The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 8 Chapter 1 Part 2

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Chapter 1: An Lan Is Sweet (2)

She had always been happy that she could finally help Shifu.

But what's so happy about that?

After all, she was the one who made Shifu bleed. Even if she made up for it later, Shifu was still hurt.


I can't help it.

Keep working hard.

The pain is already there. What she can do is to make Shifu feel happier in the future.

Thinking this way, Bai Lian got into An Lan's cave.

She stopped after only two steps. It was much wetter here than when she came last time.

She sniffed.

The air is filled with a refreshing fragrance. Is it fragrance?

That sense of familiarity made Bai Lian feel at home.

By the way, isn't this the fragrance of her own body?

Bai Lian sat down by the wooden bed.

She put her hands on her cheeks and looked silently at An Lan who was sleeping.

An Lan's black hair looked like a waterfall, and her skin was as white as snow. Even in deep sleep, she looked heroic.

Shifu is so cute!

Bai Lian stretched out her hand and nodded at An Lan's nose.

(Squinting eyes)

When Bai Lian took her finger back, she found sweat on An Lan's forehead.

She stood up and said, "Let me help Shifu take a bath first!"

Shifu is not able to move at present, so she, as her eldest disciple, has to do such things for her.

Then the system task appeared.

[Task 1: Follow your original intention, prepare a towel and hot water to scrub An Lan's body (Reward: Tea Ceremony+5)]

[Task 2: Use magic to wash An Lan's body (Reward: Flower Arrangement+1)]


The reward of Tea Ceremony+5 is not particularly terrible. There must be no life danger.

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But if someone suddenly comes in halfway through the washing…

Bai Lian thought she would die due to embarrassment.

She was hesitating.

An Lan was sweating more and more.

She found Bai Lian's hand on her belt.

Hey, hey!

You, you don't intend to do evil deeds to your Master when your Master is not awake, do you?

An Lan's body was tight, and her feet under the quilt nervously curled up.

She was thinking about a problem very seriously!

If Bai Lian really took off her undress, should she immediately jump up and punch her head, or continue to pretend to be impercipient?

After careful consideration, even pretending to be impercipient, it would not affect her dignity. After all, she was "sleeping".

But if Bai Lian really does this kind of thing…

An Lan always felt that she had an unspeakable feeling.

She felt that the master and the disciples should respect each other so as to maintain a long-term relationship.

Finally, Bai Lian chose Task 2.

She is not the "Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian" in the game.

In terms of feelings, she prefers the light warmth of staying together.

Bai Lian raised her right hand slightly.

The warm air flowed from her palm and wrapped An Lan's body in a flash.

The spell of "Clean the Dust"!

An Lan's body suddenly relaxed.

Bai Lian is Bai Lian.

After the death of the former sect leader, no one in the world will support her unconditionally like Bai Lian!

After helping An Lan clean her body, Bai Lian leaned back slightly.

Since Shifu is still sleeping, she should stay here.

She took out the unfinished clothes. It was only nine days before An Lan's birthday, so she had to hurry up to make the clothes.

But then Bai Lian found sweat rolling down An Lan's nose.

With the physique of cultivators, they usually won't sweat.

It must be because Shifu's health became too poor after she entered her declining period.

Bai Lian gently wiped the sweat off An Lan's nose with her forefinger.

She wanted to drop it directly, but after smelling the fragrance lingering in the air, she paused.

Bai Lian lifts her index finger.

At a closer distance, the fragrance suddenly squeezed into her nose.

Her head was a little dizzy at this moment.

Unconsciously, she opened her mouth.

Is this the smell of Shifu?!



On the other side, An Lan, lying on the bed, was completely frozen.

She dared not move at all.

Her, her eldest disciple, may be a pervert!