going to die soon. Let me do it."

"Martial Master…"

"Since you still recognize me as your Martial Master, you should listen to me!"

Chen Fu stopped everyone present.

Seeing that everyone was silent, he smiled and said to the little fox, "Girl, let's start. We don't have much time."

The little fox nodded.

She knew that there was no choice.

She immediately began to repair the magic array used to seal the entrance of the small world.

Chen Fu closed his eyes.

I can atone for Gu Jiu in this way, can I?

The only pity is that he can't take Gu Jiu back to Thousand Sword City in person.

However, since Bai Lian is around, there is no need to worry about Gu Jiu's continuing mistakes.

That's good.


Chen Fu heard Gu Jiu's call, but he didn't answer. He had already said what should be said.


Gu Jiu continued to call.

But he still didn't receive an answer.

Chen Fu walked towards the magic array, and the evening wind blew up his hair on the temples.

When the pale color came into Gu Jiu's eyes, Gu Jiu suddenly felt a pain in his heart.


This is exactly the same as then.

Different people have the same ending.

But this time he was not completely powerless.

Gu Jiu rushed up. Before Chen Fu stepped into the magic array, he stepped in and pushed Chen Fu away.

If I can't turn back.


Choose death.

"Master." Gu Jiu's face squeezed out an ugly smile.

Although you said that I don't need to say sorry, I still have to say it.

"I'm sorry."