The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 8 Chapter 18 Part 2

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Chapter 18: Be Good or Evil! (2)

She also grabbed the right front paw of the snake dragon and shook it vigorously.

The snake dragon is too generous!

Seeing that Bai Lian didn't mind that it was a magic beast, the snake dragon also shook Bai Lian's hands happily.

After shaking hands for half a day, the snake dragon suddenly said, "I heard you talking about how to revive a dead person just now - I didn't mean to eavesdrop."

Bai Lian said, "It doesn't matter."

The snake dragon sighed with relief and continued, "I think I can provide some help. Yao Xia Bay has a Green Dragon Relic, which has the ability to revive dead people. I was treated there when I was dying. Maybe you can go there and have a look. Maybe you will get something."

Yao Xia Bay?

Bai Lian was familiar with this name. In the game, she kidnapped the fifth Martial Sister there.

Does Yao Xia Bay really have karma with the fifth Martial Sister?

When she saw the light in Ling Xuan's eyes, she quietly held Ling Xuan's hand.

"Let's go and have a look."

Ling Xuan struggled for a while but didn't break away. Then she gave in.

At least…

It's not a feeling she dislikes.

The snake dragon drew the map, "I'll go to see Qing Ping. I won't bother you for the moment."

The snake dragon left quickly.

Ling Xuan, who was held by Bai Lian, didn't dare to look at her.

Bai Lian took her to the market.

She smiled happily and talked more for a while.

"I'm a good cook, Younger Martial Sister. When you arrive at the Duxian sect, I will cook for you every day."

"Yao Xia Bay is a prosperous port near the East Wilderness, where there are many merchants and famous foods from all over the world. It is a good place to taste local flavors."


Ling Xuan swallowed.

She temporarily forgot her sadness and was completely attracted by the blueprint painted by Bai Lian.

"Beggar's Chicken, Braised Lion's Head, Mapo Tofu, Yaoxia Roast Duck…"

"Yao Xia Bay also has hot springs. After arriving there, we can go to take a bath together."

"In fact, winter is the best time to go. The night sky is clear and free of dust. It is said that the moon floats on the sea and seems to occupy half the sky. The ship sways as if it is going to fly to the moon."


Ling Xuan nodded her head hard.


I must go to Yao Xia Bay!

Bai Lian laughed, if only this moment would last forever, how nice would it be.

She walked on.

She didn't rush to take Ling Xuan out. Before that, she took Ling Xuan to eat in Gucheng County and bought a lot of food materials.

Her cooking is not bad.

But you can't just blow with your mouth, can you?

To make the fifth Martial Sister comfortable, she has to show her real skills!

After a whole day, Gucheng County finally returned to normal.

During this period, Bai Lian also met with the cat demon and Li Niang.

From the mouth of the cat demon, she learned that Li Niang knew that it was Young Master Cao who had poisoned her.

She was very sad and gave up belief in survival. She felt that it was best to follow Young Master Cao's wishes.

"You were too confused!"

Bai Lian also knew why the cat demon liked Li Niang.

This is a story about the gratitude of a cat.

Before Li Niang married into Cao's family, she saved the mischievous cat demon.

The cat demon had a strange feeling for her after that.

But she could not change her shape into a human, so she went to ask for help from the snake dragon she met by chance. The snake dragon finally gave her the medicine to change her shape into a human, so that she could approach Li Niang as a maid.

"So what are you going to do in the future?"

"Go back home."

"That's good, too."

With the cat demon's ability, it's easy to live a rich life.

"Bless you!"

Bai Lian raised her glass.

Ling Xuan also held up the cup full of orange juice, "Bless you."

So women can really be with women?

At midnight.

Bai Lian and Ling Xuan walked into the street with a pile of snacks in their hands.

In the alley, she met the beggar again.

The beggar huddled in the corner of the wall. It seemed that the heavy rain during the day had made him catch a cold, and his body was trembling constantly.

Bai Lian still remembered his bright eyes.

This time, no task emerged to ask Bai Lian to help the beggar.

But without hesitation, she went to the beggar immediately, cured him with magic, and then took a bag of food to put in front of him.

Some people would rather die than receive charity.

So Bai Lian naturally switched the topic away, "Your eyes are the brightest eyes I have ever seen."

The beggar slowly raised his head.

Through his dirty hair, after seeing that Bai Lian was squatting in front of him, he once suspected that he was having a delusion.

But that voice can't be wrong!

His eyes trembled.

He avoided the sun, but it still shone on him.

He saw Bai Lian's smile, which could melt ice and snow.

Bai Lian said, "Everyone may have a hard time, and I am no exception. So I thought that if I met people who needed help, I would try to help them."

She used magic to wash the dirt off the beggar.

"By the way, what's your name?"

The beggar's lips wriggled and finally whispered, "Gongliang Shu."

"Gongliang Shu?"

It sounds familiar.

Bai Lian didn't think too much, "The wind and rain will not last forever."


Gongliang Shu still lowered his head.

Bai Lian was so dazzling that he dared not look at her directly.

It was enough to be illuminated for a moment, at least he knew that someone really only paid a moment of attention to him in the world.

He forgot what Bai Lian said later.

He waited quietly for Bai Lian to leave, then he took two bites of the food. Suddenly, he found that there was money under the bag.

It is impossible that Bai Lian left the money here carelessly.

So, she left the money on purpose?

Gongliang Shu choked at the moment.

He regretted that he had wanted to learn from Gu Jiu.

Is that life really worth looking forward to?

Use pain to cover up the pain, in exchange for only pain.

Gongliang Shu looked at the moon in the sky.

Even if I am a rat man, I also want to live freely in the sun!

On the way to Yao Xia Bay, Bai Lian stopped suddenly.


She remembered.

The name Gongliang Shu was famous in the game.

However, what she was familiar with was the nickname of Gongliang Shu——

Bloody Sword Demon!

In the game, it was a villain who betrayed Thousand Sword City ten years later, causing heavy damage to the four major sects and even the whole East Divine Land!

What the fuck!

Bai Lian was shocked.

Wait, I saved a demon!

Should I go back and kill this demon ahead of time?

At this moment, she suddenly understood where the reward of Soft Skill +17 came from.

If she stood by and did nothing, Gongliang Shu would definitely worship Thousand Swords City and go on the old road.

However, after this incident, Gongliang Shu should not be able to join the Thousand Sword City, right?

Bai Lian was not sure.

But she still gave up the idea of going back to find Gongliang Shu.

Gongliang Shu's life has been changed unintentionally. If he still joins the Thousand Sword City, she can think of a way at that time.

"It's also a good thing to live a life in peace."

Let's go.

Bai Lian flew toward Yao Xia Bay with Ling Xuan.