The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 7 Chapter 8 Part 2

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Chapter 8: The Kidnapping of Morals (2)

This is not the ending she hopes for!


"Ji ji ji-"

There was strange laughter echoing throughout the nether prison.

The drifting ghosts were linked in a chain that resembled large tentacles protruding from the darkness.

Come and let's be happy together!

With a shrill sound, a tentacle lunged towards Bai Lian.

Bai Lian instinctively reached for the Dirt Free Sword, but her hand grasped nothing.

The tentacle pierced straight through her heart.

"Ahhhhhh, I'm dying!"

Bai Lian screamed in agony within her heart.

What happens if the Yin Yuan Immortal Mirror captures you?

At that moment, Bai Lian's mind was filled with R18 CG after R18 CG.

Some of the "Elder Martial Sister Bai Lians" turned into unconscious ghosts.

Some of the "Elder Martial Sister Bai Lians" became thirsty for battle and turned into "fighting machines".

Some of the "Elder Martial Sister Bai Lians" became puppets controlled by the mirror.

Some of the "Elder Martial Sister Bai Lians" died immediately.

In short, none of them had a happy ending.

What should I do now?

Bai Lian was feeling very upset.

She could no longer continue to serve her master as an act of filial piety.

Painting a family portrait and making clothes for the master became nothing but an unattainable dream, and the ultimate goal of bringing joy to everyone vanished like a bubble.

Bai Lian thought about her dear Martial Sisters once again.

Younger Second Martial Sister, you can only travel to Yingzhou alone after ten years.

Younger Third Martial Sister, now that your hatred is gone, you must learn to live in harmony with your inner demon in the future.

Younger Fourth Martial Sister, I believe that one day you can take revenge with your own strength.

And there's the Jade Rabbit, Si Yunshang, Qing Luan…

As she said her goodbyes, many faces flashed through Bai Lian's mind.

This reality is truly desperate!

Bai Lian felt nothing but heartache and instinctively pressed her hand against her chest.


It hurts like…


Bai Lian abruptly opened her eyes.

Where are you feeling the pain?

She rubbed her chest, where she felt a slight pain, but that was due to the excitement she just experienced.

Bai Lian blinked, then focused her gaze on it.

There were tentacle-like projections lunging towards her.

As soon as the tentacles made contact with her body, they instantly dissipated as if they had come into contact with a blazing fire.


Bai Lian recalled the evil idea that had attempted to take over her.

The principle appears to be the same.

Doesn't this mean that she doesn't have to die?

Here, take some more!

Bai Lian immediately felt better.

Suddenly, a new task option appeared before her eyes.

[Task 1: Shout, "Evil demons! You are nothing more than that!" (Reward: Hard Skill +4)]

[Task 2: Act as if you're weak (Reward: Medical Skill +2)]


Bai Lian pressed her chest once more.

Ah, I think I'm going to die.

She trembled violently.

"Oh no."

Mu Yisheng's fist clenched.

He knew it wasn't going to be easy to break through Bai Lian's defenses.

But there's no need to be afraid; he's been preparing to attack both from the inside and outside for a while now.

Bai Lian isn't without compassion.

She can easily burn those ghosts, but as a Natural Saint, she has an obvious weakness -


In other words, a sickening sense of morality.

If Bai Lian heard that someone she cared about was in danger because of her, it would surely affect her mood.

That would be his chance to insert the ghosts into Bai Lian's body and take over her mind!

With this in mind, Mu Yisheng sternly said, "Bai Lian, the truth is we came to the Duxian sect today all because of you!"


"If you give up your resistance and willingly become a puppet of the Yin Yuan Immortal Mirror, we will leave the Duxian sect immediately."

Do I appear foolish to you?

Mu Yisheng asked, "I recall that you and your master are very close, is that correct?"


"If you are still fixated, my associates will take immediate action against your master. You wouldn't want to witness the demise of your master, would you?"

Bai Lian froze.

Is such a good thing possible?

She was anxious about being unable to get in touch with An Lan.

If Mu Yisheng's claim is true, wouldn't An Lan get to know instantly that something terrible had happened to the Duxian sect?


Thank you!

"You animal!"

Bai Lian scowled and scolded in a furious tone.

In that moment, she seemed to be carrying a bit of burden on her shoulders.

"It's working!" Mu Yisheng cheered inwardly.


Mu Yisheng saw an opportunity and spoke up, "And your Martial Sisters, one, two, three…they're all good children with great potential. Even if you don't think about yourself, you should at least consider them, right?"


Bai Lian hung her head low.

She hunched her back even further.

She appeared to be engaged in an intense battle of ideas.


Mu Yisheng let out a sneer.

Morality is a burden.

Individuals who lack morals will not face such issues.

"Bai Lian, you don't have much time left to decide. If you continue to hesitate, that tree outside will…"


At that moment, a sudden bellow echoed through the sky.

Mu Yisheng tilted his head upwards and caught a glimpse of Gaoyi suddenly emerging from the bamboo forest.


Mu Yisheng sauntered towards Bai Lian at a leisurely pace.

"If you even think of making a move, I'll end Bai Lian's life right here and now!"

Gaoyi's body froze.

He was too scared to act.

He couldn't bear to watch Bai Lian die before his very eyes.

Ah, so this is what they call a good person.

Mu Yisheng thought for a moment, rolled his eyes at Gaoyi and left him be. He then turned to Bai Lian and said, "You have fifteen minutes. If you don't surrender after that, I'll spare neither you nor your master and Martial Sisters."

Son of a bitch!

Gaoyi was furious, but he was helpless. All he could do was pray silently in his heart.

Don't be deceived by this wicked creature, Bai Lian!