The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 8 Chapter 17 Part 1

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Chapter 17: Sadness (1)

Like the sun through the night.

The nihilistic world was full of new vitality.

Gu Jiu, who opened his eyes, suddenly found himself in a desolate straw hut.

The wooden beams were rotten, and the cold north wind was strong.

The voice sounded sad, like a soul-stirring cry.

The snowflakes were also ruthlessly blown on his exposed cheek like blades.

Gu Jiu got up from the cold ground, and saw a cup full of warm wine on the wooden table three feet away from him.

He looked to the left again.

A sword was hanging on the beam covered with mottled traces.

That sword was ordinary, just like a common iron sword that could be bought everywhere.

Gu Jiu's heart was strangely calm at this moment.

He forgot where he came from and where he was going.

Why don't I sit down and drink a mouthful of warm wine before I figure out the current situation?

Gu Jiu sat by himself.

He gently grasped the cup of wine.

The warmth penetrated through the rim of the cup, along the palm of his hand, and into the deep place of his heart.

Drink it up in one gulp.


A burst of happiness suddenly erupted in Gu Jiu's throat.

This is the fullness of drinking!

Gu Jiu shook his cup gently and looked at the snow outside the hut. Suddenly, he wanted to recite the poems of the sages.

"Sitting there and watching the green bamboo turn into white branches…"


All of a sudden, a thin figure walked hard through the snow-covered stone path outside the straw hut.

That figure walked quickly.

Gu Jiu only thought for a moment, and when he raised his head again, the figure had disappeared.

There were only crooked footprints left on the snow.


It spread to the foot of the mountain.


Indulged in a moment of happiness, Gu Jiu was confused.

He only felt that all this was very familiar.

This should have been imprinted on his mind like a steel seal, but he forgot it for some unknown reason.


Gu Jiu's eyes fell on the cup he had just used.

I see.

He understood.

This cup is used to "corrupt" him.

The sword hanging on the beam is his "root"!

Gu Jiu held his sword.

In an instant, he remembered everything. This road was the way to "say goodbye" to his past.

This day was also the day when he said "goodbye" to his past.

From then on, his eyes were no longer pure, and his thoughts were no longer as clear as before.

Gu Jiu rushed down the mountain against the wind and snow with his sword.

There was a vast expanse of whiteness in front of him, but the closer he was to the village, the faster his heart beat.

There's still time!

When he arrived at the village, it was as peaceful as memory.

This is a world where no one gets hurt!

Gu Jiu rushed to his home.

Through a window covered by straw, he saw that the white fox was quietly coming to his sister's bedside.


In a flash of cold light, its sharp claws sprang out, and then slowly leaned against the little girl's neck.

"Fuck you!"

Gu Jiu kicked the door open and rushed in.


The white fox just opened its mouth, and the sword had been chopped down with an endless cold.



The sharp blade cut into the white fox's neck.

After cutting the skin, flesh and internal organs of the white fox in half, it emerged from the other side.

The blade rolled up.

Blood splashed all over the floor.

Gu Jiu's body was also full of blood.

The sleeping girl woke up. She looked at everything in front of her in horror. When she was about to cry, Gu Jiu hugged her.

"It's OK. It's OK. Brother is here."

All right.

The sobs echoed in the hut.

If everything can be done again…

Gu Jiu suddenly finds his arms empty.

He bowed his head.

Her sister turned into countless light dots and scattered in his arms.

The trivial light dots rushed like bright stars at this moment.

He turned around again. The sword had disappeared. What was laying on the ground were snake demons, fox demons, tiger demons, and cat demons…

They were magic beasts that had been killed by him.

Only there was no white fox.

Because it died in the hands of his Shifu, it can never die in his hands again.

Gu Jiu feels that his body has lost all its support.

He fell straight back.


He fell in the thick snow.

He saw the snowflakes flying in the air.

Then he closed his eyes.

"I have a little boy in my heart who lives forever at the age of twelve."

He knew that he would sink.

Sink into the snow.


Continue to sink deeper into the darkness.

Until someone held him.

Gu Jiu opened his eyes, and he left the snowfield created by Bai Lian and returned to Gucheng County, where was also snowing.

The person who held him was Chen Fu, the Elder of Thousand Swords City, who had just arrived from afar after receiving the news from the woman in white.


Gu Jiu cried tremulously.

Chen Fu held his hand tightly.

"I understand. You can sleep in peace first."

Gu Jiu fell asleep.

Chen Fu stood up, and the woman in white rushed over. She wanted to say something, but Chen Fu waved to stop her.

Chen Fufei went to Bai Lian, and the already cold weather became even colder.

Bai Lian's heart was very solemn.

Chen Fu's sword is too strong.

Just now, he suddenly came from afar and easily broke through her [Field]. Even Mu Yisheng didn't put so much pressure on her before.

Bai Lian thought the situation was not good.

She was probably not Chen Fu's opponent in this state.

What's more, her Snow Spirit Lord state won't last long. Once the effect of her Qianhuan Real Eyes is gone, she will immediately fall into a weak state.

No, hold on!

Bai Lian looked at Chen Fu calmly.

She stared at him with a huge momentum of "If you take another step forward, you will regret your life".

Ling Xuan didn't think so much, she was angry.

"You bad people!"

"You only know to call your elders to help you!"

"Fie, fie, fie!"

"Little sister…"

The woman in white wanted to explain, but the woman in black pulled her.

"It's not necessary."

They won't fight.


The woman in black still wanted to see Bai Lian fight Chen Fu. With Bai Lian's strength, she should be able to beat Chen Fu to death, right?

Chen Fu didn't do anything.

He made an unexpected move in front of Bai Lian.

He said to the snake dragon and the cat demon, "I will clear your names."

After sighing, he took out his Heart Sword and stabbed it into his body.