The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 8 Chapter 21 Part 1

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Chapter 21: Invite White Emperor Bai Lian! (1)

After washing Bai Lian's back, Ling Xuan played with Bai Lian in the hot spring pool.


"Poop poop poop!"

"Ah, Sister Bai Lian, you hurt me."

"Then I'll be careful."

The white fog around the pool blocked the scenery inside.

This cold autumn night seemed to also light up a little flame at this moment.

When Bai Lian holding Ling Xuan's hand came out from the pool.

The maid who had been waiting at the door looked at Bai Lian shyly and then turned her eyes away.

"Guest… thank you for your patronage!"

Bai Lian smiles and nodded.

She found that the maid looked a little nervous, but she didn't think much about it.

Quite normal!

After all, this maid was only on the Seventh Floor of the Qi Refining Stage. How can she not be nervous when she sees her, a cultivator at the Soul Changing Stage?

Bai Lian looked down at herself.

How time flies!

Unconsciously, she is already so powerful.

She was just a weak cultivator at the Foundation Establishment Stage when she just recovered the memory related to the game.

"Anyway, we are not in a hurry now. Let's go to the night market of Yao Xia Bay first."

Bai Lian patted Ling Xuan's small head.


After soaking in the hot spring together, the relationship between Ling Xuan and Bai Lian has rapidly drawn closer.

The two walked out of the Ten Thousand Years Hall at a brisk pace.


The maid was relieved.

After hearing the strange noise from inside, she was afraid that Bai Lian would call her in to "explore the mysteries of the human body".

This kind of cultivator is usually eccentric, and even a small matter may annoy them, so it's better to stay away from them.

Not so bad.

This "pervert" finally left!

The nearest place to the starry sky is Xingluo Fortress.

The nearest place to the moon is Yao Xia Bay.

However, the most beautiful time in Yao Xia Bay is when the rising moon appears on the sea.

A full moon occupied half the sky.

The moonlight rippled in the air.

If you want to use painting as an analogy, this beautiful scene is similar to the scene in Yaoye Bay in "Gujian3". (Translator: Gujian3 is a Chinese cultivation game. You can buy it on Steam if you are interested in it.)

It was already midnight.

The moon shone in the sky.

But Yao Xia Bay hasn't fallen asleep yet. This is a city that never sleeps.

Long time no see!

Walking in the noisy crowd, Bai Lian's system beeped as if it had just taken a bottle of secret medicine. New tasks emerged from time to time.

"Wait for me!"

After squatting on the ground and arranging the wind-blown hair for Ling Xuan, Bai Lian devoted herself to the great work of earning skill points.

Ling Xuan looked up at the sky.

The moonlight this night was surprisingly bright.

She saw Bai Lian unloading goods for laborers at the port, taking care of a man's sick wife, and beating a blackguard who made trouble in the wine shop.

"Those people are right. Sister Bai Lian is a fairy!"

When Bai Lian returned under the moonlight, Ling Xuan ran over to her excitedly.

"Sister Bai Lian, put your hand out!"


Although confused, Bai Lian still held out her hand.

Ling Xuan happily wrote two "正" characters on Bai Lian's wrist with the carbon stick she just bought.

This is exactly the same as the rumor!

Ling Xuan thought excitedly.


Bai Lian looked strange at the characters.

Ling Xuan wondered, "Does Sister Bai Lian not like it?"

Bai Lian shook her head, "No, no."

Forgive her whose mind was full of all kinds of r18 rubbish.

Ling Xuan said, "Sister Bai Lian, if you don't want to dirty your body, you can write the characters on me."

"Forget it." Bai Lian quickly stopped Ling Xuan, "It's good to write it on me, but…"

She paused and said, "In fact, there is no need to deliberately remember these things. I just did these things because I happened to have the ability to complete them."

Ling Xuan was thoughtful.

It was almost early in the morning. Bai Lian took out the map from the snake dragon. After confirming the location of Yaotai Pavilion, she led Ling Xuan to go there.

The Green Dragon Relic is located in Yao Xia Bay. It is not easy to get in because it is in another space.

The current Bai Lian doesn't have the ability to tear open the space and accurately locate the Green Dragon Relic in the turbulent flow of space.

Therefore, to enter the Green Dragon Relic, she could only honestly follow the method taught by the snake dragon.

The snake dragon's method is——

The Ceremony of Inviting Immortals!

The green dragon is one of the four spirits of heaven.

Some people say that the green dragon is the god of creation, creating 500 million heavens, but this is unsubstantiated. Even the green dragon named "Primordial Dragon" was just an ordinary Immortal Emperor.

It could indeed create the world, but what it created was just a small world with imperfect rules of the Great Tao.

An Lan had broken hundreds of such small worlds in her previous life.

If Primordial Dragon is the Creator God, then An Lan must be the God of Darkness and Destruction!

Bai Lian is convinced that the relic in front of her is not the Primordial Dragon's relic. The real Primordial Dragon's relic is closely related to Yu Ying, her fourth Martial Sister, and will only appear after Yu Ying passes the Primordial Dragon's trial.

The Yaotai Pavilion is located on a cliff, where you can see the whole Yao Xia Bay.

Even though it is almost early in the morning, there are still many people wandering here.

In order to avoid attracting others' attention, Bai Lian left a magic array after confirming the location.

Next, she put all kinds of ritual materials she purchased on the way to Yaotai Pavilion on the ground.

When Bai Lian placed the last piece of copper on the ground, a pentagonal golden light suddenly appeared in the Yaotai Pavilion.

The light flew into the sky, reflecting a series of mysterious symbols in the air.


As Bai Lian infused her spirit Qi into it, those symbols were also lit one after another.

The orange light was linked into a piece, winding towards the silver sea in the distance.


Ling Xuan exclaimed.

She had been led by Bai Lian to step over the wooden fence of Yaotai Pavilion.

She stepped on the empty space, hurriedly passed her hand through Bai Lian's legs, and then held it tightly to hang herself on Bai Lian's thigh.



Bai Lian turned around and said, "Don't worry, Younger Martial Sister, you won't fall."

Ling Xuan still dared not let go. She tried to stretch out her right foot, stepping left and right, and found that she could really stand in the air.

"Oh, I was mistaken."

Ling Xuan blushed.

She quickly loosened Bai Lian's thigh, then she looked at the tourists in the Yaotai Pavilion.

To her surprise, no one pays attention to her now.

Even the two scholars who were looking in her direction were just reciting poems together.

"They are on good terms."

Ling Xuan sighed.

She soon put her worry aside. Since no one was laughing at her timid appearance, there was nothing to worry about.

She followed Bai Lian and walked along the path of orange symbols.

Go, go, go.

Walk over the sky of Yao Xia Bay, walk through the bright moon's shadow in the sea, and finally walk into a gate arched by white clouds.


With a huge aperture that was invisible to the naked eye, a gate above the sea was opened, the orange symbols in the air were scattered, and the magic array Bai Lian arranged also disappeared.

It seems that Yao Xia Bay has never changed. People here would continue to do what they should do.

On the other side, Bai Lian and Ling Xuan came to a strange space composed of huge skeletons.

Looking up, there were countless pale ribs.

"Is this a dragon?"

Ling Xuan asked in surprise.

Since she followed Bai Lian, she has seen new things one after another.


Bai Lian nodded seriously.

Even after thousands of years, she could feel a slight spirit Qi fluctuation from the skeleton.