The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 8 Chapter 28 Part 1

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Chapter 28: Because She Is Bai Lian! (1)

The sun declined westward.

When Yu Niang disappeared in front of him, Gu Jiu felt that he fell into boundless darkness again.

He felt himself out of breath.

It's too long.

He had forgotten how many times he had lost his sister.

Different process, same outcome.

He was trapped in that nightmare.

He lingered in the nightmare like a lonely wolf.

When the night came, he curled up in the cave and held his breath to avoid the hunting of the fiercer beasts in the dark world.

He expected the dawn to break the night, so that he could wake up from the nightmare.

But whenever the sun rose again, he found himself still wandering in that nightmare, just like a homeless wandering soul.

Isn't that the case?

He had no home since the nightmare.

Why did it become like this?

Gu Jiu wanted an answer. Maybe only when he found that answer could he wake up from the nightmare.

So he began to run.

That road is probably very far away. It is likely that he will fall down when he is still on the way.

But it doesn't matter.

He crossed mountains and glaciers.

When he began to feel tired, new strength suddenly emerged in his body.

Relying on this force, he crossed thousands of miles and finally caught up with the disappeared "Yu Niang".

"Yu Niang!"

Gu Jiu stretched out his right hand.

Is this the answer he wants?

He trembled and waited carefully. Although he wanted to say something, he finally closed his mouth.

Then he suddenly felt that the figure was strange.

Although they are similar in shape, they are not the clothes that Yu Niang will wear.

When the little fox turned around, the smile on Gu Jiu's face was completely frozen.

It's a stranger he doesn't know!

Just as he could never get out of that nightmare, the answer he expected would never appear on the answer sheet.

At that moment, Gu Jiu looked a little lonely.

He looked around and found that he had come out of the endless snowfield.

The place where he stood was full of colorful birds and fragrant flowers and green trees.

In the distant sky, Bai Lian, who beat him over like a dead dog not long ago, was ravaging those horrible Blood Demons.

Gu Jiu lowered his head.

He held a sword in his hand, which was his Heart Reading Sword.

The Heart Reading Sword was as cold as before, and no cracks could be seen on it.


Isn't the Heart Reading Sword broken by Bai Lian?

Gu Jiu was in deep doubt.

The sudden silence made the little fox feel relieved.

After Bai Lian finished telling the story, she didn't know how to face Gu Jiu.

Gu Jiu is her saviour. She should thank Gu Jiu.

But Gu Jiu is not a good man. He kills innocent magic beasts indiscriminately and imposes his pain on others. If her brother is still alive, Gu Jiu will not let him go. After all, her brother is a fox demon.

It's better now.

Although the atmosphere was strange, at least she didn't have to think about how to get along with Gu Jiu.

Time went by slowly.

Bai Lian in the sky looked dignified.

Half a quarter of an hour ago, she was beating these Blood Demons to death.

Every time she killed a Blood Demon, she would recite such words as "How lonely invincible is", "Bai Lian looks like a great Immortal Emperor", "I am the bone of my sword. Steel is my body, and fire is my blood…" and so on.

But Bai Lian panicked half a quarter of an hour later.

Her nose wrinkled slightly, her eyes widened, and she stared at the crack that had been widened by her.

It's over!

Bai Lian was so worried that she felt a headache.

She punched into the depths of the small world, and no Blood Demon could withstand her heavy impact.

The problem is that there are too many Blood Demons.

After she killed a thousand, a thousand new Blood Demons come again.

How many babies have these Blood Demons had in the past ten thousand years?

Bai Lian's lips turned pale.

No way.

She's dying!

These Blood Demons are too "enthusiastic". Even if she is made of iron, she can't stand the endless fights and will be slowly killed by them.

If it goes on like this, once the Dragon Qi is running out, she will be eaten by those ferocious Blood Demons.

"Should I withdraw now?"

Bai Lian thought.

However, when she thought of the words "Younger Martial Sister, I will go back soon" that she said to the fifth Martial Sister before leaving, she felt a little depressed.

If the fifth Martial Sister knew that she was fleeing, what would she think of her then?

If she knew it, she wouldn't come here.

She doesn't want to leave a bad impression on the fifth Martial Sister.


She is really a bad woman.

Bai Lian was a little ashamed. What Natural Saint? She can't even be regarded as a hero.

Now she could only gamble for one time.

Bai Lian gritted her teeth.

Although she felt a little tired…

Do it again, Bai Lian!

Show your tenacious energy, go forward bravely, hit the end, and let the most explosive force of the Green Dragon Qi break out in the depths of the small world!

If she is lucky, she may be able to kill all the Blood Demons in it.

Even if she can't kill them all, if she can scare them and make them dare not come out again, it's also good.

In this way, she can wait for the people of Thousand Sword City to come and clean up the mess.

If it doesn't work…

Then run.

"I'll go and cure my Shifu, and then call her to kill you!"

In short, there is hope as long as she lives.

If she dies, everything will be in vain.

"Let's get started!"

Bai Lian took a deep breath.


Circling around her body, the Dragon Qi suddenly swelled as if taking magic medicine.

It roared.

It burned.

It burst out from Bai Lian's body like a straight long lance.

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At that moment, the sky above the East Wilderness was dyed bright golden yellow.

The originally dazzling blood color was like the ice and snow encountering a stove, they melted in the twinkling of an eye.

The light in the sky was not ordinary light.

It drew a huge map of the world in the sky.

With the help of the Dragon Qi, Bai Lian flew into the air. She was like the goddess who stepped on the water to the east, looking majestic!

People from Thousand Sword City stopped.

"It's Bai Lian!"

Bu Qingxiao looked up at Bai Lian. She was so surprised in just a few days.

A female disciple of Thousand Sword City beside her raised his right hand.

☝ (#゚ Д ゚)

"If she is not a Saint, then what is a Saint?"

His voice was full of shock, even his sword was almost bent by the voice.

Under their gaze, Bai Lian rushed towards the dark crack at the entrance of the small world.

At that moment, she became light.

The light, like a falling star, plunged into the depths of the small world.

This light ignited the small world, and also illuminated the East Wilderness' land that would sink into the boundless night!

At this time, someone suddenly murmured, "Is she not afraid?"

Elder Chen Fu came over and said, "Maybe, but…"


"But she's Bai Lian."

When this sentence came, Chen Fu's figure had already disappeared into the vast darkness.

His voice seemed very distant, as if echoing in the mountains.

Although it is not particularly clear, it has a special lingering charm that makes people aftertaste endlessly.

Because she's Bai Lian!

The disciple of Thousand Sword City was thoughtful.

Put aside the phenomenon to see the essence.

At least, so far Bai Lian has never let down anyone who has expectations of her.

How powerful it is!