The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 8 Chapter 16 Part 2

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Chapter 16: Your Heart Is Helpless! (2)

It is a [Field]!

But this [Field] is much more complete than that of the snake dragon's. At least he can't tell the difference between this snowfield and the real world.

The swordsman raised his head.

The girl in front of him was no longer "Bai Lian", but a young woman with snow-white eyebrows and hair.

The woman was floating in the air, wearing a cold white robe, and her legs were exposed to the air.

At this moment, thousands of ice flowers were floating around the woman, like stars around the center of the universe.

The swordsman looked up again.

The woman's face was as cold and solemn as a sculpture, but it contained a shocking beauty.

The most attractive one was the right eye.

Ice blue flame rushed out from the corner of the eye, drawing an enchanting track in the air.

She is like a Snow Queen who commands thousands of miles of snowfield!

This idea came into the swordsman's mind.


He shook his head vigorously.

If he really believes it, he will be controlled by the [Field].

Tear her up, kill her!

He only thought that Bai Lian's form of Snow Queen was an illusion, but people in Gucheng County could see it clearly.

That's an emperor, an emperor who controls frost and snow!

The woman in white, Taoist Ma, Ling Xuan and others stared at the white figure floating in the air.

The woman in black reacted most violently.

Her body quivered violently.

"She, she, she… had awakened part of her power in her previous life?"

At this moment, she realized!

No wonder Bai Lian traveled thousands of miles from the Duxian sect to the Snow Sea. She was trying to recover her lost strength there!

So terrible.

Find healing medicine for her Shifu?

It must be a cover. Healing medicine can be found everywhere. It's unnecessary to go to the Snow Sea.

"Your Elder Martial Brother is sure to lose!"

The woman in white nodded.

The powerful suppression force almost froze her soul. The Elder Martial Brother who faced the impact must be in a worse situation than her.

The swordsman's heart felt gloomy.

"Get out of my way!"

He and his Heart Reading Sword turned into a purple streamer and flew towards Bai Lian in the sky.

His attack was almost unreserved.

The sword Qi that shocked the whole world set off a torrent of snow on the Snow Sea, and the earth turned over with it.

But just when he was about to stab Bai Lian, an icicle suddenly came out of the earth and pierced his body and soul together.


The swordsman found himself frozen.

He was broken. Why did he lose so quickly?

He couldn't understand.

He felt his life was passing away, and death was so close to him. Is that what he saw from Bai Lian's right eye just now?

"My great wish has not been realized yet!"

With a clatter, his body scattered all over the sky.

After a brief blank, the swordsman opened his eyes again.

He looked around in a daze.

It was still the snowfield, he was still there, and the snowy woman didn't move.

What was that…


"The feelings of those innocent magic beasts killed by you are the same as those of your feelings just now."

Suddenly, Bai Lian's cold voice sounded in his ear.

The swordsman didn't seem to hear it. He once again rushed toward Bai Lian with his sword, but this time, he was still "killed" by the icicles appearing out of nowhere.

Everything was back to the original point.

"I sympathize with your past experience, but this is not reason enough for you to inflict pain on other innocent magic beasts."

"You don't understand!"

The swordsman roared.

Feeling the cold of snowflakes falling on his shoulders, he finally found something unusual.

Although he was not dead, there were obvious scars in the place where he was stabbed in the [hallucinations].

Is this the power in this [Field]?

If he doesn't attack…


A cold white sword light swept by and chopped off his neck.

A moment later, the swordsman revived and touched his neck. There was an obvious blood mark on it.

"You don't understand!" Bai Lian said, "If you only attack evil magic beasts, no one will blame you, but will praise you."

"You don't understand."

The swordsman kept repeating this sentence until his chest was pierced again.

Bai Lian said coldly, "What did those innocent magic beasts do wrong? What qualifications do you have to take their lives?"

"You don't…"

The sword spirit Qi rose again and cut the swordsman in half.

