The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 8 Chapter 27

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Chapter 27: Ten Thousand Years

Gu Jiu's sword was once very sharp.

But the sword he was holding now seemed as soft as noodles to Bai Lian.

Bai Lian didn't even have to hit him.

Dang dang!

After several hard chops, the rebound force from the sword made Gu Jiu fall back to the ground.


He stared at the sword in his hand.

The blade disappeared, leaving the black handle less than a foot long alone.

It's broken.

His sword broke again.

But this time, he won't admit defeat.

No matter what Bai Lian says, as long as he is not dead, he will never let Bai Lian touch his sister!

With such obsession, Gu Jiu stabbed Bai Lian with the broken sword like a madman.

"Let go of my sister!"


The broken sword was stuck on the back of Bai Lian's hand, leaving no red mark.

Gu Jiu stumbled to the ground again.

He broke his head and blood ran down the corner of his eyes, making him look rather ferocious.

Bai Lian frowned.

Gu Jiu's head really has a problem.

She obviously didn't do anything this time, but he seemed to have formed a life-and-death feud with her.

Bai Lian raised her right hand. She didn't have time to get entangled with Gu Jiu here.

But before she did, the little fox demon shouted, "If you go on like this, you will die!"

Gu Jiu stopped.

He looked at her, his eyes were very firm, and he said word by word.

"I can do anything for you!"

It's said to the girl named Yu Niang, right?

The little fox demon took a step back.

She didn't feel any emotion from the bottom of her heart, only felt fear. Is this twisted thing really love?

Gu Jiu rushed towards Bai Lian again.

Seeing that Bai Lian was really going to beat Gu Jiu, the little fox rushed out.

She stopped between Bai Lian and Gu Jiu. Anyway, Gu Jiu saved her. She couldn't just watch Gu Jiu die in vain.

"Yu Niang…"

Before Gu Jiu could finish his words, he was pressed to the ground by Bai Lian's Dragon Qi.

The little fox immediately looked at Bai Lian with pleading eyes, "Can you spare his life?"

Bai Lian said, "When he wakes up, he will kill you!"


The little fox was puzzled.

"He is from Thousand Sword City."

"Thousand Sword City?"

"Have you ever heard of it?"


The little fox shook her head.

Bai Lian said, "The people of Thousand Sword City are paranoid lunatics. Gu Jiu's obsession is to kill all the magic beasts in the world."


The little fox was frightened.

If Bai Lian is right, didn't she just dance in front of the door of death?

Bai Lian told her about Gu Jiu's childhood experience.

The little fox understood at once.

She murmured, "No wonder he was glad and blamed himself when he mentioned the name Yu Niang. No wonder he said there was no fox demon there and it was safe when he took me to the cave."

Gu Jiu thought that his sister's death was all his fault. If he didn't save the white fox, there would be no tragedy.

In order to solve this situation, he could only try his best to revive his sister.

But he couldn't.

So Gu Jiu fell into a black hole that could never climb out.

The cave was neither warm nor tortuous.

It was straight up and down, and could be easily bottomed out, but it contained only the dead silence and the freezing cold.

Bai Lian said, "Let me take you to other places. In case of any accident, let him go crazy here alone."

The little fox hesitated and said, "He mistook me for his sister. Maybe I can help him out."

"You can't." Bai Lian shook her head.

"Maybe I can."

"Even if your company can help him get out of the predicament temporarily, when he wakes up, he will immediately realize that his sister has died, and then he will become like this again."

The little fox opened her mouth.

This is an endless loop.

But is this endless loop really unable to jump out?

Bai Lian waved her hand and said, "Let's go. I'm still in a hurry to deal with those Blood Demons. I don't have time to stay here with you."


"You think he's pathetic?"

The little fox nodded.

Bai Lian said, "Aren't the innocent magic beasts he killed pitiful?"

The little fox opened her mouth, and her face was a little sad, "They are pitiful too."

"Then why are you hesitating?"


The little fox didn't go on.

