The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 8 Chapter 14 Part 2

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Chapter 14: Affectionate (2)

She could not speak, but looked at the swordsman stubbornly.

Her grandpa said, "If you don't have enough strength, you can step back". That's right. But she felt reluctant to just watch the swordsman go to kill the big sister.

The swordsman said, "I don't like killing people, but if you stop me again, I will kill you together."

He was serious.


Ling Xuan looked at her hand.

Her hand is not as hard as the sword after all.

At this moment, a hand suddenly fell on her head.

Gently pressed and kneaded.

Ling Xuan looked up and saw Bai Lian coming.

Why are you here again?

Bai Lian smiled at Ling Xuan.

Her smile has always bloomed only for her younger Martial Sisters. Even in front of An Lan, she mostly just pretends to be meek.

She saw a new task option.

This time, she decisively chose Task 1, which would reward her Hard Skill +8.

Does someone want to bully my fifth Martial Sister?

That's not tolerable!

Then Bai Lian looked up at the swordsman.

If the swordsman gives people the feeling of ice and snow.

Bai Lian gives people the feeling of emptiness.

It makes people feel hollowed out at a glance. Temperature, huh? There is no temperature.

The swordsman said calmly, "Do you want to stop me?"

Bai Lian said, "I will stand here and see if you can hurt my Martial Sister!"

Hearing this, the light in the swordsman's eyes suddenly turned into sharp blades and shot at Bai Lian.

But even without activating the Qianhuan Real Eyes, Bai Lian easily shook away the impact of the blades of light.


Thunder flashed in the gray sky.

With the loud noise, the swordsman's calm face finally became a little more serious.

"You deserve my Sun Covering Sword!"

"Hiss --"

Taoist Ma took a cool breath.


What a terrible momentum!

This sentence almost made him kneel down.

This is a really strong man!

Even ordinary people could see at a glance that this swordsman must be very strong.

Otherwise, how could he talk in front of everyone so confidently?


Bai Lian looked at the swordsman indifferently.

In this case, let's try if your sword is harder or my fist is harder!

She was trying to test the power of her Qianhuan Real Eyes.

But somebody appeared before Bai Lian moved.

With a loud noise in the sky, the snake dragon appeared!

It was yellow lightning that cut through the clouds.

The lightning flares zigzagged and fell, as if cutting a gap in the world.

Then a dark purple snake dragon came out of the "crack".

Big big big big!

This was everyone's first feeling after seeing Green Thunder Sun Chaser!

It was a hundred meters long, crouching under the dark clouds. It had four feet and five toes. The purple thunder ball beside his beard floated in the windless sky.

It just grunted.

The purple electric cage that was originally suppressed around Cao's mansion was easily broken, and the momentum of the swordsman also dissipated.

As the clouds over ten thousand miles appeared, heavy rain fell down.


Countless water drops were sprinkled onto the earth.

The rain was even wilder than the summer storms.

It was already morning. After the rain, Gucheng County seemed to enter the night again.

Green Thunder Sun Chaser said, "I didn't want to interfere in such trifles, but your actions really upset me."

The swordsman laughed.

But his eyes were not smiling at all.

"If you are unhappy, I will be happy!"

He took out two swords.

One is called Sun Covering Sword, and the other is called Ground Chasing Sword.

Sun Covering Sword can summon thunders from nothing and Ground Chasing Sword can summon wind out of thin air.

The doomsday descended in Gucheng County.

The people of the Cao family had already been scared to death.

Young Master Cao and his cousin looked at each other, their lips turning pale and their legs trembling.

It shouldn't be, it shouldn't be!

They never thought that things would develop to this stage.

What is black is not the sky, but the heart.

Is this Gucheng County?


This is hell!

"Green Thunder Sun Chaser!"

At this time, the cat demon ran out of the room.

The heavy rain fell on her cheeks and scattered the rolling tears on her face.

She was scared when she was locked by the swordsman's murderous Divine Sense.

But what she was more afraid of was that after she died, the eldest lady would be helpless.

Previously, she went to the Thunder Swamp and begged Green Thunder Sun Chaser to help her save the eldest lady. Although Green Thunder Sun Chaser scolded her, he still gave her the Essence of the Thunder Swamp, which could be used to cure the eldest lady.

The cat demon never thought that when she was dying, Green Thunder Sun Chaser came to save her again.

Green Thunder Sun Chaser gave the cat demon a deep look.


Then, Green Thunder Sun Chaser stared at the swordsman with bright eyes.

"Stop and leave."

The swordsman refused, "Today I will kill the purple dragon in this nameless city!"

"You are too arrogant."

The sound of the snake dragon was as loud as thunder.

After several sounds of lightning, the swordsman picked up a sword light and flew straight to Green Thunder Sun Chaser.

Sun Covering and Ground Chasing are all born for killing demons!