The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 8 Chapter 24

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Chapter 24: White Emperor's Dharma Body Is Invincible

The third day of September.

Night of Yao Xia Bay.

At this moment, Yao Xia Bay seemed to come out of poetry and painting, and the noise was far greater than any previous New Year's Eve that Bai Lian had ever experienced.

But it seems that beauty can't last forever.

A moment.

The waves on the sea suddenly broke into thousands of pieces, like falling glass plates.


With a deafening explosion breaking through the night, a wide blood curtain raised on the East Wilderness.

The curtain has thousands of feet high, instantly reflecting the surrounding sky into a terrible blood red.

Bai Lian frowned slightly.

On the way to Yao Xia Bay, she heard that there was a Blood Demon in the East Wilderness who liked to eat the blood and flesh of cultivators, and the people in Thousand Sword City were chasing it.

The blood curtain was probably made by the Blood Demon.

It could cause such chaos without using the [Field]. The Blood Demon's strength is close to the Transmigration Stage.

Can the people sent by Thousand Sword City really catch that Blood Demon?

A few seconds later.

The earth began to shake violently, and many people who ran wildly lost their balance and fell to the ground.

And this was just the beginning of trouble!

The earth shook more and more fiercely.

The longest street of Yao Xia Bay was suddenly cracked with dozens of cracks one person wide.

Some houses collapsed after only a few shakes.

The sound of jubilation went away and was replaced by loud cries.

It would be a big mistake to think it would be safe to run to an empty flat at this time.

The seawater seemed to have been boiled by the sun.

The sea waves rose up like red-eyed Taurens who rushed to Thunder Bluff.

If the waves were a little more fierce, Yao Xia Bay would appear naked in front of the "Taurens" and let them bully it.

"Sister Bai Lian."

Ling Xuan, who floated beside Bai Lian, nervously looked at the terrible scene below.

Bai Lian took a deep breath.

This is really a big surprise!

A new task appeared in front of her eyes.

[Task 1: With great power comes great responsibility. Save Yao Xia Bay! (Reward: Focus+7)]

[Task 2: Turn around and leave. It's none of my business! (Reward: Light Skill+12)]

Bai Lian didn't make a decision immediately.

Not that she was really thinking about running away, she just thought it was wonderful.

"With great power comes great responsibility."

Isn't this suitable for the green dragon?

Thirty thousand years ago, the ember disrupted the Immortal World, and many immortals suffered from it.

This matter had nothing to do with the green dragon. Even if it didn't pay attention to the ember, it could still live happily in the Immortal World.

But for the righteousness in its heart, even though it knew that it might be no match for the ember, it still resolutely stood up and suppressed the ember.

In the battle, the stars crumbled, and the rivers of heaven ran dry.

After paying a huge price, the green dragon banished the ember to the turbulent flow of the void with supreme power, and then sealed the ember with an altar made of its dragon bones, so that the ember could never escape.


This is justice!


This is a Saint!

Compared with the green dragon, Bai Lian thought she was just a liar. She was not a Saint. She was just lucky to be praised as a Saint.

That sentence was probably not what the system wanted to say, but what the green dragon said to her.

"With great power…"

Bai Lian mumbled to herself.

Her power is not enough to save Yao Xia Bay under the threat of the Blood Demon.

But this is not a problem, because, at this time, she was bathing in the golden rain of light.

It was a rain born from the "soul" of the green dragon!

Bai Lian bent down and gently held Ling Xuan in her arms, squeezing Ling Xuan's cheek with her chest, making her feel warm.

"Don't worry."

Choose Task 1.

Loosen Ling Xuan, whose cheeks were red and her head was almost suffocating, and Bai Lian slowly stretched out her right hand towards the East Wilderness.

It was a hand as white as snow. No dust could be seen on it. Even the power of the green dragon could not change it.

Bai Lian's confidence comes from the green dragon.

That golden rain of light is not just good-looking.

The green dragon burned his bones, and only a small part of the remaining strength in the bones was absorbed by Bai Lian.

Maybe because of the special friendship between the green dragon and Yaoguang Star Lord, she can drive this power at will before it is exhausted.

You should know that this power comes from a real Demigod!

Even if this is only one-millionth of the power of the Demigod, it is not something ordinary people can underestimate.

Before this power was exhausted, even if dozens of cultivators at the Transmigration Stage attacked Bai Lian, she could cope with them calmly.

This is almost equivalent to an Experience Card of the Mahayana Stage.

Bai Lian, who has used this experience card, has had a nearly invincible body for the time being. How can she be afraid of a mere Blood Demon now?

"Come one, kill one; come one thousand, kill one thousand!"

Bai Lian's heart was full of pride.

She was like the god standing above the sky, overlooking the mortal world.

Although she is not an Immortal Emperor at present, she must strive to become an Immortal Emperor if she wants to save her master, or she will not be able to intervene in the conflict between her master and her foe.

The Tao is right there.

But if you don't go in, you'll never break the game.

