The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 7 Chapter 7 Part 1

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Chapter 7: "Bai Lian, You're Dead!" (1)

The mountains were covered in a misty haze.

The morning dew drenched the green leaves on the twisted-neck tree.

Even the window frame was wet from the slowly falling drops of water. Looking through the stream of sunlight, it felt cool and damp.

Bai Lian had been standing by the window for nearly fifteen minutes.

The billowing white fog gave her an eerie feeling that the world was less tangible, as if monsters could emerge from the mist at any moment.


Isn't that the plot of a movie?

Bai Lian shook her head in disagreement.

This was the fourth day that the Master and the Sect Leader had been gone.

She felt that something was wrong from the moment she woke up.

She was unable to get up.

It felt like something heavy was pressing down on her body.

Is it sleep paralysis?

As a cultivator, she should not be experiencing this feeling.

When Bai Lian finally got up from her bed, she felt weakness throughout her body once again.

"What happened?"

Bai Lian carefully examined her own body.

No wound.

Did I accidentally eat something yesterday?

Bai Lian patted her head firmly.

Think calmly.

She ate some roasted chicken wings yesterday. They couldn't have poisoned her, could they?

She couldn't come up with an explanation for it.

After a while, she quickly opened the system panel.

[Name: Bai Lian]

[Gender: Female]

[Age: 19]

[Spiritual Root: Sky Spiritual Root of Water Attribute]

[Cultivation Stage: Peak of Nascent Soul Realm]

[Moral Alignment: Neutral]

[Basic Skillset:]

[Technical Skill level: 405]

[Soft Skill: 413]

[Light Skill:406]

[Focus: 441]

All of the information is normal and there are no status effects such as "blood loss", "poisoning", or "Qi loss" indicated after the character's name, as in the game.

Bai Lian felt a bit confused.

It was her first time encountering such a situation.

She has only been cultivating for four years, and though she has recently learned a lot from An Lan, her knowledge is not extensive enough to cure herself.

"Could this be a mental illness?"

Bai Lian approached the portrait of An Lan.

If she recalled correctly, the "Avengers" made an appearance on the fourth day of Jue Yunzi's Guafeng Disaster in the game.

They entered the Duxian sect through the front door.

Initially, they were stuck at the Mountain Protection Magic Array for an extended period and then, with the assistance of the semi-finished Yin Yuan Immortal Mirror, they managed to infiltrate the sect.

After half a day had passed, and the true power of the Yin Yuan Immortal Mirror became apparent, the Biluo sect and other sects swiftly came to their aid.

The Duxian sect managed to overcome this crisis, but it suffered significant losses in terms of its elders, which led to a decline in its overall strength.

During the game, Bai Lian witnessed the death of many familiar people.

She doesn't have a good memory, especially since most characters in the game are nameless. However, characters with names will at least have a CG when they die.

It can be said that it is overflowing with malice!

Many players were so angry that they demanded the game maker to be killed.

Bai Lian thought that her unease this morning may be due to the fact that she was still worried about Shifu's safety.

This can be referred to as "Your mouth says no, but your body tells the truth".

Bai Lian averted her gaze from the painting.

"Just to be safe, it's better to ask the Blood Tree Patriarch."

Yan Yue went to protect Jue Yunzi as well.

Bai Lian could also inquire with Elder Gaoyi and Elder Xu Tingxue, in fact.

However, they were occupied with other matters, and she didn't want to hassle them.

To be honest, despite the rough exterior of the Blood Tree Patriarch, they have a kind heart.

The Blood Tree Patriarch enjoys doing three things--

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<li>Drink nutrient-rich liquids.</li>

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<li>Engage in battles with Yan Yue.</li>

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<li>Read books.</li>

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Apart from the Library Elder and An Lan, the other members of the Duxian sect are likely to be less knowledgeable than the Blood Tree Patriarch.

Bai Lian opened the door and stepped outside.

Upon reaching the yard, she spotted the Third Younger Martial Sister running excitedly from the base of the mountain.

"Elder Martial Sister, I did it!"

Bai Lian examined more closely.


Among the three Martial Sisters, the third one was the first to break through to the Golden Core Stage.

At that moment, Su Youwei's inner demon also silently appeared behind her.

Compared to half a month ago, her body has become more solid, as if she had a physical form.

Bai Lian agreed with a nod.

It appears that the Ten Thousands Poison Pearl has also finished its initial repairs.

Next, once it absorbs sufficient toxins, its attack ability can be activated.

In this way, the third Martial Sister will become unbeatable among her peers.

The commotion in the courtyard caught the attention of the second and fourth Martial Sisters, as well as the jade rabbit.

"What's wrong?"

The three of them emerged from their rooms.

Upon glancing, the second Martial Sister remained motionless while the fourth Martial Sister covered her mouth in shock.

How could you betray us? Who do you think you are, breaking through to the Gold Core Stage before anyone else?

The jade rabbit grew nervous as well.

Despite consuming copious amounts of Spiritual Herbs to reach the Nascent Soul stage, she remained distant from the coveted Soul Changing Stage. Will she soon be outranked by her peers?

No, no, no.

Su Youwei held her head high with pride.

Times have changed, my odorous Martial Sisters!

According to the regulations of the Duxian sect (implemented by An Lan and Yan Yue), she shall be the newly appointed Second Elder Martial Sister of Qiongming Peak starting today!

"Keep going!"

Bai Lian gave encouragement to Su Youwei.

She then mentioned, "You should not depend on external forces…"

The expression on the inner demon's face shifted slightly.


The Ten Thousand Poison Pearl is no longer a foreign entity to the Third Younger Martial Sister, but an extension of her own will.

Bai Lian had a change of heart and advised, "Make sure to not neglect your spell practice."

Not everyone can fight like her, who solely relies on her physical body and special abilities.

Su Youwei readily agreed to the suggestion.

Let's strongly support Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian's leadership at Qiongming Peak!

As a favor to Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian, we can temporarily set aside any conflicts with other Martial Sisters.

Xiao Jinse gave her congratulations reluctantly.

Yu Ying's smile portrayed immense joy, yet Su Youwei wasn't certain of its genuineness.

Not long ago, Yu Ying was quite arrogant and gained immense recognition on the Jade List due to her distinctive way of fighting.

But that doesn't help.

There's nothing quite like the progress you make in your cultivation practice!

"Come and witness my new abilities!"

With a smile, Su Youwei walked over to Xiao Jinse.

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