The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 8 Chapter 11 Part 1

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Chapter 11: Years of Lily Blooming (1)

"I buy them all now!"

Bai Lian, who is "rich", stopped the little girl's idea of tasting rice wine from the root.

Look at that woman in front of her.

Even Ling Xuan, who has a perfect temper, wanted to rush up and kick her ass.

Kick you! Kick you! Kick you!


It's that woman again!

But she finally endured.

Ling Xuan walked around to Bai Lian and said angrily, "It's me, I came first, I came first… I have money to buy the wine!"

Bai Lian also wanted to argue, but the wine seller quickly took over her money.

The [Little Fat Sheep] is good, but the [Big Fat Sheep] is more fat and juicy!

Naturally, he wouldn't give up the new [Big Fat Sheep] for a [Little Fat Sheep]!

"My guest, do you want to transport the wine by yourself or let me…"

"I'll do it myself."

Bai Lian gently waved her hand and pulled all the wine jars on the cart into her chest.

The wine seller was surprised. A cultivator?

Fortunately, what he sells today is not fake wine, otherwise he would die.

Ling Xuan stared at Bai Lian's chest.

Okay… so big!


That's great!

She can't be this woman's rival.

Grandpa told her that she must stay away from such women!

She turned and walked away, giving up the idea of letting Bai Lian give her a bottle of wine to taste.

But Bai Lian wouldn't let her go so easily.

Like an old mother who cares for her daughter, she closely followed Ling Xuan.

"Not that you can't drink, but you are too young to drink."

"When you grow up, you can drink as many as… alas, no, drinking is not good. Even for a cultivator, it is not good to indulge in alcohol."


Ling Xuan looked serious.

I don't listen! I don't listen!

She was not confident that she could beat Bai Lian away, so she just walked across the river with her head lowered.

But when a new vendor appeared in front of her, she immediately forgot about Bai Lian and ran happily.


This greedy character is the same as the fifth Martial Sister.

Bai Lian has a headache.

She doesn't dislike foodies.

She just thought that if this was really Ling Xuan, it was not a simple thing to bring her back to the Duxian sect without causing her disgust.

In the Battle of the Gods, the process of bringing Ling Xuan back to the Duxian sect was very simple——

Method 1.

Give her a punch, and then directly put her into a gunnysack, kidnapping her.

Initial good feeling - 30.

There was a certain probability that Ling Xuan would try to escape from the Duxian sect.

Method 2.

Use the "Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian" in the game's "special skill" directly.

Initial good feeling - 50.

Ling Xuan would not escape, but the disadvantage is that her nature would be distorted. Once she was stimulated by some actions of "Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian", a terrorist event might happen at any time.

Method 3.

Deceive Ling Xuan, saying that she can revive her dead grandfather.

Initial good feeling +30.

However, when Ling Xuan got to know the truth, her good feeling toward "Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian" would be greatly reduced.

Generally, players would choose Method 2. Although it would make Ling Xuan hate "Bai Lian", it also saved time and could greatly speed up the progression of the game.

Who doesn't want to unlock the game CGs as soon as possible?

However, the current Bai Lian will certainly not do so.

Times have changed!

She is not a noble Saint, but also not a villain without a bottom line.

Moreover, she will never do such things to hurt her younger Martial Sisters.

Take my time.

First of all, she wanted to confirm the real identity of the little girl.

Bai Lian walked over quickly.

She found the little girl in trouble.

"Money… is not enough."

A dozen coppers fell out of a small cloth bag and were spread neatly on Ling Xuan's small palm.

After eating for several days, her money was finally running out.

The aunt standing behind the stall smiled and said, "Little girl, if you have no money, you can go back and ask your parents for it."

No one at the riverside vendors hated the little girl.

After all, she came to deliver money.

Ling Xuan's face darkened.

She has no relatives.

She didn't know where she came from or where she was going.

She just walked aimlessly.

Fortunately, she was born with very strong strength.

And even if she was injured, she could recover quickly, so she didn't starve to death.

Here comes the chance!

Bai Lian immediately took out a gold coin and put it on the stall.

"Two servings of food."


Bai Lian, who received the food, handed one of them to Ling Xuan.

"Here you are."

But she was decisively rejected.

"I don't want it."

Ling Xuan stamped her foot in anger, and she passed by Bai Lian like a quick rabbit.

'I have to find a way to make more money!' Ling Xuan thought.

Bai Lian stood still for a while, and then hurried to catch up.

She felt the same nervousness as when she came to pick up the third Martial Sister.

The good thing is that the little girl's attitude is polite.

But in contrast, it is easier to let the third Martial Sister let her guard down.

Because Su Youwei's defect was much more obvious than that of the little girl, and it was much easier to take advantage of Su Youwei.

When Bai Lian followed Ling Xuan for a long time, Ling Xuan stopped angrily.