The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 8 Chapter 22 Part 2

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Chapter 22: Bai Lian Has Come! (2)

"Ha ha ha…"

The ember laughed wildly.

Thanks to Bai Lian and the green dragon.

It was their attack back and forth that made her see the hope!

I must repay you!

Bai Lian, when I become an Immortal Emperor, I will imprison you, so that you can also experience the pain of being imprisoned for 30,000 years.

"Ha ha ha ha ha!"


Bai Lian, who had transformed into the Snow Spirit Lord state, stopped behind the ember.

She scratched her head.

What's going on here?

Was the ember tortured mad by pain?

Forget it.

Since she couldn't figure it out, she just stopped thinking.

Bai Lian swung her fist and hit the ember's head hard.


The ember's body suddenly straightened up and then fell down straight.

"Damn it. I was overly worried."

Not strong at all.

Bai Lian's heart was suddenly relieved.

After all, the task reward is Soft Skill +9. She thought she had to fight the ember for half a day to make the ember exhausted.

Now it seems that she overestimated the risk represented by Soft Skill +9!


Bai Lian swung her fist to beat the ember.

"How dare you wanted to take over my body."

"Those who tried to take me away are all dead!"

The ember was stunned by Bai Lian's fists.


What happened?

Who is it? Where is it? What does it do?


It has mastered the Great Tao of Sword. It is about to become the Sword Emperor!

"Bai Lian, how dare you insult me!"

It jumped up.

The power of Qianhuan Real Eyes erupted instantly.

The storm in the void tore the ember to pieces in an instant.


After two punches, the ember suddenly realized a terrible fact!

When it broke the altar, it burned its own source. Although it has reached the realm of the Immoral Emperor, its spirit Qi is insufficient to use any skill that can match this realm!

Don't mention that Bai Lian is a reincarnated Immortal Emperor. Even if Bai Lian is just an ordinary cultivator at the Soul Changing Stage, she can beat it to death.

"No, it shouldn't be!"

It has just climbed to the top, and has not had time to appreciate the beauty of it. How can it die here!

The ember began to escape again.

But this time, it failed.

Under the circumstances of Bai Lian's Qianhuan Real Eyes, the ember ran around and finally hid in the altar.

Bai Lian wasn't going to spare it.

She stepped on the altar with one foot, then stretched out her hands and forcibly broke the crack in the altar.

After all, she is "born with strong strength".

"Fuck you! Did you want to take over my Martial Sister's body? Don't you feel ashamed?"

Bai Lian grabbed the ember by the neck and dragged it out of the crack.

The ember struggled desperately, but how could it defeat Bai Lian at this time?

"The Sea Turns to Dust!"

The power of Qianhua Real Eyes was launched, and the ember fell into an endless illusion instantly.

Its weak soul could no longer bear the impact of this degree. When it was about to be blown away by the wind, its lips trembled, and said its last words.

"You are my disaster!"

The ember died out of reluctance.

The Immeasurable Disaster?

The Immeasurable Disaster is not as terrible as Bai Lian. It was torn by Bai Lian.

To its death, it didn't know what Bai Lian's Tao was.

Maybe it's the Great Tao of Blank?

Black ashes floated above the altar.

Bai Lian stayed where she was.

She captured most of the memory of the ember.

Before, she had wondered how Ling Xuan escaped from the ember. Now she understood.

This ember was about to die. It is very likely that it was already dead when the fifth Martial Sister entered the Green Dragon Relic in the game.

In addition, Bai Lian also saw the turmoil caused by the Ancient Starry Sky Road from the memory of the ember. She also learned that with the arrival of the Immeasurable Disaster, there will be two blank ways of the Great Tao appearing in the world.

The whole cultivation world will be in chaos.

But maybe only in the chaos can she find a way to live for Shifu.

Bai Lian sighed secretly. She was going to pass on the ember's cultivation method to the fifth Martial Sister. At this time, the skeleton of the green dragon under her feet suddenly trembled.

"What's going on?"

Bai Lian and Ling Xuan looked straight at the dragon bone at the same time.

The skeleton of the green dragon, which was like a dead thing, slowly raised its head.

The altar originally used to seal the ember broke like glass.

Bai Lian and Ling Xuan couldn't help floating in the white stars in the sky.

This force was very gentle, but it contained a strong will that couldn't be resisted.

A few seconds later, they flew directly to the back of the green dragon skeleton's neck.

When they fell down, the diffuse fog wrapped the green dragon's skeleton, making it look as if the green dragon had come back to life.


A roar came from the depths of the void.

Through the space barrier, through the boundless starry sky, through the vast expanse of smoke, falling suddenly on Yao Xia Bay.


The whole city was awakened in panic.

In Yaotai Pavilion.

The two scholars who recited poems were the first to find the abnormality.

Under the bright moon in the sky, a green light suddenly appeared in the darkness. A crack broke the sea. The first thing that appeared was the dragon claw, followed by the dragon beard, dragon head, and dragon body.

"So so so… big!"

One of the scholars was so surprised that his right hand clenched.

"Hiss --"

All the people present took a breath.

The green dragon was hundreds of miles long.

"Dragon, it's a real dragon!"

At this time, Ling Xuan excitedly grabbed Bai Lian's arm and shook it vigorously.

Stop shaking! Stop shaking!

Bai Lian looked pale.

She was not afraid of heights. She just had a premonition of something bad.

"Give me a break!"

Bai Lian just wanted to shout like this. If this continued, she would die sooner or later.