"Because you are stronger than them? Now I am stronger than you, so I can play with your life at will!"


The sword light fell and chopped the swordsman into meat paste.

Bai Lian then said, "Miserable? There are many people who are more miserable than you in the world. Did they ever spill their anger on innocent people?"

"You don't…"

The sword Qi broke the swordsman's body into pieces.

Bai Lian continued, "Take my Martial Sister for example. She didn't know who her parents were. She was adopted by a dying old man who wanted to send her to cultivate, but no sect accepted her. She wanted to repay the old man who brought her back from the snow, but the old man died early because of illness. At that time, she was only nine years old…"

A nine year old child became helpless overnight.

Did she complain about the world?


Bai Lian recalled the day before the fifth Martial Sister went to the Duxian sect in the game.

She observed the world with her bright eyes.

She walked from her hometown to Yao Xia Bay. The journey was full of deception, violence, and indifference, but she still brought everyone around her a smile with her kindness.

The only thing that made Bai Lian feel uncomfortable was that the fifth Martial Sister seldom smiled since she entered the Duxian sect in the game.

The swordsman still shook his head, "You are not me."

Bai Lian hesitated for a moment and still cut off the swordsman's body with the Dirt Free Sword.

Not enough.

"I don't need to be you, and I can never be you!"

She made a crack in the snowfield and dragged Young Master Cao and his cousin directly in from the crack.

"I don't think you didn't know that the eldest lady was poisoned, did you?"

The swordsman was silent.

Bai Lian sneered.

The only way to deal with such a person is to beat him, break his heart guard piece by piece, and then thrust the truth into his body like a stick!

She gave Young Master Cao a rude look, and under the pressure, Young Master Cao hurriedly told them the truth.

"It was her. It was her!" He pointed at his cousin, "She encouraged me to poison Li Niang!"

His cousin immediately screamed, "Me? I just mentioned it. It was you who did it!"

Young Master Cao was furious, "You stinking bitch…"

Bai Lian interrupted them, "I'm not interested in watching your dog eat dog."

She threw the two straight out.

"What do you think? Is this plot familiar?"

Bai Lian looked into the swordsman's eyes.

The swordsman clenched his teeth.

No, no, no, no…

This world is wrong, and so is the outside world.

He is wrong, Bai Lian is wrong, and everyone is wrong.

None of them are right.

He firmly held his Heart Reading Sword. He was clearly holding the hilt of the sword, but his palm was constantly bleeding.

The blood wet the snow.

Another sword light fell and killed him directly.

Only this time the swordsman no longer felt pain.

"Wrong, everything is wrong!"

The blood dripping on the snow burned, and he was covered in the flames as if he were burning, like a demon coming out of the abyss.

50% evil ideas + 50% paranoia = 100% darkness.

The swordsman's spirit Qi soared. He stubbornly broke the threshold in front of him and stepped into the Transcendency Stage within a short time.

Bai took a deep breath, "If this is all your strength, let me break your sword!"

In the Snow Queen form, she was not inferior to any cultivator at the Transcendency Stage. Although there is a time limit, she is still far stronger than the swordsman, who just entered the Transcendency Stage by force.

She abandoned the Dirt Free Sword, flew to the swordsman, and hit him straight in the face.

Be shattered.



She didn't keep her strength. She tried her best with every punch. She knew that it was not enough to kill the swordsman, but it could tear his pride - his proudest strength.


At one moment, Bai Lian seized the swordsman's sword.

A violent knee strike.


In amazement, the swordsman found that his Heart Reading Sword was broken by Bai Lian, was thrown into the snow, and then was directly crushed into countless broken crystals by Bai Lian's toes.

"Your heart is helpless. Why don't you break and reforge it?"

The sound came to his ears.

His sword, his pride, all of them were broken.


The swordsman knelt in the snow.

He couldn't see or hear anything. He just thought the world was so cold.