The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 8 Chapter 19

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Chapter 19: White Emperor Comes to Me

The moonlight of Yao Xia Bay was still hanging in the distant sky.

The people who went to the East Wilderness in order to pursue the Blood Demon suddenly spread a piece of great news.

It started like this——

The cold moon was like frost.

Even the human hearts got cold under the cover of the frost.


Looking at Chen Fu with white hair, the woman in white suddenly sighed.

She didn't know how to evaluate it, but she felt a little uncomfortable.

Immediately, the woman in white shook her head and said, "Thanks to the female cultivator's magnanimity. Otherwise, both Martial Master and Elder Martial Brother Gu will die."

The woman in black who accompanied her smiled and said, "It's not just magnanimity, she's like a bodhisattva!"


The woman in white turned her head inexplicably.

Bu Qingxiao said, "Of course, after all, she is the famous White Emperor Bai Lian!"

"White Emperor Bai Lian…"

The woman in white murmured the name.

After a short period of thinking, she suddenly responded.

"White… is she the reincarnated Immortal Emperor, Bai Lian?!"

Her exclamation attracted the attention of people around her as if she had dropped a bomb into the deep water.


What happened to Bai Lian?

Bu Qingxiao sighed, "Yes. When she confronted Gu Jiu, I observed her with my magic eyes, and found a very conspicuous ★ in the corner of her eyes!"

The woman in white nodded.

It is the unique symbol of Bai Lian. It is said that the ★ is the crystallization of Bai Lian's understanding of the Great Tao of Stars. Inside it is a wonderful [Field] of stars and moon!

However, it is not reliable to conclude that the female cultivator is Bai Lian just by the ★ in the corner of her eyes.

Because a large number of fans of Bai Lian like to imitate her by painting various patterns under the corner of their eyes, such as ♥, ☀, and of course, most of them painted ★.

But their ★s are fake after all!

Their patterns are impossible to cheat Bu Qingxiao's eyes.

"No doubt it was Bai Lian."


Bu Qingxiao recalled the process when she tried to test Bai Lian's strength.

Her eyes were filled with approval.

Bai Lian is really experienced!

"Even if my Black Sea Fog had reached her belly, she still resisted my attack without any change on her face."

Bu Qingxiao was shocked at that time.

She was sure that if it was her, she would have jumped up and fought back at the moment.

Bu Qingxiao didn't think that Bai Lian failed to respond.

That's White Emperor Bai Lian!

How could she not react to that kind of attack?

As a result, the more Bu Qingxiao thought, the more she felt that this was a gap in the breadth of mind.

She was definitely unable to be as calm as Bai Lian.

Bai Lian.


Too deep!

After thinking for a long time, Bu Qingxiao still couldn't match Bai Lian's face with those faces she knew well.

But this is not a problem.

The Immeasurable Disaster is coming, and many Immortal Emperors, who disappeared countless years ago, may also return to fight for immortality.

Bu Qingxiao knows a lot.

In this world, 129600 years old is one "Yuan", and every ninety-nine "Yuan" is a great reincarnation.

In each Immeasurable Disaster, a new blank way of the Great Tao will be born. Even if it was just a mortal, if the person could grasp that blank way of Tao and carve himself on it, he will become immortal until the arrival of the next Immeasurable Disaster.

This kind of person is called "Faramita Immortal".

Faramita Immortal is not a cultural realm, but a skillful method of longevity, which is equivalent to turning oneself into a part of the world.

In a great reincarnation, there will be at most one new Faramita Immortal.

But this time, the situation is somewhat different.

In this great reincarnation, when the Immeasurable Disaster is about to come, no one has become a Faramita Immortal.

This means that after this Immeasurable Disaster, there will be two blank ways of the Great Tao in the chaos! (Translator: this is my understanding of this sentence after reading it for several times. I will correct it if I find that it's wrong from the later chapters.)

Those who have experienced standing on the top of the world will never allow this opportunity to slip away before their eyes.

Bu Qingxiao wouldn't let go of this opportunity too.

Go to the "Faramita" and get out of the cage named "World".

That was all she expected now.

When Bu Qingxiao sighed, the "deep-water bomb" exploded and shocked everyone around.

"It's not surprising. Only Bai Lian would rather hurt herself than hurt innocent civilians."

"She is a Natural Saint! Compared to her, Elder Martial Brother Gu is really… alas…"

"This is too terrible!"

"What's so surprising? Two months ago, Bai Lian killed an old demon at the Transparency Stage in the Duxian sect, right?"

"I mean Bai Lian has awakened the power of Immortal Emperor. I'm afraid there are not many people in the world who can defeat her."

"It's OK. It won't take long for her to ascend to the Immortal World. When she leaves, no one will tell you to look at Bai Lian and then look at yourself, why can't you learn from her and so on."

(Translated by Gravity Tales 😍)

"You probably think too much. I think my Shifu will repeat it more frequently."


Damn it!

The rumors spread too fast.

In just one day, Bai Lian's deed in Gucheng County has spread all over the East Divine Land.

