The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 8 Chapter 26 Part 1

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Chapter 26: Madness (1)

The accident happened after the people of Thousand Sword City went into the depth of the East Wilderness.

It can't be blamed on their carelessness!

They had done enough protection before they went in.

Not only did they wrap themselves with several layers of shields, but also they tied the huge Blood Demon into a Demon Imprisoning Harness.

But no one thought that the Blood Demon had found a loophole in the Demon Imprisoning Harness.

That's a loophole!

┐(‘~`;) ┌

The Blood Demon pretended to be "weak". When it was about to be pierced by a green sword, it suddenly stood up.

It was too sudden.


The Demon Imprisoning Harness was directly torn by the Blood Demon.

Without this layer of protection, we can imagine what will happen next.

Just kill!

Kill them all!

The Blood Demon went on a killing spree.

Several disciples of Thousand Sword City couldn't resist its continuous attack and finally died of exhaustion.

Although several other disciples were saved, but their spirits were depressed. They were almost squeezed by the thirsty Blood Demon. Even if they took the pills, they just barely saved their lives.

As we all know, people in Thousand Sword City are fast, but they can't last long.

After the fight with the people of Thousand Sword City, although the Blood Demon was seriously injured, it still escaped.

Half a day later.

The Blood Demon opened a dark gap in the no man's land of the East Wilderness.

For a moment, the land was covered in endless blood light.

Under the influence of blood light, the dense jungle was completely drained of vitality, and became dull black, with a rotten smell of fish.

"Ah ah ah -"

With the shrill scream, countless Blood Demons emerged from the gap.

A disaster has arisen!

If the Demon Imprisoning Harness was intact, things would not turn into this.



The people of Thousand Sword City had done similar things many times, but this time, the Blood Demon found the flaw.

The sudden change didn't make the people of Thousand Sword City at a loss.

They acted separately. Some people tried their best to stop the Blood Demon and prevent the spread of the disaster. Some people went to find the position of the small world. Others were responsible for going out to ask for help.

Only Gu Jiu was an exception.

After being severely beaten by Bai Lian, he lost all his spirits.

As if his soul was missing.

It's appropriate to describe it this way. The Heart Sword is the second soul of the disciples of Thousand Sword City.

Such Gu Jiu could not even protect himself, let alone pursue the Blood Demon.

In desperation, Chen Fu could only find a seemingly safe place to put Gu Jiu down, and then set up a magic array to protect him before leaving.

Gu Jiuduan was sitting.

He was now a contradiction.

Sitting on the warm grass, he closed his eyes and found that what he was stepping on was thick snow.

What echoed in his ears was the roar of the waterfall. When he closed his eyes, all the sounds disappeared, and he felt himself being buried underground.

What he saw in front of him was the clear water flow. When he closed his eyes, he could only see the snowfield which he would never go out.

Life? Death?

Move? Quiet?

Cold? Warm?

Gu Jiu was completely confused.

Surrounded by ice and fire.

He sat there, vaguely feeling that there was another person sitting opposite him.

But it's like dreaming out of your control.

He tried hard to widen his eyes, but in any case, what he saw was still a vague shadow.

Maybe life is a dream.

When Gu Jiu followed the sound and gently pushed away the "snow-covered" bush, he became more sure of his guess.

Isn't the girl who fell on the snow his sister?

The red face showed the same color as the blood spreading more and more under the body.

She looked small.

After all, she was only nine when she died!

She was killed by the fox demon in her sleep just after she had just vaguely seen the world.

At that time, Gu Jiu's biggest goal in life was to earn money.

He had to earn a lot of money, and then his whole family could move to the county town at the foot of the mountain.

When he got rich, he could read books. He liked to hear the story of heroes told by the storytellers.

When he got rich, he could let his sister live a happy life like the noble girls in the city.

But it was just a dream after all.

He had no money, he could not move his family to the county, and he could no longer take care of his sister.

Later, he learned the sword skill, but he was not a swordsman. He couldn't become a protagonist in the stories told by storytellers.


Maybe he will become a villain in some story?

Life is a hard journey.

Gu Jiu sat down on the "snow" again.

It's a little cold.

His Heart Sword is broken. He should not live long. Soon he will follow in his sister's footsteps and go to the netherworld.

That would be fine.

Gu Jiu closed his eyes slowly.

"When I close my eyes, it's dark."

When the light was about to leave his world, he suddenly grasped the "snow" under his body.


Gu Jiu suddenly opened his eyes.

At that moment, he seemed to see the light of dawn.

"Yu Niang!"

His head turned to the left, and the little girl lying in the "snow" was still trembling.

She is alive. She is not dead!

Gu Jiu stood up and rushed at the little girl as if mad.

He touched her nose and felt her breath. Her breath was still warm.

Gu Jiu didn't want to distinguish between reality and dreams anymore. Did you still need to consider so much in this strange world?

Even if it was a dream, he could not let his sister alone.

He checked his sister's injuries. There were obvious tooth marks and blood holes on her arm. It seemed that she was bitten by some magic beasts!

"Magic beasts!"

A trace of bloody hatred flashed through Gu Jiu's eyes.

But he soon focused on his sister again. He took out the Healing Medical Pills and fed them to her.

Not long after, the eight or nine year old girl slowly opened her eyes.

As soon as she woke up, she cried out in panic, "Brother, run! It's a monster. Run! Don't worry about me…"

Suddenly, a pair of strong hands firmly embraced her and said in a hasty voice,

"It's all right. It's all right. Your brother is here."

The girl stood still.


After a while, Gu Jiu released her, and their eyes finally looked at each other.

Who is this?

The man was about the same age as her brother, but his face was completely different.

Before she could say anything, Gu Jiu suddenly wiped his eyes and said, "Yu Niang, thank god, you are still alive. Are you still in pain? Let me bandage the wound for you first."

"Hey, what are you doing?"