The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 8 Chapter 28 Part 2

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Chapter 28: Because She Is Bai Lian! (2)

And this power is not only composed of strength.

It also contains invincible courage!

The history of humans is wonderful, and courage is one of the chapters that can't be ignored in any case.

When disaster comes, heroes always stand up and raise a fire in the long night to inspire others to fight together with them.

The disciple of Thousand Sword City gradually clenched his fist.

"I can't be a pioneer, but I can be a follower!"

His eyes stayed on the small world shrouded in golden light.

This moment.

"I feel I have nothing to fear!"

Go ahead.

His Heart Sword floated out, wrapped in a layer of white light.

Under the shadow of that light, he flew to the place where Bai Lian fought.

If Bai Lian is a cold moonlight, he is just a little firefly.


There are more than a few fireflies on the earth.

When more and more fireflies gather together, it is also a wonder that cannot be ignored in the long night!

Such a change was unexpected to Chen Fu.

He stood on the top of the mountain.

At one end was the vast land, where countless weak light spots were scattered sparsely. When they were combined, he thought that the stars in the sky had fallen.

At the other end were Gu Jiu and the little fox.

The situation was very critical.

Not long ago, the little fox found something unusual.


Her eyes widened.

Bai Lian's breath had obviously started to fall, but after a short pause, her breath suddenly rose again as if she had taken a drug.

Before the little fox realized it, Bai Lian had rushed into the depths of the small world.

What does this mean?

The little fox could not help thinking of the disaster ten thousand years ago.

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No one knows more about the harm caused by the flood of Blood Demons than she does!

She has seen many such scenes. People who made such a decision had put their lives aside.

The little fox clenched her teeth.

Her brother was also dead because of this, and her eyes could not help reddening at the thought.


The Blood Demon's reproduction speed is beyond imagination, and Bai Lian will only kill herself in vain.

Bai Lian is a good person. She has to stop her.

Thinking of this, the little fox ran away.

But once she ran away, she "leaked" her Qi.

Gu Jiu's cultivation base has not been completely restored, but he still found the true face of the little fox after seeing her Qi.

She is an extremely beautiful three-tailed fox.

Most importantly, her fur is white!

It was like dropping a bomb into the deep water. Gu Jiu's breath was suddenly confused.

Magic beast!

A white fox demon!

Gu Jiu was confused.

He actually saved a fox demon, and took it as his sister?!

The violent impact left him at a loss, and he was totally unable to accept this fact.

What should I do?

I must find ways to remedy it.

By the way.

Kill her, so I can prove my sincerity to Yu Niang!

"You think so, don't you?"

Gu Jiu looked down at the Heart Reading Sword in his hand.

A cold light flashed in his eyes. A moment later, he flew towards the little fox.

Although his strength is far lower than in his heyday, it is enough to kill the fox demon that cheated him.

Suddenly, a wavy sword Qi flew towards the back of the little fox.

The sudden sense of crisis made the little fox's tail raise high.


With a loud noise, the little fox looked back in panic and saw an "old man" in front of her.

It was clear that he had fended off the attack for herself.

"Gu Jiu." Chen Fu sighed, "Stop making noise and come back to Thousand Sword City with me."

Gu Jiu was silent.

He is not the opponent of Shifu. As long as Shifu insists on stopping him, he cannot kill the fox demon.


Chen Fu had a bitter face.

Unlike other people in Thousand Sword City, he was not attracted by the vision induced by Bai Lian.

After returning to the waterfall, he found Gu Jiu missing, and he knew that something must have happened.

Sure enough, as soon as he came over, he saw Gu Jiu raise his sword again.

He didn't know what had happened during this period, and he didn't want to know. Now he just wanted to take Gu Jiu back to Thousand Sword City.

He was obsessed with sword in his life.

He didn't care about the secular world and didn't practice Taoism. He only treated the sword as his companion.

He thought that his life would be spent in this way.

But later, he found that he was wrong. After all, he could not throw himself into the sword like the founder of Thousand Sword City.

He was confused.

What is he alive for?

Day by day.

Chen Fu only felt lonely.

Therefore, after saving Gu Jiu, he took Gu Jiu as his disciple.

Gu Jiu was his only disciple. He treated Gu Jiu as his own son.

Chen Fu said, "Gu Jiu, it's enough. If you go on like this, you won't gain anything, but you will only lose more. Put down, put down those things, and go back to Thousand Sword City with me. "

Gu Jiu slowly raised his Heart Reading Sword.

Chen Fu sighed.

"Gu Jiu, it was me who killed you."

If he hadn't brought Gu Jiu to Thousand Sword City, and if he hadn't taught Gu Jiu sword skills, things wouldn't have turned into what they are now, and so many innocent magic beasts wouldn't have been killed.

Gu Jiu's eyes wavered.

He is not a man without feelings, otherwise, he would not fall into the abyss that can never climb out.

He sometimes wondered if it would be much better if he was a cold-blooded person.

He couldn't find the answer.

Gu Jiu's lips wriggled, "Shifu, I'm sorry."

A kind smile appeared on Chen Fu's face.

"Gu Jiu, you never have to say sorry to me. Follow me back to Thousand Sword City, where is your home. You don't have to worry. I will deal with everything."


Gu Jiu knew what Shifu wanted to do.

He clenched the Heart Reading Sword in his hand and held it more and more tightly.

I can't go back.

Although some people lived to the age of 40, he died at the age of 12.

He is not a normal person.

Because he doesn't have a soul with unlimited possibilities as normal people do.

His soul has long been shaped into a sword.

The sword is better broken than bent.

If you want to stop a sword, you will have to…

Gu Jiu was silent.

In silence, several people of Thousand Sword City fell beside Chen Fu and Gu Jiu.

"Martial Master Chen, what are you doing…"

The man who spoke first finally closed his mouth. After seeing the little fox, he guessed what had happened here just now.

Maybe this is life.


The wilderness fell silent again.

What are you doing?

The little fox behind Chen Fu stamped her foot.

She did see Gu Jiu's true face, as Bai Lian said. But is it time to consider this?

She saw that the golden light in the sky began to shake. If she waited a little longer, Bai Lian would die in the hands of those Blood Demons!


The little fox turned around and left.

"Hey, where are you going?"

A disciple of Thousand Sword City stopped her.

"Go save Bai Lian!" The little fox said angrily, "I can't watch her die."


The little fox explained the situation as she walked.


Those disciples of Thousand Sword City, who were inspired by Bai Lian's courage, stared.

Is Bai Lian going to sacrifice herself?

No way!