The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 8 Chapter 13 Part 2

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Chapter 13: Really? I Don't Believe It! (2)

Anyway, he has got the money.

If one or two Cao Family members die at that time, they will have to spend more money to find him to help them!

This is called "making money"!

What a trick!

Taoist Ma regretted it now.

He made up his mind that if he could go back alive this time, he would stay in the Taoist Temple and didn't come out for half a year.

"Demon!" Taoist Ma cleared his throat and said, "If you give up now, I can send you to reincarnation after your death. If you still resist, I will have to use 'that method', and no one can save you after I use it!"

The cat demon completely ignored Taoist Ma.

Her eyes were slightly red, and she said to a person standing in the front yard, "Young Master Cao, I really didn't hurt the eldest lady. Please let me save her. The illness of the eldest lady can't be delayed any longer. If it goes on like this, she will surely die!"

Young Master Cao didn't speak, but the young woman beside him took the lead in cursing, "You evil demon! It was all your fault! My sister-in-law was so healthy. If you hadn't hurt her, how could she have become like this!"

Then she pinched Young Master Cao's waist.

The woman who invited Taoist Ma here last day also shouted, "Demon Woman, you hurt my daughter-in-law, you must die!"

Young Master Cao sighed, "Qingping, Li Niang has been so kind to you, but you've done her such a disservice… I never thought of it. Until now, you are still so stubborn, so don't blame me for being cruel."

He turned and said, "Taoist Ma, please."

Taoist Ma proudly said, "Well, as long as this demon dies, your wife will recover!"

"Young Master Cao…"

The cat demon's face looked sad.

She was overwhelmed with anxiety.

She finally found a method to save the eldest lady, but was stopped by a cultivator.

Whatever she explained, the Cao family didn't believe what she said.

It really can't be delayed any longer.

After the eldest lady's soul dissipated, even if she could find an Immortal at that time, the Immortal wouldn't have any way to save her!

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The cat demon gnawed her teeth.

She didn't want to do this, but she had no choice but to try to grab the eldest lady first.

Let's talk about other things later.

At that moment, the cat demon suddenly showed a dazzling green light.

The light came from the soles of her feet and soon dyed the cat demon's hair green.

"Damn it!"

Taoist Ma's face changed.

The cat demon obviously used some secret method, and her strength soared a lot in a short time.

Before Taoist Ma could see what was going on, he got a paw on his chest, and his body was smashed into the ground with a thud.

I'm dead!

Taoist Ma was very frightened. He could not stop the cat demon in this state.

But to his surprise, the cat demon ignored him directly and didn't attack Young Master Cao and others. Instead, she crossed the high wall between the front and back yards and rushed to the room where the eldest lady was lying.

Young Master Cao shouted, "Taoist Ma, that demon wants to hurt my wife!"

The woman in charge of the Cao family also screamed, "Stop her, stop her! Don't let her hurt my daughter-in-law!"

How can I stop her in this situation?!

Taoist Ma was sweating on his forehead. He wanted to run away, but he dared not.

If he ran away, his reputation would be ruined.

At this moment, a little girl's cry came from the crowd, "That sister is not a bad person!"

Everyone turned their heads and their eyes fell on Ling Xuan.

She was so conspicuous riding on Bai Lian's neck.

Ling Xuan jumped down.

"Be careful!"

Bai Lian shouted.

Ling Xuan walked across the road to the pitted backyard.

She first repeated what she had just said, and then said, "Last night, I saw with my own eyes that the big sister held the hand of the eldest lady and said she would save her!"

Young Master Cao frowned and shouted, "Whose child is this? Go out quickly. If you are injured, don't blame me."

Ling Xuan ignored him.

"The elder sister also said that she would give happiness to the eldest lady. She took the eldest lady's hand and put it here."

Ling Xuan gestured to her chest (which is as flat as an airfield).


The crowd was a little confused.

Is this little girl talking a blue joke?

Ling Xuan said loudly, "If that big sister really wanted to hurt the eldest lady, she could do it last night. Why wait till now?"

"That sounds reasonable."

"Not all demons are bad. Isn't there a story about a fox demon who repaid the scholar who helped her?"

The crowd gathered to discuss.

Young Master Cao shouted, "This doesn't mean that demon doesn't want to harm Li Niang, otherwise, why would Li Niang suddenly become seriously ill? Besides, who can be sure that you are telling the truth? You are not that demon's partner, are you?"


Ling Xuan glared at Young Master Cao in frustration.

"Taoist Ma!" Master Cao shouted.

Fuck you! Don't involve me in this!

Taoist Ma's face turned green.

He didn't want to continue fighting with the cat demon, so he might as well help the little girl and let the Cao family give up chasing the cat demon.

As for whether the cat demon really wants to harm people, it doesn't matter. As long as he can be alive, it's fine.

Taoist Ma smiled awkwardly, "This little girl looks honest. She must have nothing to do with the cat demon. In my opinion, this may be a misunderstanding."

Young Master Cao looked gloomy.

"Taoist Ma, this is human life. If you judge wrong, Li Niang…"

Taoist Ma couldn't help shouting.

Why don't you kill the cat demon yourself?!

"Young Master Cao is right."

Taoist Ma took out the peach wood sword again.

Young Master Cao hurriedly commanded the courtyard guards, "Go and catch this girl. If you find that she is related to the demon, kill her directly!"

The courtyard guards rushed up in a swarm.

We can't deal with that cat demon, can't we deal with a child?

However, to everyone's surprise, Ling Xuan beat all the guards away with her fists.

Ling Xuan pointed at Young Master Cao and scolded, "You are just an unreasonable person. Do you really care about your wife?"


Bai Lian found that Ling Xuan remembered what she said.

She was a little happy for a moment.

This shows that she has successfully opened a small gap in the heart of the fifth Martial Sister.

Master Cao retreated over and over again, "This is my family affairs! None of your business!"

"Taoist Ma, get rid of her, get rid of her!"

Taoist Ma hesitated for a while.

But soon he was at ease.

If he came to deal with Ling Xuan, then he didn't need to fight the cat demon!


Taoist Ma came with his sword.

He smiled and said, "Little girl, you can just leave. I'm here, and I won't let good people be hurt."

"Really?" Ling Xuan asked in reply.

"Of course…"

Ling Xuan interrupted Taoist Ma, "I don't believe you!"


Taoist Ma was annoyed.

Little girl, how dare you rebuke my words?

I will beat you!

Taoist Ma raised his hand and was going to slap Ling Xuan.

Bai Lian narrowed her eyes. She was thinking about how to teach Taoist Ma a lesson, when suddenly a dazzling sword light flew from the west.


The sword light was as fast as thunder.

It crashed into the middle of the backyard.

When the light disappeared, a young man in a light purple dress appeared.

He carried three swords on his back, looking fierce.

He glanced around and said coldly, "I heard that there are demons?"

He is a cultivator at the peak of the Soul Changing Stage!

Bai Lian's eyes became serious.