The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 8 Chapter 18 Part 1

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Chapter 18: Be Good or Evil! (1)

This is the most charming pair of eyes Bai Lian has ever seen!

This pair of eyes are even brighter than An Lan's.

After all, An Lan was a Heavenly Lord in her previous life, and she had already learned to hide herself.

If you cannot enter the depths of An Lan, you will only see a pair of "ordinary" beautiful eyes.

But this pair of eyes are unmodified, and they are now unreservedly blooming their dazzling brilliance like the sun.

But it clearly comes from a beggar who has no cultivation base.

Is this the light of hope?

"Not soiled coming out of sordid dirt while not witching coming out of clear water."

This poem flashed in Bai Lian's mind.

Her long gaze caught the attention of Ling Xuan, who turned around.

A few seconds later, she exclaimed, "What beautiful eyes!"

"You have a pair of beautiful eyes, too." Bai Lian said.

Ling Xuan said solemnly, "No. My eyes are inferior to his!"


Bai Lian couldn't help showing a smile.

It is like the spring breeze blowing through the cold winter. The spring flowers wake up gradually and bring the soft spring sunshine.

The beggar's eyes became brighter.

Gu Jiu's defeat extinguished his little hope, but what happened later lit a new flame on that pile of embers.

The flame didn't burn vigorously, but it didn't go out even if the cold wind bullied it.

Maybe this is the right way!

The beggar tightened the ragged clothes on his body.


He wanted to lean over and talk to Bai Lian.

But after seeing the patches on his clothes, Bai Lian's smile, and Ling Xuan's serious face, he sighed and walked toward the deep alley behind him.

He is a "rat man" living in the streets and lanes.

Be humble.

People always looked down on him.

He originally wanted to learn from Gu Jiu, because he vaguely felt that Gu Jiu was similar to him in some way.

But he gave up. Gu Jiu is too weak. His way can be seen to the end at a glance and won't have a bright future.

And Bai Lian…

She is too bright.

She is like the sun. The beggar was afraid that he would burn himself if he leaned over.


Bai Lian stopped smiling.

She didn't answer Ling Xuan.

Now she only wanted to kidnap Ling Xuan back directly.

"Ling Xuan, come back to the Duxian sect with me!"

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This sentence again.

Before, Ling Xuan suspected Bai Lian was a liar, but now she didn't think so.

If Bai Lian was really a bad person, she could have taken her away by force.

And in the matter just now, Bai Lian had used her actual actions to show that she was a person of high moral character.

Otherwise, Bai Lian would definitely not help the snake dragon and the cat demon.

Ling Xuan hesitated and said, "I don't have any qualifications for cultivation. They said that I was the worst in the world. They said that even if they put out the resources of the whole sect, they could not make me reach the Foundation Establishment Stage. They also said…"

Bai Lian clenched her fist, and then slowly reached for Ling Xuan.


Ling Xuan was confused.

But maybe it was this unspeakable atmosphere that made her understand Bai Lian's intention.

She also clenched her right fist and finally touched Bai Lian's fist gently.

The big cold and small warm are combined at this moment.

It's like two cups of water mixed together.


The transient current made Ling Xuan's cheeks blush with shame.

So, is she so compatible with Sister Bai Lian?

Bai Lian said, "That's because they are too stupid. They only look in one direction. Since the front door can't get through, can't you go through the back door?"

She is very good at this.

So, it is most suitable for her to teach Ling Xuan!

Of course, she has to let An Lan teach Ling Xuan the cultivation method first. She doesn't have the cultivation method of martial arts.

After taking the fifth Martial Sister to the Duxian sect in advance, she would miss all the "chances" she had in the game forever.

But that doesn't matter.

No chance is greater than Shifu's teaching!

If Shifu didn't agree to accept Ling Xuan as her disciple, Bai Lian would rush into her cave and try to make Shifu give in.

Ling Xuan didn't understand Bai Lian's words.

Bai Lian explained, "Qi Refining is not the only way of cultivation. The reason why everyone is cultivating Qi Refining is that it is the easiest way to get started. As I said before, you are the best talent in the world in the Great Tao of Strength!"

"Is that so?"

Ling Xuan doubted if she was cheated.

Bai Lian smiled and said, "Of course. If not, why would I want to… Hmm."

She immediately changed her word, "Why would I want you to join the Qiongming Peak?"

Ling Xuan nodded.

So, I'm actually very strong?

If Grandpa knew it, he would be very happy!


Ling Xuan's face darkened, and she asked, "If I become very powerful, can I bring my grandpa back to life?"

Bai Lian was silent for a moment.

"Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian" in the game lied on this issue.

Now she faced this problem again.


Don't lie.

The rewards for the two tasks are similar. The reward of lying is Soft Skill +1 and the reward of not lying is Hard Skill +1.

Bai Lian took a deep breath.

She saw a strong desire and a small amount of dodge in Ling Xuan's eyes.

Perhaps the fifth Martial Sister already has an answer in her mind.

Bai Lian decided to make a hard decision.

She was not facing a simple child, but an assertive young girl.

"It's usually difficult." She said, "If a person was just dead, you could revive him after obtaining his soul, but if he died too long, his soul would disappear and if you still wanted to revive him, you must have mastered some special ways of the Great Tao."

Like reversing yin and yang, tracing back to the past…

Bai Lian doesn't have any of the above abilities, nor does An Lan.

An Lan is good at fighting, but it doesn't mean that she is omnipotent.

Ling Xuan asked, "The Great Tao? How great is it?"

That's a real Great Tao of the World!

"It's greater than heaven."

Ling Xuan said, "Well, it's not like there's no chance, right?"

Bai Lian nodded.

But even if your talent is outstanding, it also requires a certain amount of luck to have a very small probability of mastering those special ways of the Great Tao.

They fell into silence.

At this moment, the sky cleared up, and the snake dragon came.

"Didn't I bother you?"

Bai Lian shook her head.

The snake dragon seemed to be relieved, and it quickly thanked Bai Lian for her help.

Bai Lian said, "You're welcome. I was mainly trying to help my younger Martial Sister."


Ling Xuan was stunned.

She hasn't promised yet.

The snake dragon said, "If it wasn't for you, Qing Ping would surely be killed by the swordsman, and I would certainly be seriously injured."

How could it watch his benefactor's daughter die like this?

It was also because of Bai Lian that the cat demon survived and the person the cat demon liked also survived.

This is a happy ending for everyone.

The snake dragon was very clear about the pain of seeing your lover dying.

So it came to repay an obligation.

It took out a dragon bone, "This is the bone that dropped from my body when I survived the Yin Fire Disaster. After a hundred years of polishing, it contains a trace of the real dragon's breath. Please accept it."

"How kind of you!"

Bai Lian conveniently took over the dragon bone.