Bai Lian, who has strengthened her cognition, seems to have broken through some extremely tough barriers. At this moment, she became a "mature" adult.

This world is not a winner-takes-all world, but as long as she can win in the end, at least she can protect her Shifu and Younger Martial Sisters.

The blade is out of its sheath!

A golden light flashed in Bai Lian's eyes.

The fingers of her outstretched hand parted, and she suddenly clenched them at a certain moment.

With this grip, she felt that she held the whole world!


The sky exploded.

With Bai Lian as the center, countless water-type spirit Qi came rushing forward.

They were like tens of thousands of soldiers in armor, circling around Bai Lian and sending out a war roar that shocked the world.

"All laws have no boundaries!"

Covered by this intoxicating voice, the surging waves in the boundless sea changed their direction. They went straight up to the sky, surrendered at the foot of Bai Lian, and gathered in the sky to form a Milky Way that is thousands of feet wide and hundreds of miles long.

"This is…"

"Miracles! God is blessing us!"

"Cut the crap! It's White Emperor Bai Lian!"

When people exclaimed, a female cultivator who fell on the ground was the first to discover the abnormality.

"Something's wrong!"

The earth was still shaking, but the situation had changed.

If the tremor just now was like taking a ferry to sail on the stormy sea.

Then what she felt now was just as rhythmic as a vibrator!

At the beginning, the frequency was very high and the amplitude was very large, which made her nervous, afraid that she would be swallowed by the opening cracks.

But soon she was relieved.

The vibration frequency didn't change much, but the amplitude decreased.

The vibration not only didn't frighten her, but made her feel very comfortable, just like someone was massaging the soles of her feet.

She scrambled up from the ground.

She saw that the cracks in the street had been closed again.

In the slight shaking, she saw that the mountain in the distance was sinking into the ground.


The female cultivator ran quickly towards the viewing platform of Yao Xia Bay.

She saw clearly.

Not the mountain sink into the ground, but Yao Xia Bay flew into the sky!

"Fly up, really fly up!"

The shouts were all in one.

More and more people find Yao Xia Bay flying.

With the support of the great force from the green dragon, Yao Xia Bay rose to the sky, and finally, it was like an ark, suspended above the river in the sky. People in the city could see the fine gold particles floating in the air as long as they looked up a little.

"Is this the power of White Emperor Bai Lian?"

"Hiss --"

"How terrible!"

"May the White Emperor be with you!"

"I propose to change Yao Xia Bay's name to White Emperor City!"


Bai Lian had already felt bad when she was carried out by the green dragon. Now the nightmare has come true!

White Emperor City? Don't you think of it!

Bai Lian, with a tight face, forcefully resisted the urge to swear.

Calm down, calm down.

Now is not the time to think about this kind of problem. Anyway, even if she explained it, they would not listen.

Let's get down to business.

Come on!

Now that Yao Xia Bay had flown into the cloud, Bai Lian didn't have to worry that the power from the green dragon, which she couldn't control very skillfully, would blow up Yao Xia Bay.

After seeing a blood streamer rushing towards this side, she gently pushed forward with her clenched right hand.

All of a sudden, a cold white spirit Qi burst into the air.

It hit the bloody streamer like a speeding train.

It was so fast that although the Blood Demon found something unusual, it still had no time to dodge.

In this way, the white light shot straight through the Blood Demon's chest like an arrow, leaving a huge hole there.

The Blood Demon instantly died. It fell to the ground like a piece of rotten cloth, but in the mid-air, its body already turned into ashes.

The white light hasn't dispersed yet. It kept flying forward.


When it finally landed on the ground of the East Wilderness, a huge white light ball suddenly appeared.

The white light ball expanded rapidly like a black hole that could devour everything.

Sands, shrubs, hills, rivers…

Everything on the earth was swallowed up by the white light ball.

It became brighter and brighter until at last it looked like an artificial sun from afar.


Bai Lian was surprised.

The Blood Demon is dead. The light ball she threw out also purified the demon Qi floating on the East Wilderness. The blood curtain should disappear.

But after the white light disappeared, the curtain still stood in place.

Something must happen!

Bai Lian finally understood why the task reward for saving Yao Xia Bay was Focus +7.

She looked back at Ling Xuan, who was still in a daze.

"Younger Martial Sister, I will go back soon."

Ling Xuan hurriedly said, "Sister Bai Lian, go ahead."

Bai Lian left Yao Xia Bay.

On the way, she met the woman in white from Thousand Sword City.

The woman in white was bathed in blood and looked anxious.

"White Emperor Bai Lian! We are in big trouble!"

"What happened?"

The woman in white hurriedly said, "Blood Demons! There are many Blood Demons! That Blood Demon you killed just now has opened a broken little world!"

Bai Lian nodded.

Although she didn't know what had happened, she knew that the fight had to continue when she saw more blood streamers flying over from the distant sky.

Go ahead.

Till killing them all!

Bai Lian's fighting will was burning.

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