The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 8 Chapter 16 Part 1

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Chapter 16: Your Heart Is Helpless! (1)

Among the four sects, Thousand Sword City is the most special one.

The founder of the sect told his disciples how to cultivate a "sword" with his own life!

Ten thousand years later, there are tens of thousands of disciples in Thousand Sword City, but none of them are normal!

It doesn't mean that the cultivation method of Thousand Sword City will turn normal people into crazy people.

The key is that people in Thousand Sword City practice swords differently from other sects.

Other sects practice swordsmanship and pursue killing or guarding.

And the people of Thousand Sword City practice themselves.

Use your body as a sword.

Take your heart as the heart of the sword.

Their whole life of cultivating a sword is to refine their own life.

Each disciple of Thousand Sword City will personally refine a "Human Sword" after they reach the Foundation Establishment Stage, and this sword will follow them for a lifetime.

It's like a wedding vow——

No matter disease or health, poverty or wealth, or for any other reason, you must love her, take care of her, respect her, accept her, and remain faithful to her until the end of your life!

It is difficult for ordinary people to go far on this road.

Ordinary geniuses cannot gallop on this narrow and rugged path.

It is said that a swordsmanship genius from Taixuan Taoist Sect once entered the Thousand Sword City to study in order to make his swordsmanship more advanced.

After studying in Thousand Sword City for three years.

This genius left Thousand Sword City in tears.

"I feel alive!"

This was the first thing he said when he stepped out of Thousand Sword City.

When others asked him how he felt about studying in Thousand Sword City, he often tightened his fist.

"Three years, do you know how I spent these three years?"

He shook his head and sighed, "I felt that I was walking on the muddy ground, and soon I was completely immersed in the mud. No matter how hard I studied, I couldn't get in. In the end, I was so badly beaten that I had to leave ahead of time."

But this genius was not without gains.

He became more confident than ever before after he almost went crazy.

"My sword is the best sword. I don't need to follow others' path!"

With this belief, he became the most amazing and brilliant Sword Master of the Taixuan Taoist Sect.

In a word, 99.9% of the people who can enter the Thousand Sword City are "lunatics".

Those who have great hatred, or lost their attachment to the world, or are lonely, often show superior talents when cultivating the cultivation method of Thousand Sword City.

In general, Thousand Sword City is a large "mental hospital".

But Bai Lian will not discriminate against Thousand Sword City.

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The founder of Thousand Sword City should not think so when he created the sect, but his cultivation method saved countless people's empty hearts and let them shape another heart by themselves.

Under multiple constraints, these "madmen" may commit crimes, but on the whole, their existence is still positive for the world.

The sect that can be rated as one of the four major sects can never be a Demon Sect.

But the reason above is not enough for Bai Lian to forgive this swordsman in front of her.

The sect is the sect, and individuals are individuals.

Hate is hatred, and killing is killing.

If she didn't see it, she wouldn't specially go to look for trouble. But since she has seen it, she needs to do something.

Bai Lian's fists were filled with a layer of spark-like spirit Qi, which smashed the swordsman's five senses completely when it hit him on the cheek.


After all, the swordsman was at the peak of the Soul Changing Stage. After a moment, all his injuries were cured.

His face was very calm, but his eyes were full of light blood.

He seldom kills people.

He didn't kill even the man who once stepped his head into the mud.

But if someone stops him from killing any evil demon beast, even if he doesn't kill that person, he will beat the person hard until the person can't stop him.

"Not even my Shifu can stop me!"

The swordsman closed his eyes.

No need to look, feel with heart.

At that moment, the world around him was completely reflected in his mind.

He could see the flow direction of Bai Lian's spirit Qi, and could also accurately describe the trajectory of every movement of Bai Lian.


The swordsman was stunned.

He found Bai Lian's spirit Qi very calm.

No cultivation method was run, and no spells were used.

"How can…"


The second punch fell on the swordsman's face again, hitting him directly for miles.

Bai Lian flashed over there.

She didn't run the cultivation method, because once she ran her cultivation method, the Water Spirit Special Effect and the Fu Zhu Special Effect would also come out.

