The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 7 Chapter 8 Part 1

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Chapter 8: The Kidnapping of Morals (1)

Mu Yisheng was in the best mood ever.

At this moment, he even felt that all the pain he had endured for the past five hundred years was worth it.

This was not because he had succumbed to the pain and become a slave to the piercing sensation in his belly.

Just ponder upon it.

Had Yan Xiyi not caught him five hundred years ago, he would have ascended to the Immortal World.

Where did he get the opportunity to manipulate a Natural Saint and turn them into his puppet?

Even with the Yin Yuan Immortal Mirror in his possession, he could only be a servant to others in the Immortal World.

If he had truly encountered a Natural Saint there, the best he could do was watch her from afar.

"This is a chance!"

Mu Yisheng playfully clapped his hands before Bai Lian.

Doing certain things immediately doesn't necessarily make them better.

For instance, cultivation.

Rather than focusing on speed, we should focus on the big picture.

The word "big" has a range of meanings.

Knowledge, wisdom, wealth, arsenal, and fame…

Being inherently long-lived, cultivators don't necessarily have to view slowness as a negative thing.

Take your time.

After all, a fleeting moment of pleasure is not as satisfying as long-term enjoyment of pleasure.

"I bet you didn't expect things to turn out like this, Yan Xiyi," Mu Yisheng mused to himself. "But don't worry, instead of digging your grave, I'll make Bai Lian, An Lan, and your daughter submit to me. Then, I'll bring them to pay their respects at your tomb." (Note: I removed the vulgar language for clarity and appropriateness)

You don't have to worry about your daughter and your most beloved female disciple anymore, I will take good care of them for you.

Confidently, Mu Yisheng waved his right hand.

Get up!

With his sheer force, the black mirror rolled up to mid-air.

Bai Lian had a premonition that something ominous was about to occur.

The Yin Yuan Immortal Mirror has been rated as a top-grade Spiritual Tool in the game.

Looking at the power of the Yin Yuan Immortal Mirror, not even an immortal would underestimate it, let alone someone like her who is just a beginner at the Nascent Soul stage.

In haste, she brought out the [Another Year of Nanwang] that she had only recently grasped.

In an instant, a green shield covered the entirety of the forbidden area of Qiong Ming Peak.

"You should hide in the master's cave and not come out!"

Bai Lian exclaimed in a composed tone.


Despite the anxious shouting, Bai Lian remained resolute.

She hadn't yet determined why this person had singled her out, but she understood that it was pointless to retreat.

The Yin Yuan Immortal Mirror is highly effective in disrupting magic arrays.

The man was not stalled for long by the magic array of the forbidden area or the shield she had opened moments before.

Rather than staying put, she resolved to find a means of leading that individual away, to safeguard her sisters from harm.

"Do you want to go?"

Mu Yisheng's eyes changed to black in an instant, and numerous intersecting black cracks appeared above the bamboo forest.

Ding ding ding -

Bai Lian was completely trapped as the cage woven by the black cracks sealed off any possible escape route.

Mu Yisheng let out a sneer.

It's finished!

From the outset, he had no intention of confronting Bai Lian. His cultivation base had suffered greatly during his years of imprisonment. Having learned of Bai Lian's breakthrough to the Transcendency Stage he was sure that she could defeat him in a fair fight.

Therefore, all that remains for him to do is to limit Bai Lian's movements and let the Yin Yuan Immortal Mirror handle the rest.

The Transcendence Stage?

Even if Bai Lian were to break through to the Transmigration Stage now, she would have no chance of escaping!

This is because the Yin Yuan Immortal Mirror will detain her soul directly!

"Magic mirror, magic mirror, indulge in the food I have prepared for you!"

Mu Yisheng softly patted the mirror's back.


The change occurred suddenly.

As the mirror violently shook, it spurted out an endless stream of black sticky material.

Su Youwei and others who were watching from afar were horrified.

Although they could not see it, they sensed a bone-chilling cold emanating from it, as if it could swallow their souls at any moment.

"Martial Sister!"

Su Youwei attempted to rush out but her inner demon prevented her.

"Please refrain from doing anything foolish."


"There's nothing left to do."

The inner demon whispered softly.

The sight before her triggered some unpleasant recollections.

Upon her first encounter with Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian, she couldn't help but feel cautious due to the negative rumors about Bai Lian that she had heard from a fellow female disciple in her previous life at Duxian sect.

Who is Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian?

She may appear sincere at first glance but in reality, she's a deceitful female demon.

However, as time passed, she came to realize that she had misjudged Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian. She now speculated that Bai Lian's body had been possessed at some point in her past life.

By the way.

What did the female disciple say?

"Unfortunately, everything has changed since Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian was chosen as the next sect leader."

When is Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian expected to become the next sect leader?

That could only have happened after Jue Yunzi got into trouble.

Upon hearing the news that Jue Yunzi set out to overcome his Guafeng Disaster, the internal demon immediately grasped the situation.

This is the perfect moment!

In Su Youwei's past life, it's highly probable that this man possessed the body of Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian!

At this very moment.

A formidable killing intent swept out from the internal demon's body like a tide.

Her once-ruby-bright eyes turned full of madness.

This is unforgivable!

The internal demon's body swayed gently.

She couldn't stop the Yin Yuan Immortal Mirror.

But if his actions cannot be undone, she will detonate the Ten Thousand Poison Pearl and perish alongside the evil man. She won't tolerate anyone tarnishing Martial Sister Bai Lian's will and ruining her reputation!

Being a best-grade immortal weapon, the Ten Thousand Poison Pearl is powerful enough to sink half of the East Divine Land if it explodes.

Suddenly, a biting chill emanated from the warm cave.

In unison, Xiao Jinse, Yu Ying, and the jade rabbit turned their heads.


The internal demon was closest to Su Youwei, so she hurriedly held its hand.

It's very icy.

It's like holding Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian's hand.

She held it tightly, transferring warmth from her body.

All she wanted to say was one thing:

"I'm here with you."

The inner demon turned to Su Youwei and regarded her.

We're in this together!

Bai Lian, facing the Yin Yuan Immortal Mirror, saw it clearly.

Human faces were climbing on those black slimy things!

The expressions on these faces appeared painful and distorted.


Bai Lian slowly spoke this word, "Ghosts."

These ghosts are anything but ordinary.

The Yin Yuan Immortal Mirror unites them.

Those women suffered a painful death and were not granted peace in their afterlife, instead being enslaved by the Yin Yuan Immortal Mirror.

However, Bai Lian was unable to take any action.

None of her Special Effects are powerful enough to harm the Yin Yuan Immortal Mirror.

As soon as the darkness ripped through the green shield, the ghosts pulled her into the nether prison of the Yin Yuan Immortal Mirror.

It's all over now.

Bai Lian felt lightheaded.

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