The light of White Emperor Bai Lian shines on the world again!

But after all, it is a rumor, which will inevitably be distorted in the process of transmission.

"Elder Chen Fu of Thousand Sword City was scared to kill himself on the spot!"

"Fairy Bai Lian was very generous and saved Chen Fu with her supreme power!"


An Lan sat straight from her bed.

She was scared to death.

How could Bai Lian cause so much trouble?

Not long ago, she went to the Snow Sea to offend the Hades Hall and the Wuheng Snow Valley. It was less than a month ago, and she angered the more powerful Thousand Sword City.


The people of Thousand Sword City are all madmen. Bai Lian scared their elder to commit suicide on the spot. They must hate Bai Lian very much. At this time, someone may be on the way to kill Bai Lian.

"I'm so angry!"

An Lan looked at the hole in the wall and wanted to vent against it.

But she finally endured.

This is not the time to think about such things!

She arranged a magic array in her cave, and then sneaked out from the back hill of the Qiongming Peak without attracting anyone's attention.

An Lan arrived in Gucheng County at a very fast speed.

She originally wanted to teach Thousand Sword City a lesson so that they could not care about Bai Lian.

But when she arrived here, her face turned green.

"Who told me that Chen Fu was scared to commit suicide by Bai Lian? Didn't he stab himself to make amends?"

An Lan quickly recalled.


At that time, her Divine Sense was wandering around in the Duxian sect when her Divine Sense saw Tong Yao telling her younger Martial Brothers and Sisters about Bai Lian's "heroic achievements" in Gucheng County.

"Under the leadership of Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian, the Duxian sect ushered in development. But we can't be complacent about it. We also have to work hard to prove that we are worthy of the cultivation of the Duxian sect!"


So it's you again?!

An Lan flew back angrily.

She dragged her "sick body" to find Master Qin.

"Younger Martial Brother…"

Master Qin hurriedly supported An Lan with his spirit Qi, "I'm your Elder Martial Brother."

That's not important.

I'm stronger than you, so I'm your Elder Martial Sister!

An Lan took out a bottle of wine from her arms and said, "This is my gift to Tong Yao for her accompanying Bai Lian to the Snow Sea."

Master Qin's face darkened.

What's going on?

Give Tong Yao wine as a gift?

He tried to refuse, but An Lan seemed very stubborn.

Take it!


After all, An Lan is now a "patient".

Master Qin took over the wine. He didn't plan to give it to Tong Yao.

An Lan returned to her cave contentedly.

On the same night, news came that Tong Yao was caught by Master Qin because she tried to steal wine. She was hung up by Master Qin and beaten hard. After that, she was punished to be locked up in her room for a month.

An Lan took a bite of the watermelon.

It tasted good!

In Guangchang Prefecture.

This was the second night after Gongliang Shu arrived here.

When he passed by the gate of a wine shop, he heard someone discussing the battle in Gucheng County.

He crept up to the wine shop.

He heard the storyteller saying, "It turned out that the female cultivator is Bai Lian of the Duxian sect. Do you know Bai Lian?"

"Of course! She is White Emperor! There is her memorial tablet on my wall."

"When will the White Emperor unify the East Divine Land?"

The wine shop became very lively.

Everyone began to tell about Bai Lian's heroic deeds.

From the time she killed the dragon and killed the bandits to the time when she helped the old lady cross the road and comforted the wife whose husband had been away from home for a long time.

Gongliang Shu's eyes became brighter as he listened.

Bai Lian.

Is this Bai Lian?

Did the White Emperor come to help me?

Gongliang Shu's body trembled slightly.

It turns out that even if it was he, who was hated by everyone, would also be helped by the Natural Saint.

Another person said, "I heard that White Emperor was also a lonely girl wandering in the vegetable market before entering the Duxian sect."


"Then Bai Lian's master must be a kind person!"

"That's true. She could find White Emperor at a glance, she must be a kind person. May she have a peaceful life!"

In the wine shop, many people exclaimed together, "May she have a peaceful life".

This harmonious scene made Gongliang Shu feel uncomfortable.


This is the spirit of the White Emperor.

There is not only hardship and ugliness in the world.

Put it down.

Gongliang Shu suddenly found his eyes moist.

Suddenly, someone in the wine shop shouted, "Little brother, are you hungry? Come in and eat together. As long as you support White Emperor, we will be a family!"

Gongliang Shu wiped away tears from the corners of his eyes.

He shook his head, "Thank you. I just ate some dry food. I'm not hungry."

He had decided it.

He needs to support himself with his own hands first, and then follow Bai Lian's footsteps.

This is a new road he never imagined!

[The next spring.]

[Beside the Wei River.]

[Gongliang Shu meets Zhao Haiya who travels eastward there.]

["The brighter tomorrow is waiting for us!"]


Bai Lian and Ling Xuan finally arrived at Yao Xia Bay.

"It's not right. Why are almost all cultivators here talking about me?"

Just stepping into this huge harbor built on the sea, Bai Lian, standing at the entrance of the Hot Spring Hotel, was shocked.