The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 8 Chapter 13 Part 1

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Chapter 13: Really? I Don't Believe It! (1)

Outside Cao's mansion, there was full of people——

Obviously, the fact that Cao's family, the richest man's family in the local area had a demon was enough to make the people in Gucheng County chat for several months.

"Taoist Ma is here, the cat demon is doomed to be killed!"

"It's a pity."


"Look at the cat demon. How big the cat demon's chest is!"

"It makes sense."

"Will she be killed? It's a waste!"

Outside the collapsed wall, a group of people whispered.

Even though the guards of Cao's mansion tried to chase them away loudly, they couldn't stop people from coming to see the play.

No one is worried that they would be in danger, because Taoist Ma is a master of killing demons!

It is said that the Taoist of Tongtian Temple masters seventy-two special spells.

By using these spells, they can contact the netherworld, drive away ghosts, bear mountains, and ban water…

Taoist Ma is a master of these spells. He once practiced in the Thunder Swamp. He controlled the water with his spirit Qi, and easily killed the snake dragon who was doing evil things there.


This is getting more and more ridiculous!

Bai Lian seemed to smell rumors.

This is organized and premeditated!

But these people are right about one thing.

Although Taoist Ma is a little weak in Bai Lian's eyes, he is still stronger than that cat demon.

He was forced to retreat, and his face was scratched with more than a dozen bloodstains, but this was only because the cat demon was attacking him crazily.

Taoist Ma has rich experience in dealing with this kind of thing.

It won't be long before he can pull the cat demon into his own rhythm with his rich experience, and then make the cat demon surrender.

Bai Lian was a little puzzled.

A cat demon who could transform into a human shape should not be so weak.

The smell of that cat demon is very abnormal.

While meditating, Bai Lian heard an angry sound nearby.

"Obviously, I came first!"

"Who cares?"

"You are too cunning!"

"Little thing, go back to cry to your mother!"


Ling Xuan was so angry that her hair was about to stand up.


The tall and burly man stretched out his hand and tried to poke Ling Xuan's forehead.

"Your arms are not even as thick as my fingers…"

"Stop barking."

A cold word came out beside him.

Bai Lian came out.

Are you bullying my "daughter"?

The strong man glared angrily, but before he turned his head, he found that the whole world in his vision had turned around.


It was he who reversed.

Under a huge push and shove, he flew out for a long distance like a mud lump, and finally fell into the ditch with a puff, which made him wince with pain.

Even if there was water below, it would kill people if it was too high.

Ling Xuan was not happy about this. She stared at Bai Lian and said, "Why is it always you?"

Of course, because I want to pay close attention to my "daughter"!

Bai Lian smiled and said to Ling Xuan, "Do you want to see it?"

Ling Xuan didn't answer the question. She dug away from the topic, "Even if that person was a bad man, you couldn't hit him at the first sight. My grandpa said," Be polite before you fight!"

Bai Lian said, "Some people can't understand your politeness. You can only frighten them with your fists, so that they won't dare to do the same thing again next time."

Ling Xuan pursed her mouth.

In this regard, she thought Bai Lian was right.

Bai Lian asked again, "Do you want to see it? If you want to see it, I will let you see it again."

Ling Xuan turned over.

She saw hundreds of people crowded in front of her.

Even if her strength is strong, she can't jump over the wall.

"Just this once." Bai Lian tried her best to tempt Ling Xuan, "There are so many people. I can't do anything bad to you, can I?"

Ling Xuan held her chin in her hand and nodded while thinking.

It seems reasonable.

If Bai Lian was really good, wouldn't she have kidnapped me?

So she asked, "What do you want to do?"

Bai Lian squatted down in front of Ling Xuan and said, "Come up to me."


Ling Xuan was at a loss.

"Don't you want to do it?"

"No, I don't."

After hesitating for a long time, Ling Xuan finally took the initiative to ride on Bai Lian's neck. She was eager to know about the result of the fight between the cat demon and Taoist Ma.

But she was still nervous.

This kind of action seems too intimate!

Ling Xuan only felt that Bai Lian's neck was cold. Even though it was separated by a layer of cloth, the cold feeling was still running through her legs.

She was nervous, and her hands shook around, didn't know where to put them.

Bai Lian warned, "I'm going to get up. Be careful."


Ling Xuan answered softly.

After riding on Bai Lian's neck, she felt a little regret. Why don't I just jump down?

But when she came up with this idea, Bai Lian directly held her hands.

Her hands were completely wrapped in Bai Lian's hands.

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Ling Xuan was surprised.

She was about to take her hand back when Bai Lian said, "Don't fall down. If you fall down, your forehead may hit the ground."

Ling Xuan subconsciously looked under Bai Lian.

Bai Lian was stepping on several stacked wooden boxes.

No wonder she felt that her height was taller than the tree next to her.

This was because Bai Lian had already widened her way forward!


Ling Xuan whispered, "Thank… thank you."

Good girl!

Bai Lian smiles. She could definitely use simpler methods, such as flying to the cloud with Ling Xuan, or using her spell to create a virtual screen in front of Ling Xuan, or pushing people in front of them away…

But none of the above methods could make her close to the fifth Martial Sister. This method now is just right!

She said, "Look, the battle over there is about to come to an end."

Ling Xuan immediately forgot to take her hands out.

She had excellent eyesight. At one glance, she saw that a big white cat sister was fighting a shabby Taoist priest.

From time to time in the backyard, there were fireballs blowing up, and the swooping sword light was also flying back and forth.

Finally, after being stabbed in the arm by the peach wood sword again, the cat demon quickly pulled its bloody body away from Taoist Ma.


She shouted.

Taoist Ma really stopped.

He was not feeling well now.

Although his cultivation base was at the Foundation Establishment Stage, most of his spells could only produce special lights and sounds, and none of them had strong attacking power.

He was scared while he was fighting with the cat demon. If there were not so many people around, he would have escaped.

Damn it!

Taoist Ma didn't know that the Cao family was really troubled by a demon. If he had known this, he would not discuss the "exercise method to strengthen his body" with that maid last night.


Even if he just spent lesser time on the maid's body, he could perfectly avoid meeting this crazy female cat!

As for whether the Cao family will die, it's none of his business.