It would expose her identity.

She didn't want to bring trouble to the Duxian sect. When Shifu was still injured, the Duxian sect could not afford to offend Thousand Sword City. It was better to limit the gratitude and resentment between her and the swordsman.

Bai Lian was very confident about this. She made a disguise for herself and the Dirt Free Sword.

If her fist couldn't deal with the swordsmen, then she would use her Qianhuan Real Eyes.

The outside world only said that she was a reincarnated Immortal Emperor, but they didn't know that she had obtained the Qianhuan Real Eyes.

As long as the fifth Martial Sister doesn't betray her afterward, no one can be sure that she is Bai Lian.

Hum hum.

"This plan is perfect!"

Bang, bang, bang——

Bai Lian broke the swordsman's Sun Covering Sword and Ground Chasing Sword one after another.

In the magnificent lights and shadows formed by the countless sword Qi in the air, she and the swordsman fight together.

She had to admit that this swordsman was very strong.

His sense of crisis was so strong as if he was cheating. No matter how much Bai Lian punched, she couldn't hit his vital point. On the contrary, she gradually fell into an inferior position.

"No, I have to stop Elder Martial Brother."

The woman in white was ready to go forward.

Her Elder Martial Brother was not as powerful as she imagined, but Bai Lian didn't look as strong as the woman in black said.

The woman in black stopped her.

"With your strength, you can't stop them."


The woman in white stared at her.

Your words hurt my heart!

The woman in black comforted her and said, "Don't worry, nothing will happen. The girl deliberately didn't use her true strength to fight your Elder Martial Brother."


"If you look carefully, you will find that she has not used any spell since the beginning of the fight, and she has not even fully used any cultivation method."

The woman in white was surprised.

"Why didn't she use them?"

The woman in black stared at the shield floating above Gucheng County, "She should want to limit the aftereffects of the battle."


The woman in black remembered Bai Lian's achievements in Hening City.

She fought with the people of the Sword Washing Pavilion for several rounds. Normally, Hening City should have been turned into ruins in the battle. But after the battle, people found that only one building had collapsed in Hening City, and no civilian was injured.

It's hard to find someone more gentle than Bai Lian.

Bai Lian's Natural Saint identity was not blown up by a few unverifiable rumors.

She relies on real achievements, which everyone can verify!

Don't you believe it?

Go and learn from Bai Lian.

When you can do that, you can also be a Saint.

The woman in black sighed, "I guess she did it for fear of hurting the people of Gucheng County."

The woman in white was shocked, "But wouldn't it make her fall into danger?"

"That will depend on your Elder Martial Brother Gu."

The woman in white didn't speak.

Elder Martial Brother Gu…


What a headache.

Ling Xuan in the water curtain heard their conversation.

She didn't care so much.

Now she just wanted to shout, "Come on, the big sister who robbed my wine. Come on!"

After being punched by Bai Lian again.

The swordsman was silent for a moment.

He heard it, too.

"You… well, what I want to kill is that magic beast, not the ordinary people here."

He put away his Sun Covering Sword and Ground Chasing Sword, and continued to fight Bai Lian with his Heart Reading Sword.

This directly reduced his strength by 30%, and immediately relieved Bai Lian's crisis.

Is there such a good thing?

To be honest, Bai Lian was surprised.

Thank you, the strange girl in black!

But even without this, she was also ready.

Let's get started.

Bai Lian brushed her right eye with her right hand.

The calm black pupils immediately became double pupils.


The swordsman was stunned.

He seemed to see a palpitating force in that eye.

It was a bottomless pit and a roaring abyss.

The more he looked at it, the more he felt that it was full of great terror and disillusionment.

Then he noticed that Bai Lian's right eye had changed again.

The white light poured out from all around, and the double pupils suddenly became white snowflakes all over the sky.


The invisible circle rippled in the air.

The swordsman was covered with a gush of cold tide like spirit Qi.

"What's this place?"

He was surprised to find that he had left Gucheng County and came to an endless snowfield with wind blowing and snowflakes fluttering.