Gu Jiu saved her, but it was not enough to cover up his sin, so she was unable to refute.

"Let's go."

The little fox nodded silently.

Bai Lian gently rolled her into the sky.

Above the clouds, the little fox looked down at Gu Jiu, who had just climbed up from the ground.

Because it was far away, she could not hear what Gu Jiu was shouting. She just watched Gu Jiu start running.

He was so small, and he was so persistent.


The little fox suddenly sighed.

"In fact, I am not only grateful for his help. In some ways, he is very similar to my brother."

Bai Lian listened silently.

She is quite experienced in being a qualified listener.

"My brother dotes on me very much. From childhood to adulthood, he will leave me any good things, but I naturally enjoyed it all at that time without saying a word of thanks."

"What happened afterwards?"

The little fox clenched her lower lip, and her eyes drifted away, and her sad past came back to her.

"Later, I didn't have time to say thank you. Until my brother left me forever, I realized how important he was to me."

Ten thousand years before.

The East Divine Land was in chaos.

The place where they lived was also attacked by a large number of Blood Demons.

For the sake of the continuation of the race, they have no way out but to take up arms to defend their homeland.

The single strength of Blood Demons is not outstanding, but their number is too much.

Countless magic beasts died in this war. In the end, they had to change their strategies.

They lured the Blood Demons into a deserted small world, and then sealed those Blood Demons in the small world by sacrificing many magic beasts.

"I was also one of the sacrificial offerings at that time, but my brother pushed me out when the magic array started, and he took my place."

The white light rose up like a jet of sticky glue, blocking the outlet of the small world.

This film looked very thin, but it was extremely tough.

Those Blood Demons did everything they could, stabbing, chopping, burning…

All kinds of tricks had been used, but they still couldn't shake the film.

"The crisis was thus lifted." The little fox sighed.

Bai Lian was shocked.


If the little fox demon didn't lie.

"Then haven't you lived for ten thousand years?"

Are you kidding?!

In her eyes, the little fox's cultivation base had just reached the Golden Core Stage.

A normal cultivator at the Golden Core Stage can live for 600 years.

Even if the cultivator has eaten some special medical pills to prolong his life, he can't live more than 1000 years.

After all, medical pills also have their limits!

Only after the cultivator has reached the Nascent Soul Stage can his life span continues to expand.

The little fox was surprised, "Has it been so long?"

Bai Lian asked, "You don't know the situation yourself?"

The little fox said, "I didn't expect that it has been so long. When I was pushed away by my brother, I accidentally fell into the gap between the small world and the East Divine Land, where time was almost frozen. Not long ago, the seal on the export of the small world was lifted, and I escaped from there."

"So your injuries…"

"It was injured by the Blood Demons 10,000 years ago."

The little fox's voice became smaller and smaller, and she looked at the rapidly retreating land under her feet gloomly.

She thought the time had not passed too long, but…

Ten thousand years.

What she feels is nothing but confusion and bewilderment.

Friends, family, enemies, everything she hates, everything she likes, have become history.

All of them are on paper or bury underground now.

Here, she is alone.

The little fox suddenly felt that the wind in the sky was strong, and it was colder than the north wind in winter.

"I can't go back."

She smiled bitterly, with tears in her eyes.

She thought she had lost only her brother, but in fact, she had lost everything.

Time kills everything.

Bai Lian looked at the blood on the horizon.

It's near.

She will be near the small world soon.

She first landed the little fox and let her go. She told her not to run around before moving on.

The tragedy will not happen again.

With the Dragon Qi in her hands, those Blood Demons will all be killed.

Even if there are thousands of them, I won't spare any of them!

The little fox stared at Bai Lian's back.

Under the bloody sky, Bai Lian was like a god of war. Every blow from her could kill a Blood Demon.

A moment.

Behind the little fox came a voice full of surprises.

"Yu Niang!"

The little fox turned back and stared at Gu Jiu who suddenly appeared.

How did he get here?