The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 7 Chapter 9 Part 2

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Chapter 9: Prelude to Shura! (2)

Tianyi City.

It was early morning, the time to collect dew.

The eldest princess, who was teasing a fat white cat, suddenly tilted her head.

Above the Imperial Palace, there was…

A horse-drawn carriage was soaring through the sky.

Immediately after that, hundreds of soldiers in black armor rushed into the sky and leaped after the carriage into the void.

"Why are the Shadow Guards out at this time?"

The eldest princess stood up and noticed that a new message had been received on her jade slip.

It was coming from Xingluo Fortress.

After reading it, she immediately grasped the message.

"That man in the wagon must be Marquis Wu'an!"

The eldest princess had a gloomy expression on her face, like a pool of cold water.

She was also aware that Marquis Wu'an must have gone to the Duxian sect by now.

What should we do?

Of course, he was going to "cut down the roots".

Bai Lian's performance was too impressive, making both the emperor and him feel uneasy.

"You jerk!"

The eldest princess uttered the most vulgar words she had ever spoken in her life.

She quickly contacted her partner in Xingluo Fortress and exclaimed, "Bai Lian can't die! She's the reincarnation of a Star Lord, and she has the potential to become the Lord of the Stars!"

As there was no response from the other side, the eldest princess added another sentence.

We can only rely on her power to open up the Ancient Starry Sky Road!

After a few moments, the opposite side finally replied to the message.

[I'll see you in the Duxian sect.]


With fury, the eldest princess swept everything off the table.

She was shaking violently, and it took her a long time to calm down.

The white cat was so startled that it leapt onto the window frame. It was the first time it had seen the eldest princess so angry.

The eldest princess pushed open the door and beckoned her warship to the courtyard.

She had already planned to join the Duxian sect, and this was an excellent opportunity!

Provide timely assistance.

Bai Lian should remember it for a long time to come.


The warship plunged into the void.

Above the misty clouds.

Upon discovering that her daughter and her daughter's beloved Bai Lian were in peril, Qiong Zhi ripped apart the teleportation scroll and set off with the mightiest Yaoguang Rabbits of the tribe.

"For the happiness of my daughter!"

The Biluo Sect.

Upon receiving the news, the enraged sect leader Yu Xinghan slammed his hand onto the table with great force.

"How dare they! Brothers, join me in supporting Bai Lian!"

Who is Shen Xiangling's master?

Nanwang Country.

After finishing the morning court, Ling Yue held the jade pendant in her hand.

Though she couldn't reach Bai Lian on time, she was able to use the child ring she had in her hand to boost the mother ring in Bai Lian's hand, which helped create a stronger Spirit Qi shield.

"You will be safe!"

At this moment.

Jue Yunzi faced the Guafeng Disaster in the fog.

An Lan, who had been yawning with her cheeks propped up, suddenly opened her eyes wide.

"Someone is approaching!"


Yan Yue glanced around.

She could only see the jagged rocks and crooked pine trees among the clouds, but there was no indication of anyone approaching.

An Lan got up.

She didn't bother explaining to Yan Yue.

Yan Yue?

She's just a child!

Mature older sisters don't bother talking to her.

An Lan told an elder who came with them, "Be careful. Don't let anyone approach the sect leader."

Recently, Bai Lian had been warning her, so she had been on guard for a long time, but she didn't expect that someone would actually attack them!

An Lan landed on a flat area.

She said in a flat tone, "Come out."

As the mountain wind blew, five people suddenly emerged from the clouds, all of them at the Transcendency Stage.

Their leader let out a hearty laugh and asked, "Are you An Lan, the master of Bai Lian?"

The other person nodded and said, "Yes, that's correct."

"Okay, don't waste any time, add some wounds to her body and then replicate the images for Bai Lian to see."


An Lan was instantly alerted by the words and her gaze turned sharp without even noticing it.

"What happened to Bai Lian?"

The leader laughed briskly. "Bai Lian is fine for now, but it's hard to say what will happen once she finds out that you are injured."


An Lan felt a surge of anger rising in her heart.

How could someone dare to use her as a means to threaten Bai Lian?

A faint flicker of divine light appeared on her forehead, and a fierce spirit Qi burst out.

At that moment, An Lan's hair fluttered in the wind, and her dress billowed upward.

The leader of the group gestured with his hand and said, "Let's all attack her at once…"


A silk thread swept through the air.

By the time others regained their composure, An Lan had already seized the leader by the neck and hurled him into the highest nearby mountain like a shooting star.

Bang Bang Bang -

One after another, the mountains crumbled.

The leader struggled with all his might, but he was horrified to find that the spirit Qi in his body had become stagnant, preventing his escape.

Spells, divine abilities, Fields, Magic Tools, Runes, Formation Flags…

Nothing worked.

After a few moments, it seemed as if his soul had also plunged into the icy depths.

"Please, stop…"

Click click click.

His soul had become completely frozen.

An Lan had a cold look in her eyes.

She had already understood everything through the Soul Searching spell.

Bai Lian is in danger and could lose her will at any moment!

The thought of this possibility made An Lan feel like she was about to burst into flames.

You damn traitor! That's my favorite eldest disciple! Be ready to meet your death!

"May you all perish!"

She tore the leader into pieces, and then threw his body into the chaotic turbulence of space.

Regardless of his strength, he has no chance of survival there.

"I'll leave the rest for you guys to handle. I have to go save Bai Lian."

Leaving only this sentence, An Lan transformed into a beautiful lily and vanished into the clouds.