The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 7 Chapter 6 Part 1

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Chapter 6: Master, Here's My Filial Piety (1)

Mu Yisheng had been waiting for this day for a long time.

He opened his eyes in the dark and unlit sarcophagus, and the blue fire flashing through his eyes illuminated the coffin board.

It has decayed.

Whether it is his body or the coffin in which he lies.

Mu Yisheng raised his hand and ran his reddish-brown index finger over the scratches on the slate, which resembled stains from soy sauce.

One, two, three…

Each scratch represents a year gone by and serves as a painful reminder of when his body was once again pierced by the gold pillar.

There are a total of 508 scratches.

Even to this day, a gold pillar as thick as a fried dough stick remains embedded in his abdomen.

The pain is unbearable.

Do you have any idea how intense the tearing pain is?

Straight into the soul, deep down to the marrow.

This pain is worse than having diarrhea for a whole month!

What's even more excruciating is that this pain recurs annually and lasts for six months straight.

Mu Yisheng has been completely exhausted after 508 repetitions, to the point that his bones are as thin as bamboo branches.

It can be said that 99% of his resentment towards Yan Xiyi, the former leader of Duxian sect, stems from this incident.


Mu Yisheng recalled the snowy night from 508 years ago.

At that time, he held the position of a national master teacher in a small country situated in the northeast corner of the East Divine Land. However, the country no longer exists.

Under the guise of being a national master teacher, he committed heinous acts, refining many women, including the queen, into a part of his Yin Yuan Immortal Mirror.

Unaware of the truth, the king believed it to be the wrath of the gods and offered sacrifices to atone for his sins. He then surrendered himself on the altar.

He was preparing to depart from the country and move on to the next location in order to "gather materials".

However, to everyone's surprise, a strange vision appeared.

Jaggedly illuminated by a golden light, Yan Xiyi screamed out "Evil!" before tumbling down from the sky.

During that time, he was akin to a deity.

Ten thousand swords descended like rain, causing ten thousand miles of clouds to dissipate in a blink.

For common people, Yan Xiyi was the first glimmer of hope following the dispersal of the clouds.

Yan Xiyi overpowered him with remarkable strength.

After being refined, the Yin Yuan Immortal Mirror can be compared to an inferior immortal tool. However, the one he possessed was only a semi-finished product.

He fled from that small country all the way to his hometown, but even after gathering his subordinates, he was ultimately defeated by Yan Xiyi and torn into ten thousand pieces.

Nevertheless, Yan Xiyi sustained severe injuries, which forced him to seal his opponent in the sarcophagus.

"Yan Xiyi, you never imagined that my cautious nature compelled me to split my soul in two when I was only at the Golden Core Stage!"

Mu Yisheng let out a sneer.

After Yan Xiyi's departure, the other half of his soul absconded with the sarcophagus.

Only after Yan Xiyi's death could he finally begin to break the seal.

This was a time-consuming process.

Yan Xiyi's attack had left most of his subordinates dead or severely injured. It took them years to recuperate and now the seal on him was finally going to be broken.

Mu Yisheng's immediate response was to retaliate!

Despite Yan Xiyi being dead, the Duxian sect still exists and his daughter is alive as well.

Destroying the Duxian sect, defiling his daughter, and subsequently refining her into a part of the Yin Yuan Immortal Mirror!


It's not just Yan Yue.

Mu Yisheng began counting his fingers.

In recent years, the Duxian sect has seen a significant rise in the number of female disciples, among them being Xu Tingxue and Fang Qiuya.

Speaking of which, there's also an elder named An Lan.

An Lan is a beauty.

Mu Yisheng smiled gently.

He's fond of this one.

Although she appears delicate and weak, her strength surpasses Yan Yue's. This implies that her spirit must be unwavering, making her an ideal leader for his Yin Yuan Immortal Mirror.

Naturally, Bai Lian, the eldest disciple of An Lan, holds a special place in Mu Yisheng's heart.

That's a true Saint!

Being an evil man, he naturally has no fear of divine retribution.

So what if she is a Natural Saint?

Just become my follower!

He was worried that he would not be able to find a core that could completely activate the Yin Yuan Immortal Mirror.

Mu Yisheng had initially planned to launch a surprise attack on Bai Lian, but with the news of Jue Yunzi's Guafeng Disaster, he saw it as a golden opportunity to seek vengeance against the Duxian sect.

He received insider information that Jue Yunzi would face the Guafeng Disaster at the Duxian sect.

During that time, numerous people will be there to shield him, and the Duxian sect will be left desolate.

This presents him with an opportunity.

Initially, eliminate Bai Lian, subsequently dismantle the Duxian sect, and ultimately eradicate Yan Xiyi's grave!

If an opportunity arises thereafter, he will reclaim Yan Yue and An Lan.


The idea made Mu Yisheng erupt into hysterical laughter.


It's time.

Mu Yisheng sacrificed a fragment of his soul.

He relied on a sudden burst of strength to break free from the chains on his feet, and then pulled out the Golden Pillar that had been inserted into his body.


A stream of corrupt black water gushed out of the hole.

A putrid odor emanated from the sarcophagus.

However, it is inconsequential.

Mu Yisheng exerted great force to push the stone slab above, causing dust and stones to scatter.


Unveil the sarcophagus!

It has been five hundred years.

After 500 years of being sealed, Mu Yisheng finally saw the sunshine again.

He lifted his gaze.

As the other half of his soul merged with his body, he felt a sense of completeness as all the lost things returned to him.

He went from being a skinny "stewed meat monster" to looking like a normal young man.

In that moment, he broke into a smile.

He ascended slowly into the sky, gazing down at the earth below.

Various forms of pride condensed into a single sentence --

"You're finished, Bai Lian!"

By this time, word had spread to other "Blue Fires" that he had broken the seal.

Those who received the news quickly rushed here.


You villains who commit crimes!

Jue Yunzi will need to prepare for several days before attempting to overcome the Guafeng Disaster. In this time, they will regain strength and strategize.

"Personally, I believe we should make every effort to destroy the Duxian sect!"

"No, we would be surrounded if Jue Yunzi were to survive his Guafeng Disaster."

"Let's split our troops into two groups: one to intercept Jue Yunzi, and the other to join me in attacking the Duxian sect."


"Then I will personally receive Bai Lian and bring her in using my Yin Yuan Immortal Mirror!"

In that place filled with demonic energy, countless demons will harass Bai Lian. Once she's exposed to it, she'll become a complete puppet of desire.

Natural Saint?

You stand no chance against me, unless you're an immortal.


Mu Yisheng chuckled as he caressed the black mirror in his grasp.

"O magic mirror, magic mirror, this time I will fulfill your desires!"


Suddenly, water waves appeared on the mirror.


The sound of water suddenly intensified as if something was emerging.

Mu Yisheng hastily stowed away the mirror.

The mirror spirit is deranged and aggressive, to the extent that even Mu Yisheng doesn't dare to establish a close connection with it.