The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 8 Chapter 10

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Chapter 10: The Fifth Martial Sister

The Thunder Swamp is also known as Tuan Swamp and Lei Xia Swamp.

It is said that the Thunder Swamp is the place where the thunder god lives.

Therefore, the civilians of Yulei State living near the Thunder Swamp are in awe of the Thunder Swamp.

"God cannot be humiliated!"

"If you offend the god, you will be punished by heaven!"

The Thunder Swamp's "Thunder God" is described as an eight-armed heavenly king with a sharp mouth and big ears.

He lives in the depths of the Thunder Swamp on weekdays. Every midsummer in June, he will move clouds and rain in the Thunder Swamp, causing thunder.

However, Bai Lian knew that it was not a real god. It was just a snake dragon that occupied the Thunder Swamp——

Green Thunder Sun Chaser!

This is the name the snake dragon used to imitate the Taoist priest from the nearby Tongtian Temple.

The character card of Battle of the Gods shows the "simple" idea of this snake dragon.

The Taoist priest at the Foundation Establishment Stage dares to call himself "Sky Spirit Supreme King". Then why can't I, a snake dragon at the Soul Changing Stage, call myself Green Thunder Sun Chaser?

No such reason.

Bai Lian expressed understanding.

A name doesn't bother anyone.

Although this snake dragon is somewhat narcissistic, it has lingered in the Thunder Swamp for hundreds of years, and it has never done anything bad to harm the surrounding civilians.

And it has lived there for a long time. Most monsters regard Yulei State as his territory. Even if they want to do evil, they will stay away from Yulei State.

From this point of view, "Green Thunder Sun Chaser" is much nobler than many cultivators who are only dedicated to seeking Tao.

"It's no problem to call it a god!"

A thousand miles beside Yulei State.

Bai Lian, who just got off the Cloud Chasing Boat, looked into the distance.

Purple clouds curled above the lake.

But the scene was not beautiful.

The surrounding environment was mostly destroyed by blue thunder.

Bai Lian shook her head.


She remembered the settings in the game.

The snake dragon has two endings.

First, it was killed by players and turned into materials for refining weapons and pills, which is the key reason why Bai Lian can remember the snake dragon.

Second, the dragon was killed by a sword cultivator from the Thousand Sword City, and finally refined into a powerful Green Thunder Sun Chasing Sword.

The snake dragon didn't provoke Thousand Sword City.

It did nothing wrong. It would be killed simply because it was a snake dragon.

If it were a snake, the sword cultivator would not notice it.

If it were a real dragon, the sword cultivator would not dare to provoke it.

But it was a snake dragon.

So that sword cultivator targeted it and came to kill it.

A sword.

The stars fell like rain.

From then on, there was no thunder in the Thunder Swamp.

Yulei State no longer has a thunder god to protect them.

This is the cruelty of cultivation.

The thoroughfare you are walking on depends on the efforts of your predecessors!

"Should I go to remind him?"

Bai Lian thought a little and decided to persuade the snake dragon after finding the fifth Martial Sister.

It's not that the snake dragon is kind-hearted, but because it is harmless.

Bai Lian walked along the official road towards Guangchang Preview.

Along the way, she used her Divine Sense to scan everywhere. She also asked people on the road if they had seen a little bun-haired girl walking alone. She also caught several bun-haired girls herself.

But to Bai Lian's disappointment, they were not called Ling Xuan.

Until evening, she arrived at Gucheng County nearby.

The night just came, and it was the busiest time in the city.

The riverside bridge was full of night snack stalls, including fried vegetables and local snacks.

There were also tea sellers.

"Young master, we have some new tea. Won't you come and have a look?"

"Next time, certainly next time!"

Bai Lian nodded.

Not bad.

This place looks decent. She went to so many places, and finally found a city that didn't sell the shell of the cotton tree.

However, there were more people singing songs in riverside buildings and riverside boats.

This flourishing scene is based on the protection of the snake dragon.

If the snake dragon goes away, it will not be long before no one is interested in the new tea, and no one will sing happy songs.

Bai Lian walked forward a few steps, and suddenly saw a group of people around.


Bai Lian walked over.

It was then discovered that the one who was surrounded was not a juggler, but an old Taoist in a green gray robe.

