The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 8 Chapter 21 Part 3

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Chapter 21: Invite White Emperor Bai Lian! (3)

She said, "Now you can teach my younger Martial Sister your cultivation method."

Hurry up!

The ember shook its head, "No way."

What's your problem?

Damn it.

Bai Lian wanted to swear.

The ember said, "In my current state, I can only teach one person. Once I finish the inheritance, I will disperse. In order to leave as much inheritance as possible, I can only choose the person with a stronger soul."


Why does she think this is a problem?

In a trance, Bai Lian saw new task options.

[Task 1: Insist on making the fifth Martial Sister accept the inheritance (Reward: a top-grade Spirit Tool - Phoenix Dance Manual)]

[Task 2: Accept the ember's inheritance! (Reward: Soft Skill+9)]

[Task 3, "We don't need your inheritance!" Turn around and leave. (Reward: Hard Skill+8)]

It's really not right!

Bai Lian's eyes stay on Task 3.

If there is no trick, the task reward of Task 3 should be Hard Skill+1, not Hard Skill+8.

The task released by the system is telling her that the ember is not right!

Bai Lian looked at Task 1 again.

Wow, a top-grade Spirit Tool!

You should know that only the cultivators at the middle stage of the Transcendency Stage can fully exert the power of the top-grade Spirit Tools.

Task 1 is very dangerous for Bai Lian. She used her Qianhuan Real Eyes not long ago, and it is difficult for her to use it again in a short time.

After careful consideration, Bai Lian decided to choose Task 2.

The main reason is that the reward gap between Task 2 and Task 3 is not as big as she imagined.

Try it.

Bai Lian sighed on purpose, "Do as you say."

The ember immediately laughed, "You won't regret it!"

After all, it was a Demigod!

The ember said, "Don't walk around here. I need to prepare the Ceremony of Inviting Immortals."


Bai Lian nodded.

It happened that she also had to make some preparations. She didn't want her younger Martial Sister to be hurt in any way.

She walked to Ling Xuan and said, "Younger Martial Sister, take this."

She pulled out a beautiful jade ring from her chest——

[Another Year of Nanwang] (mother ring).

Ling Xuan took it in a daze. There was a warm temperature on the jade ring.

This is not the end. Then Bai Lian took out a light purple bead from her chest——

It was the best magic tool for body protection.

Ling Xuan took it over again. The bead was also warm, and it seemed to be covered with water drops in the shiny ripples.

"Sister Bai Lian, what are these things?"

Bai Lian replied, "They are Magic Tools. Can you keep them for me for the time being?"


Ling Xuan nodded in confusion.

At this time, the voice of the ember came, "The ceremony is ready. Time is running out. Don't delay anymore."


Bai Lian smiled at Ling Xuan.

She would like to see what this ember was planning.

Under the command of the ember, Bai Lian walked to the altar.

A magic power fell from the sky, and the dark traces on the altar suddenly burst out of red and black light, interlaced together, just like a cage.

The ember enjoyed the picture full of "poetic flavor" with satisfaction.

The Ancient Starry Sky Road has finally appeared.

Today, it will let the world witness the power of the Heavenly Yuan Divine Light again!

Seeing this scene, Ling Xuan under the stage couldn't help but whisper.

"Sister Bai Lian!"

Bai Lian smiled, "Don't worry. After I accept the inheritance, I will teach it to you. If you can't learn the inheritance, I will ask Shifu to teach you a new cultivation method."

Ling Xuan hurriedly shakes her head, "Sister Bai Lian, I don't need it. As long as you can become an Immortal…"

Bai Lian interrupted her, "Younger Martial Sister, you are so stupid. Really, have you forgotten what outsiders call me?"

Why do they call Sister Bai Lian?

Ling Xuan recalled, "Fairy Bai Lian… No, White Emperor Bai Lian? White Emperor Holy Lord?"

"That's right." Bai Lian nodded, "I have my own way. This inheritance is of no use to me."


Ling Xuan scratched her head doubtfully.

"Is the Immortal Emperor better than the Celestial Immortals?"

"Of course."

"Then why does it say that the Celestial Immortals are the strongest among immortals?"

Ling Xuan pointed to the altar.

"Because Immortal Emperors have long been divorced from the level of ordinary immortals, and they are usually not in the scope of discussion."

"I see."

Ling Xuan suddenly realized.

Bai Lian said, "So you just have to think about yourself."

Ling Xuan understood.

But the ember didn't understand.

"What were you talking about?" Its eyes suddenly locked on Bai Lian, "Are you a reincarnated Immortal Emperor?"

Before Bai Lian answered, Ling Xuan said, "That's what the cultivators outside say about Sister Bai Lian!"


It was like a nuclear bomb exploding, and the storm raised made the ember completely dumbfounded.

It was a Demigod, but the one standing in front of it is a reincarnated Immortal Emperor?

What the hell!


The ember stared.

The Ceremony of Inviting Immortals.

What… what on earth did it invite back?!

"Don't lie." The ember shouted.

Ling Xuan was annoyed, "I've never cheated anyone!"

"Impossible, impossible…"

The ember recited this sentence.

Ling Xuan said, "Why is it impossible? Sister Bai Lian is the best in the world. I think you've been here for too long. Everyone outside knows it, but you don't know it. If you don't believe it, you can go out and ask."

This sentence was hammered into the heart of the ember like a nail.

Get out?

If it can go out, how can it stay here all the time?


The ember was so anxious that its body almost split.

It… it wanted to possess a reincarnated Immortal Emperor's body?

It's ridiculous!

The ember desperately wanted to stop the Ceremony of Inviting Immortals, but once the ceremony started, it couldn't be stopped.

It was a Demigod Green Dragon who imprisoned it here for 30,000 years. An Immortal Emperor? She could kill it with a blow.

After seeing Bai Lian's calm face, the ember's mind was shocked again.

Isn't this the special composure of the Immortal Emperor?

In a panic, Bai Lian looked like an Immortal Emperor everywhere in its eyes.

Damn damn damn damn…

The ember was going to be crazy.


The Ancient Starry Sky Road has reappeared. It finally has the hope to return to the Immortal World. It can never die here!

Run. Even if it hurts its source, it must run!

After 30,000 years of imprisonment, the ember completely lost its courage to "enter the tiger's den".

"What's wrong with you?"

Bai Lian reached out her hand.

"Don't come here!"

The ember suddenly roared hysterically.

At this moment, it simply burned the last source it had accumulated.

The fire gushed out, and the Ceremony of Inviting Immortals was suddenly broken in the collision.


Black and red light gushed out like a tide, completely submerging Bai Lian. Then, a blue stream flew out of the altar, straight out of the Green Dragon Skeleton.