The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 8 Chapter 22 Part 1

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Chapter 22: Bai Lian Has Come!

The ember reignited in the darkness.

It brought the flame to the void turbulence, which was difficult for others to find its direction in the chaos.

Then, a dark ribbon suddenly appeared in the sky.

A little bit of sticky "black ink" fell from the ribbon, and when it fell on the ground, it made a clattering sound, and billowing smoke rose.

It was like corroding chicken bones with concentrated acid.

Bai Lian nodded quietly.

Even the ember could corrode the dragon bone. It was worthy of being a Demigod!

She wanted to catch up and kill the ember, but it ran too fast, just like a black light that disappeared in a flash.

Come and go in a hurry.

Forget it.

Anyway, she's got the Soft Skill +9.

Bai Lian stepped forward and was going to search the altar.

But before she could put her hand into the dark and deep gap just opened on the altar, she heard a cry of pain in the sky.

"Ah ↑ ah ↑ ah ↑"

The sound was like thunder.


Bai Lian could already imagine how "ferocious" that face was.

She was so frightened that she drew back her hands.

What the hell?

She hurriedly turned around and Ling Xuan, who stood in the green shield of [Another Year of Nanwang], pointed to the sky.

Bai Lian looked over.

Countless blue waves suddenly appeared on the edge of the place where the green dragon bones were shrouded.

The rippling light reflected on the ember like a bone scraper.


The ember trembled violently in the light as if it was electrocuted.

"Ah ↑ ah ↑"

Its voice grew higher and higher as the pain deepened.

Just listening made Bai Lian shudder.

But soon Bai Lian reacted.


If the ember had had the means to escape, how could it have been trapped in the altar?

Well, what am I waiting for? Beat it!

Bai Lian decisively used the power of her Qianhuan Real Eyes.

Qianhuan Real Eyes is much more useful than her fist to deal with ghosts!

The cold breath wrapped around the ember like a poisonous snake.


Instantaneous penetration.

The body of the ember immediately straightened.


How could its fragile body withstand such a strong impact?


Take it away.

If it goes on like this, it will surely die.

The ember began to struggle.

The simultaneous attacks from both sides didn't take it away.

At one moment, the strong desire for survival made it find a wonderful balance between the two different rhythms!

The pain and the pain suddenly disappeared together.

The white hope burst out in front of the ember's eyes like a spring.

Here it is!

Under the baptism of white light in the sky, the ember dispelled the extreme chaos with extreme panic.

It broke into a pure white world, where it felt the heat of the sun, felt the pleasure of surpassing itself, and finally seemed to find itself that had not been sealed by the green dragon 30000 years ago.

That year, it was dressed in fresh clothes.

"At that time, I fought in the battlefield over three thousand kilometers range, and once my sword stopped an army of millions of people."

It rose from the mortal world.

One man, one sword, fought against the world.

That year, it dominated a whole great region.

When the Celestial Immortals saw it, they all bowed their heads to it. All the people who refused were killed, and their wives and daughters were also killed.

It was not interested in women, not only because it was a woman itself, but also because women would only affect the speed of its sword.

But when it imagined that it could win the name of "Sword Emperor", the green dragon fell from the sky and drove it into the endless void after a hard fight.

After 30,000 years, many things have changed.

The green dragon has gone away for no reason. It has also been polished away in exile.

It is like a candle in the wind that may be extinguished at any time.

The ember no longer expected to return to the Immortal World.

All it had left was despair——

It's dead!

At this time, its greatest hope is to pass on its own inheritance and let its disciples complete the unfinished road for it and revenge for it.

But is it so easy to meet other people in the void full of space turbulence?

The majestic power of the dragon skeleton is enough to scare people away.

Only when it was dying did a snake dragon break in.

It was absolutely impossible for the ember to hand over its inheritance to a dragon - even if it was just a snake dragon.

It continued to wait.

Suddenly, when it was about to die, a miracle came.

The Ancient Starry Sky Road, hidden in nothingness, suddenly appeared.

This is a great change that has not happened in tens of millions of years!

The ember in the space turbulent saw it clearly. Although it was only a moment, the ancient atmosphere leaked by the Ancient Starry Sky Road woke up countless ghosts and monsters who should have slept to death. Many old existences came out. They wanted to go back to the ancient imperial road and prove the ancient imperial way.

It also felt itchy in its heart.

It was about to become crazy being tortured by the desire.

The ember finally waited for Bai Lian and Ling Xuan in despair.

It felt that this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

What it didn't expect was that Bai Lian was a reincarnated Immortal Emperor!

It believed.

It was not only because after 30,000 years of prison life, it had become overly frightened, but also because it had not found anything when trying to find Bai Lian's Tao.

It only felt the boundless vastness.

It was too wide.

It was too high.

It was too big.

At that moment, the ember understood.

The reason why it didn't find Bai Lian's Tao was because it was inside it!

The Tao of the Immortal Emperor is broad, and Bai Lian is obviously the best among them. It has already fallen into Bai Lian's Tao, so it can't find it.

So the ember was frightened.



Only now does it realize that it was wrong.

It is a Demigod! If it is always afraid of the Immortal Emperor, how can it find its own way to becoming an Immortal Emperor?

Life and death.

Disintegration and rebirth.

Countless words related to "sword" hovered in the mind of the ember.

Is that the Gate of all Wonders?

One moment is equal to eternity.

In this pure white world with nothing, the ember integrated the understanding at this moment into its body and created something that only belonged to itself.

Just one step further, it could become a real Immortal Emperor!