The Taoist priest was standing beside a banner with the words "Tongtian Temple" written on it.

He now preached in front of a crowd of civilians.

Say a few verses, and then tell a few stories, which attracted many visitors around.

"He is worthy of the Taoist priest of the Tongtian Temple."

"That's right. The Taoist priest has learned the cultivation method of the Thunder God, and he is omnipotent in subduing demons and eliminating evils."


A cultivator at the Foundation Establishment Stage says that he got the snake dragon's cultivation method?

Bai Lian's mouth twisted.

At this time, several men suddenly came to the crowd.

"Get out of the way."

A strong man squeezed into the crowd.

Then a woman ran out crying, "Taoist Priest, I'm afraid that our family has been entangled with some ghosts recently."

The Taoist priest said calmly, "You don't need to panic, benefactress. I am here."

The woman said, "Please come home with me to investigate. If you can help us get rid of the ghosts, my family is willing to contribute to the Taoist temple."

The Taoist priest said, "Benefactress, money is something outside of our bodies. As a Taoist priest, I don't pay much attention to it."


Bai Lian was a little surprised. Unexpectedly, the Taoist priest didn't ask for money.

However, the woman said, "Taoist Priest, after everything is done, I would like to donate all the rural land to the Tongtian Temple!"

The Taoist priest stroked his beard and said, "Benefactress, I'd better go to your house first."

"Taoist Priest, please follow me."

Then they walked away.

Bai Lian, "…"

Did she seem to misunderstand it?

Money is something outside our bodies. Why are you hiding it? Take it out!

As soon as the old Taoist priest left, the crowd that had just been crowded together dispersed.

Bai Lian shook her head and planned to continue searching for the fifth Martial Sister.

Just then, by the willow tree, under the lantern, in front of the shop selling candy.

A bun-haired girl suddenly ran across the bridge.

Her clothes were thin and not long. The main colors were red, yellow and brown. Her right hand was tied with a red rope loop, and there was a short tiger skirt around her waist.

"Two, I want two!"

She jumped to the vendor excitedly, holding a silver coin in her hand.

Bai Lian noticed that the little girl was already carrying a lot of food around her waist.

"Here you are."

Pay and deliver.

The little girl who took the candy turned around laughing.

She held the stick in her hands, and her face was full of happy smiles.

In Bai Lian's memory, the fifth Martial Sister was also so lively.

Bai Lian's heart rate was half beat slow.

She was about to ask when a shabby man suddenly rushed out.

The little girl held up the candy, opened her mouth and bit it down.

But before she bit the candy, one hand stretched out and grabbed the candy away.


The little girl bit nothing.

She looked blankly at her empty hands.




Stop it!

Damn it!

Bai Lian couldn't see such a lovely child being bullied.

The hero can save the beauty, I can do it too!

She stopped the robber and grabbed him to the city's courtroom.

It is impossible to let him go.

Protagonists in TV plays always like to say "Go away". Isn't that to let villains continue to do evil?

After Bai Lian showed that she was a cultivator, the yanmen runner (police officer in ancient China) immediately locked the man up.

At the intersection of that long street.

Bai Lian held the candy and walked to the bun-haired little girl in a hurry.

"Here you are."

She bent over with a smile.

The little girl bowed at once, "Thank you, sister."

Bai Lian smiled, "Little sister, what's your name?"

The little girl shook her head and said, "Grandpa told me that I should not say my name to strangers casually."


Bai Lian was annoyed.

Do I look like a bad woman who will kidnap little girls?

The little girl bowed down and thanked her again, then ran away in a hurry.


Bai Lian stretched out her right hand. Her body froze and it was too late to say anything.

No way.

She won't admit defeat!

Bai Lian immediately followed the little girl quietly.

She asked other passers-by, but no one knew where the little girl came from and what her name was. All they knew was that the little girl had been here for several days and had nothing to do but eat.

[Little Fat Sheep]

This is the nickname given to her by some people.

Bai Lian understood.

She was 90% sure that she met the fifth Martial Sister!

Good luck?

On the street side, Bai Lian suddenly found that the little girl who was suspected to be Ling Xuan walked to the cart selling wine.

The little girl's eyes were full of desire, and she also sniffled.


Never let her become a drunkard like Martial Sister Tong Yao!

Thinking of this, Bai Lian rushed out decisively.