The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 8 Chapter 17 Part 2

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Chapter 17: Sadness (2)

The blood flowed like a spring, and in a moment, it dyed his robe red.

He clearly cut off his cultivation base, and his huge spirit Qi rose to the sky, stirring the wind and clouds.

After a few seconds, Chen Fu pulled out his sword.

His breath has stabilized a lot, but his cultivation base has dropped to the Soul Changing Stage.


Bai Lian, the snake dragon, the cat demon, and everyone on the spot were stunned.

Hey, you people in Thousand Sword City are really abnormal!

The woman in white exclaimed, "Martial Master!"

Chen Fu waved his right hand and said, "It doesn't matter. This injury won't hurt my life."


Chen Fu no longer talked to the woman in white.

He looked back at Bai Lian and said, "If I had not killed the white fox directly, things would not have changed as they are now. It was my mistake, and I will try my best to atone for Gu Jiu."

Bai Lian hesitated, "This is not your…"

"I understand."

Chen Fu interrupted her.

People often like to stick to their own opinions even if they understand.

He is so.

But Gu Jiu didn't understand.

Chen Fu took a deep breath, and his eyes fell on Young Master Cao.

He has learned about the whole thing from the words of the woman in white, and also knew that Bai Lian caught Young Master Cao and his cousin.

"Tell the truth. If you do something wrong, you should be punished."


Young Master Cao wanted to say something, but the cold atmosphere from Chen Fu made him counsel.

He could only tell the truth in front of his family and other people in the city.

Young Master Cao has been engaged to Li Niang since he was young.

But by the time they got married, Li Niang's family had already declined and couldn't give the Cao family any help in official circles.

The mistress of the Cao family didn't mind this, but Young Master Cao was dissatisfied.

It happened that Li Niang found out about his relationship with his cousin. Although Li Niang didn't say anything, they were both worried.

Just get rid of this superfluous woman!

Then they secretly poisoned Li Niang.

During this period, the cat demon wanted to save Li Niang, but she accidentally exposed her cat tail which frightened the people of the Cao family…

Anyway, it was just a story that, to Bai Lian, sounded like a third-rate drama.

However, this third-rate drama involved too many people.

The woman who invited Taoist Ma to catch the demon rolled her eyes in anger.

"Ungrateful son!"

She fainted on the spot.


The servants of the Cao family were in a panic.

Chen Fu spilled a large amount of white dew again, cured the wound on the snake dragon, and detoxified Li Niang.

Finally, he turned around and bowed deeply to Bai Lian, his forehead almost touching the toe of his shoe.

"Thank you for not killing Gu Jiu."

Bai Lian raised her right hand.

She actually wanted to kill him, but she was not strong enough to kill Gu Jiu. After all, her Qianhuan Real Eyes' ability is mainly illusions.

Forget it.

It's better not to explain it.

Chen Fu threw a piece of valuable sword casting material to Bai Lian, "Sorry, I hope this can atone for Gu Jiu's crime a little."

Bai Lian didn't refuse it. She could use it to make a pair of boxing gloves for the fifth Martial Sister.

After bowing again, Chen Fu returned to Gu Jiu.

He lifted Gu Jiu with a gentle movement.

When Bai Lian looked again, Chen Fu's sideburns had turned gray.

Although his cultivation base was still at the Soul Changing Stage, his lifespan had been greatly shortened.

Will he take his own life to atone for Gu Jiu?

This is human.

It's too complicated.

Bai Lian reminded, "I didn't crush Gu Jiu's sword, but let him think I crushed his sword."

Chen Fu didn't look back, "That sword should be crushed."

After saying that, he flew towards a ray of sunshine in the sky.

The sun was like a light shed in the night, illuminating Chen Fu and the trees swaying in the cold wind below.

"Martial Master!"

The woman in white stamped her foot. Seeing that the woman in black had no intention of following, she chased after Chen Fu alone.

The woman in black stood for a while, then walked slowly to Bai Lian.


Bai Lian was confused.

What is this about?

The woman in black suddenly raised her hand.

A gust of black smoke stabbed Bai Lian like a fierce dragon.

Too fast, too big!

Bai Lian, who was trying to remove her Snow Spirit Lord state, had no time to dodge.

It's over. I'm going to die!


This script is wrong!

Bai Lian's face still looked calm.

She just slowly raised her hand to cover her chest.

The eyes of the woman in black trembled.

Too calm. Too calm!

It's really funny that she wanted to test Bai Lian's true strength.

When the black fog was about to pierce Bai Lian's belly, the woman in black waved her right hand and withdrew the black fog.

"It's worthy of you. I'm ashamed of myself!"


What happened?

The woman in black threw another piece of refining material to Bai Lian.

Bai Lian was furious. Who do you think I am?

The woman in black said, "We will see each other again in the future."

She said that and disappeared.

Bai Lian checked the material.

Well, it can even be used to refine the best Spirit Tools.

Then take it.

Bai Lian fell to the ground without expression.

As soon as she removed the water curtain, Ling Xuan ran out.


She threw herself into Bai Lian's arms.

"You're not hurt, are you?"

Ling Xuan quickly checked Bai Lian's body.

Touch her waist, her thighs, and her hands.

"Of course not."

Bai Lian smiled. She removed the Snow Spirit Lord state in front of Ling Xuan.

Ling Xuan looked up and smiled innocently, "You look more beautiful in this look."

Although the Snow Spirit Lord's appearance is domineering, it always makes her feel far away.

How nice.

Bai Lian touched Ling Xuan's head.

In this way, the fifth Martial Sister will go with me, right?

"Let's leave here first." Bai Lian said to Ling Xuan.

The Cao family is in a mess now. Bai Lian doesn't want to participate in this kind of thing. How to punish Young Master Cao should be decided by the local government.

The snake dragon and the cat demon are watching, and the local government will not dare to bend the law for personal gain.

Bai Lian led Ling Xuan out of Cao's mansion.

As she passed by Taoist Ma, Taoist Ma's legs trembled.

"I, I, I… will never cheat again. I will go back and use all the money I cheated to help others."

Bai Lian nodded.

She didn't say much.

She thought she could be considered a good doctor.

Today, she cured several patients.

In the snow, at the entrance of Cao's mansion.

Bai Lian smiled and felt the softness of Ling Xuan's head.

She had another question.

Speaking of it, why did the reward for choosing to stand by was Soft Skill+17?

Gu Jiu's strength was not so terrible.

As she thought, a pair of bright eyes fell into her sight.

There was a beggar standing on the corner.

He looked dirty and shivered with cold.

But he seemed to have a spring in his eyes.