The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 8 Chapter 1 Part 1

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Chapter 1: An Lan Is Sweet (1)

Bai Lian felt heavy on the way to the Snow Sea.

It's like being too indulgent and hollowing out your body.

When she left the Snow Sea, Bai Lian was radiant and in a happy mood.

Even looking at the gloomy water of Heimu Strait, she also felt that the water's darkness was a symbol of steady.

Just like Meng Jiao's poem—— (Translator: Meng Jiao is a famous Chinese poet)

On th' crest of success, with my horse trotting in th' breeze, I enjoy all th' flowers in Chang'an in a single day.

In the face of Yan Yue's inquiry, Bai Lian tactfully chose to deny it.

"It's all rumours. The evil cultivator hates me. Before he died, he purposely shouted like this to attract others to harm me."

Too bad!

He is not vicious!

Yan Yue nodded with great approval.

"This is a good reason. When asked by outsiders, we will answer in this unified way. Although it is not enough to convince everyone, it is enough as a superficial explanation."


Bai Lian opened her mouth.

I am really not a reincarnated Immortal Emperor!

Yan Yue smiled and patted Bai Lian on the shoulder. She also raised her eyebrows at Bai Lian.

Bai Lian, I understand!

All right.

Let's not discuss this kind of thing. Let's talk about the interesting things in the Duxian sect these days.

Yan Yue naturally buried the topic.

Apart from the disappearance of Bai Lian and Tong Yao, there was no news in the Duxian sect recently.

At this time, no news is the best news.

In a quarter of an hour.

When Yan Yue and Bai Lian flew across the Heimu Strait, the Lord of the Hades Hall, who comforted the injured disciples in the Hades Hall, also received a message from the intelligence personnel.

"The third lady has returned to the East Divine Land."

The Lord of the Hades Hall said, "Tell me about the details."

The intelligence officer gave a true account of what he had seen.

The Lord of the Hades Hall didn't speak for a long time.

That's probably the love between father and daughter.

He was envious, but he didn't deserve that kind of feeling.

He waved his hand, "Please go down and have a rest."

The intelligence personnel were flattered and left.

The Lord of the Hades Hall looked out of the window at the deep night and saw the snow getting heavier and heavier.

August. The autumn wind howled.

On the stone steps, a broken leaf suddenly fell on Bai Lian's hand.

The greenery was fading away.

Even the leaves started turning yellow.

Think about it.

Leaves, photos, white clothes, Saiyans…

As time went by, they will eventually become "yellow".

This is the magic of time!

After sighing for a while, Bai Lian walked towards the top of the Qiongming Peak.

Half way up the mountain, the Martial Sisters and the jade rabbit stood in two rows and welcomed her.

"Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian, welcome back!"

The first thing that caught Bai Lian's eye was the water blue long hair of the fourth Martial Sister.

Obviously, the fourth Martial Sister is the only one who can come up with such a restrained welcome method.

Bai Lian smiled at them and said, "If there is anything, let's talk about it in class this evening. I'll go to see Shifu first."

The current situation of the Wuheng Snow Valley made Bai Lian reflect for a long time.

Now the Qiongming Peak is a little like the Wuheng Snow Valley.

Apart from Shifu, the others are too weak!

Bai Lian thinks she is a little stronger, but all in all, she is only a little stronger than the other disciples.

However, the situation on the Qiongming Peak is better than the situation in the Wuheng Snow Valley.

Her younger Martial Sisters are extremely talented, and although they are young, they are all protagonists, and their temperament is far better than that of many cultivators who have cultivated for decades or hundreds of years.

As long as they study hard, they will become the lights of the Duxian sect in the future.

"Let me be the fuel to help them shine!"

Bai Lian made up her mind secretly.

In order to help younger Martial Sisters, taking off her shoes and socks every night to let them watch is necessary.

She doesn't mind even if she and the younger Martial Sisters practice together!

When Bai Lian finished speaking, the eyes of the second Martial Sister and the third Martial Sister lit up at the same time.

What, class?


They like Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian's class best!

So they both swallowed what they were going to say.

"Elder Martial Sister, go see Shifu."

"Haw haw haw haw!"

Bai Lian asked as she walked, "How is Shifu these days?"

Yu Ying replied, "Shifu looks much better than she did a few days ago, but she still sleeps a long time every day. Both the sect leader and Master Yan Yue have come to see her many times and said that Shifu still needs to rest for two or three months."

Bai Lian reached out and rubbed Yu Ying's head, "Thank you. It's been hard for you to take care of our Shifu these days."

Yu Ying immediately shook her head, "I'm willing to do it."

"Well --"

The second Martial Sister and the third Martial Sister bulged their cheeks.

They also want to be rubbed!

After saying goodbye to the younger Martial Sisters temporarily on the top of the mountain, Bai Lian hurried to the cave of An Lan.

The closer she got, the more nervous she became.




Bai Lian stopped at the entrance of the cave. For a moment, she dared not enter.

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