The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 8 Chapter 15 Part 1

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Chapter 15: You Are Possessed! (1)

For ordinary people, what they saw was only the intersection of light and shadow.

Under the dark clouds, the purple lightning and the white sword light were fighting.

Like two snakes entangled together.

Anyway, the impression was not so wonderful.

It was full of a strange atmosphere.

Just looking at it made people afraid.

People in Gucheng County have never seen such a terrible phenomenon.

The dark clouds were about to crush the city.

The dark cloud became darker and darker, and finally, it completely melted into the sky, just like a black breach.

The rain, which seemed to come out suddenly, was now falling like a rushing waterfall.


In a short time, the river passing through the city was overflowing, and it must not be long before the whole of Gucheng County will be submerged by the flood.

The air was wet and frightening.

The people standing outside Cao's mansion were scared.

If this continues, they will all die!

The chilly feeling made people curl up.

Now there was only one sentence in their mind——

"The water is too cold, the head is too cold!"

Bai Lian looked a little dignified.

Her spirit Qi formed an invisible wall, covering the whole of Gucheng County.

A few seconds later, Gucheng County finally got rid of the end of being flooded.

The surging water rolled down from all around, but in the middle of it, Bai Lian's spirit Qi turned it into a diffuse mist.


When the battle in the sky became more and more fierce, Gucheng County suddenly became a fairyland in the white fog, and the light from the battle was also as gorgeous as the aurora.

Bai Lian saw it clearly.

That swordsman is really strong.

With only two brandishes of his swords, he had forced the snake dragon back a few steps.

The purple lightning that fell on the invisible wall was clearly the burning blood rain.

If this continues, the snake dragon will be killed by the swordsman.

But there is something wrong with that.

In Bai Lian's memory, the snake dragon didn't die so early.

After all, the fifth Martial Sister was only ten years old at this time, and it was seven years before she joined the Duxian sect in the game.

The death of the snake dragon should be ten years later.

Maybe it has some special means to save its life.

Or this battle didn't exist in the game, it was she who changed the future.

A moment.

A pair of golden pupils poked out from the dark clouds.

The snake dragon opened his eyes.

The blazing light fell from the sky. Under the golden light, the swordsman stopped attacking.

His face looked dignified.

This is a [Field] called "The Dragon's Stateliness".

This snake dragon is unusual.

It seems that it is impossible to kill this snake dragon with only two swords.

He also has a Heart Reading Sword.

This sword is different from the other two swords. It was forged by him with his heart's blood.

This is a [Human Sword].

When he refined the sword to the extreme, he could merge his body into the sword, break the Heavenly Disaster and ascend to the Immortal World.

Because this sword is so unusual, the swordsman usually doesn't use it to fight.

But now there is no other choice.

He just happened to be passing by here. He has other things to do and must make quick decisions.

Green Thunder Sun Chaser was very anxious now.

It used its Source Power to make use of the Dragon's Stateliness.

In the past, its opponents would immediately retreat when they felt the power of his Dragon's Stateliness.

But this swordsman didn't.

He was too confident.

Not only did he not retreat, but he was determined to fight against it.

The snake dragon saw the swordsman holding the last sword behind him.

The swordsman drew out the sword.

The sword looked ordinary, but the killing Qi revealed on the blade had been condensed into essence, easily cutting the clouds and rain in front of him into pieces.

"This is going to be bad."

The snake dragon found that he may not be able to protect the cat demon, and he may even be unable to save himself.

Want to run?

The snake dragon remembered the demon who saved himself when he was weak.

In order to save it, the famous cat demon completely couldn't continue to cultivate.

Now her daughter is in danger…


Maybe this is a cycle!

After making up his mind, the pair of golden pupils in the clouds became more dazzling.

At the same time, the eyes of the beggar, who stared at this scene in the corner of the wall, were also completely alive.

He must go to learn from that powerful swordsman!

When the swordsman was about to kill the dragon with his Flying Sword, Bai Lian saw a new task.

[Task 1: Stand by and watch (Reward: Soft Skill+17)]

[Task 2: Stop them, "Don't fight again!" (Reward: Magic - Blooming Moments)

Bai Lian was a little confused.

Are you sure the rewards for these two tasks are not reversed?

Under her questioning, the system explained again.

[There is no bug in this system. Please rest assured!]

Bai Lian looked at Task 1 again.

Soft Skill +17.


This is the highest skill point reward she has ever seen.

The risks are obvious.

Bai Lian's eyes fell on Task 2.

Today's rain is as big as that scene!

The task reward is very good. Blooming Moments could be regarded as a pre-skill of Thousands of Flowers.

It's indeed useful for Bai Lian now.

And after mastering this magic, she can quickly "ripen" the fifth Martial Sister, making her a girl of seventeen or eighteen.

Of course, Bai Lian won't do this.

Is it not good to raise a little daughter who can play cute with you?

Choose Task 2.

Not only is this option less risky, but she can't stand by and watch that swordsman kill innocent people indiscriminately.

Bai Lian resolutely stood out and said, "Don't fight again!"

The swordsman and the snake dragon stopped.

Bai Lian said to the swordsman, "Did you threaten my Martial Sister just now?"

The swordsman narrowed his eyes.

The snake dragon was relieved and took the time to recover.

"You want to stop me again?"

Fool, I'll give your head a punch with my fist!

Bai Lian was about to come forward, but someone suddenly grabbed her clothes.

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Bai Lian sees Ling Xuan walking in front of her, spreading her arms as if she were guarding her.

"I'm not your younger Martial Sister." Ling Xuan looked up at the swordsman. She whispered to Bai Lian, "Besides, you have nothing to do with me. You don't need to worry about me, just go away."

When she said this, she looked very low spirited.

And Bai Lian could obviously feel her body shaking slightly.

After all, the person who threatened her just now is a "madman" who can cut a snake dragon with his sword.

Even so, she stood out.

This is her fifth Martial Sister!

Bai Lian's heart warmed up.

She forcibly turned Ling Xuan's head over and touched her head.

"You will be my Martial Sister soon. Don't worry. I am much stronger than you think!"

She clenched her fist in front of Ling Xuan.


Don't be a liar!

Ling Xuan grabbed Bai Lian's dress.