The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 8 Chapter 21 Part 2

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Chapter 21: Invite White Emperor Bai Lian! (2)

This is probably the remains of a dragon whose strength is comparable to that of an immortal!

No wonder the snake dragon said the ceremony was called the Ceremony of Inviting Immortals.

It's reasonable. It's too reasonable!

What attracted Bai Lian's attention was an "altar" placed in the middle of the skeleton.

Carrying the "altar" on a giant dragon's skeleton, swimming in the endless void, this is too fantastic!

[Dragon Altar]


Bai Lian walked towards the altar.

When she came near, a soft white light lit up on the altar.

Then Bai Lian heard a misty voice.

"After all these years, has someone finally come?"

A faint Divine Sense, which was revealed from the altar, first fell on Ling Xuan.

"This constitution!"

The white light was more brilliant.

"With your qualifications, you can carry forward my inheritance!"

Bai Lian heard a surprise from that voice.

"Enter my Immortal Gate, and the world will be under your control!"


Bai Lian was shocked when she heard this.

She knew this sentence.

Isn't it the fifth Martial Sister's strongest skill in the game?

She understood.

No wonder the "Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian" in the game found Ling Xuan in Yao Xia Bay. It turns out that Ling Xuan came here to seek inheritance.

Bai Lian guessed that in the game, Ling Xuan was likely to know the snake dragon, and the snake dragon pointed out this special way of cultivation for her.

This is reasonable!

Because even people without any spirit Qi can complete the Ceremony of Inviting Immortals.

Even if Ling Xuan didn't know how to enter this space, the snake dragon in the game would help her.

Thank you, the snake dragon!

Maybe this is fate. It should belong to the fifth Martial Sister.

Bai Lian gently grasped Ling Xuan's hand and patted her on the back.

"Go ahead."

The baby eagle is about to take off!

In this way, the Qiongming Peak is completely on the right track.

Bai Lian counted her finger.

What she needs to do next is to try her best to collect all kinds of resources to feed her four younger Martial Sisters.

The "Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian" in the game is as black-hearted as charcoal, squeezing her Martial Sisters almost dry. Now she must feed them white and fat!


Ling Xuan stopped.

She came here just to see if she could revive her dead grandfather.

She is a waste without any cultivation qualifications. How can she suddenly become a genius?

Ling Xuan was a little nervous.

She was also worried.

This is not a fraud, is it?

But Sister Bai Lian said so, and she seemed to have nothing to worry about.


Then she will do it!

Sister Bai Lian, I will try my best to catch up with you.

Ling Xuan was about to move forward when she saw the white light on the "altar" suddenly turned around and locked on Bai Lian.


Somewhere she seemed to hear such a voice.

Bai Lian's feeling was more obvious. The weak Divine Sense had been transferred from Ling Xuan to her.

It seemed to be studying her carefully.

After a short silence, the white light from the altar suddenly burst out.

"This is…"

The voice in the altar trembled.

What does it see?

When it first saw Ling Xuan, it thought the right person it was waiting for had finally come.

But it soon found itself wrong.

The little girl is nothing!

In terms of physical fitness, Bai Lian is stronger than 10,000 Ling Xuan together!

This is clearly a [God].

It's too strong, so it can't help but be excited.

The light of hope has appeared, how can it stop at this time?!

Ling Xuan?

It doesn't know anything about Ling Xuan!

The remaining ember in the altar excitedly said to Bai Lian:

"Enter my Immortal Gate, and the world will be under your control!"

"If you accept my inheritance, even Celestial Immortals will have to bow to you!"

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Ling Xuan, "(╯⊙⊱⊙╰)"

Ah, this…

Bai Lian was also confused.


What happened?

Why did the person who will accept the inheritance suddenly become her?

Refuse, I must quickly refuse it!

I will never make the fifth Martial Sister cry!

Bai Lian hurriedly shook her head, "I'm not interested in your inheritance."

She didn't lie.

The ember in the altar is confident that its cultivation method can let Celestial Immortals bow to it, that is to say, it was a Star Lord or Demigod when it was alive - if it was an Immortal Emperor, this kind of self-praise would not be necessary.

This is really powerful. Other people would have agreed to it happily.

But her master is a Heavenly Lord! Bai Lian's strength is not good, but her vision has widened.


Can you defeat my Shifu An Lan?

Bai Lian doesn't want its inheritance. She only likes to live off her Shifu!

"You'd better give the inheritance to my younger Martial Sister." Bai Lian said.

The dying ember hurriedly said, "Inheritance is not a joke. How can I pass it on so randomly?"

Seeing that Bai Lian was about to speak again, the ember immediately explained, "You may not know why the Celestial Immortals are. I will tell you now. The goal of cultivators is to seek the way of longevity. The Celestial Immortals are the strongest among all immortals in the Immortal World. If you accept my inheritance, no one in this world, in the Immortal World, in the three thousand great regions, in all stars will be a match for you!"

Mortals, tremble!


However, Bai Lian still lacked interest.

It could really flatter itself.

You just haven't met my Shifu. If you dared to say the same word in front of An Lan, An Lan would immediately teach you what the real "invincible" is.

However, Ling Xuan's reaction became fierce.

"Can we become immortals after obtaining your inheritance?"

"Of course!"

The tone of the ember was full of arrogance. It was a Demigod of a large region when it was still alive!

Ling Xuan asked expectantly, "Is it possible to master the Great Tao if you become an Immortal?"

The ember, "…"

Little girl, don't talk nonsense!

How can I…

"Of course!" The ember replied in a gentle tone.

The smile on Ling Xuan's face became more brilliant.

Master Snake Dragon is right. There is a way to revive my grandpa in this Green Dragon Relic!


Ling Xuan thought about it carefully.

With her qualifications, it may be difficult to become an Immortal. It's better to give the opportunity to Sister Bai Lian.

She turned around and said firmly, "Sister Bai Lian, go to accept the inheritance."

"Don't make any noise." Bai Lian rubbed Ling Xuan's hair and said, "This inheritance is of no use to me. This is your chance. How can I seize the chance of my Martial Sister?"

Ling Xuan was greatly moved, but since it was about if her grandpa could revive, she must be more careful about it.

"I'm not going, Sister Bai Lian, you go!"

The situation was so deadlocked.

The ember was speechless for a moment.

Damn it.

Do you know what the Celestial Immortals are?

That's the Celestial Immortals!!!

The impatient ember interrupted Bai Lian's explanation and said, "Why argue over such a small matter? I will teach you my cultivation method, and then you can teach my cultivation method to your younger Martial Sister. Isn't it good?"

Bai Lian's eyes brightened.


Since you agree to let my Martial Sister study your cultivation method, why are you hesitating?