The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 7 Chapter 5

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Chapter 5: A Master's Growth

People are in high spirits when they are involved in happy events.

On Qiongming Peak, Bai Lian congratulated her on taking a big step towards her relationship with her master.

Jue Yunzi was also silently celebrating in the valley where the former Duxian sect leaders were buried.

"Master, we have killed the ancient demon. The East Divine Land will now experience a period of peace, and the Duxian sect can develop steadily," he said.

Jue Yunzi laughed joyfully.

As he sat down, he raised the wine bottle towards the tombstone.

Today, he will enjoy a good drink.

"Master, liquor!"

Ton Ton Ton--

After downing the spirit wine in one gulp, Jue Yun Zi slammed the bottle on the ground and his face flushed with excitement.

"But that's a story for another day. Master, do you recall when I mentioned that Martial Sister An Lan has been behaving differently lately?"

Jue Yunzi's mind flashed with An Lan's changes over the past year.

"Hiss --"

He shook his head and took a deep breath.

This is absolutely amazing!

He thought for a moment that An Lan's body had been possessed!

Jue Yunzi murmured, "Martial Sister An Lan, who used to hide behind us and never did anything, not only refrains from causing any trouble recently but also applied herself to kill the ancient demon at the last meeting."

This level of awareness is truly amazing.

However, upon hearing Gao Yi's report, Jue Yunzi, who was a 500-year-old man, turned around and started shedding tears.

Can you believe that An Lan acted like a true hero while fighting against the remnants of the Youming Ghost Clan?!

That day.

In the deep dark hole dug by the Youming Ghost Clan.

When the two Taoist sects inquired why the leader of the Youming Ghost Clan spared the members of the Wushan Holy Palace, it was An Lan who first exposed the leader's disguise and broke her spirit in the decisive moment, resulting in her inability to flee.

Without An Lan's heroic actions, it would have been impossible to completely eradicate the remaining evils within the Youming Ghost Clan.

As a result, the Taixuan Taoist Sect allowed the Blood Tree Patriarch to freely eat and drink.

Jue Yunzi's fist clenched.

"This is likely because Martial Sister An Lan has a strong sense of responsibility towards her disciples. She fears that the ancient demon may one day come to the Duxian sect and cause harm to them!"

Upon saying this, Jue Yunzi smiled.

Being willing to take responsibility is a sign of maturity.

He believed that as long as An Lan persevered, her cultivation base - which had not progressed for two hundred years - would begin to advance.

"I am grateful to Bai Lian."

Who would have thought that in just four years, Bai Lian could transform An Lan from a "girl" to a "woman"?!

Perhaps this is the power of the Natural Saint, which allowed her to easily identify An Lan's weakness.

"I sense it!"

Jue Yunzi stretched out his arms, closed his eyes, and allowed the evening breeze to brush against his face.

The starry sky was dim.

However, this is only temporary.

The things that were once lost by the Duxian sect will be restored during Bai Lian's generation.

Jue Yunzi's greatest happiness lies in witnessing the Duxian sect's great rejuvenation.

When contemplating a future where Bai Lian would lead the Duxian sect, he found his mind became clearer, his entire body more relaxed, and the spiritual energy flowing through his meridians skyrocketed.

Jue Yunzi soared into the sky at that moment.

He manipulated the laws of this small world, enabling himself to float into the subtle crevices of the laws of the Great Tao.

Jue Yunzi's eyes opened.

The Guafeng Disaster is coming!

Realizing this, he ceased his soliloquy and dispatched a message to all of the top leaders of the Duxian sect.

Those who received the news continued to travel towards Yunluo Peak.

The leader of the sect is planning to cross the Guafeng Disaster which is deemed as the top priority for the Duxian sect.

On their path to Immortal Ascension, cultivators are bound to encounter three calamities, namely the Sky Thunder Disaster, Yin Fire Disaster, and the Guafeng Disaster.

This is commonly known as the "three calamities".

The Guafeng Disaster is known to be particularly perilous.

Failing to overcome it may result in your soul and body disintegrating. Zhi He was fortunate enough to leave behind a fragment of her soul and reincarnate as Si Yunshang after she failed her Guafeng Disaster, but not everyone is as fortunate as her.

Successfully surviving the Guafeng disaster almost reaches the peak of a cultivator's strength among the small worlds.

Once a cultivator's soul and body are reshaped, and their cultivation base reaches the Mahayana Stage, they can ascend to the Immortal World at any given time.

The Guafeng Disaster can be considered the final obstacle standing between a cultivator and the Immortal World.

Aside from the former sect leader, Jue Yunzi is the first Duxian sect cultivator to encounter the Guafeng Disaster in a thousand years. If he successfully survives it, the Duxian sect can leave the Biluo sect far behind.

Therefore, Jue Yunzi's successful passage through the Guafeng Disaster is crucial for the entire sect.

In order to revive the Duxian sect, it is crucial to not only attract talented disciples but also have sufficient top combat power.

The elders of the Duxian sect congregated in the capacious conference room.

They engaged in a heated discussion regarding the time and place to face the Guafeng Disaster and couldn't come to a conclusion until dawn.

"I will exert maximum effort to prepare for my Guafeng Disaster in the upcoming days. Gao Yi will be temporarily in charge of the internal affairs of the entire sect."


Gao Yi solemnly received the sect leadership token from Jue Yunzi.

It was just an iron plate, but to him, it felt heavier than a mountain.

This is a responsibility.

He will spare his life to ensure that the Duxian sect is not damaged before the sect leader returns.

The atmosphere was somewhat gloomy.

Feeling depressed about the enthusiasm that would soon erupt.


An Lan absentmindedly put her left hand on her cheek and started stroking the table with her right hand, not realizing that her strokes were forming the words "Bai Lian".

She fought against the urge to yawn.

She used to not care as much, but lately she realized that mastering the ability to observe others' expressions could be useful. At the very least, it could make her appear more dignified in front of Bai Lian!

It wasn't until the meeting ended that An Lan could breathe a sigh of relief and quickly walked to the door of the court.

She stopped when she passed Jue Yunzi.

She could feel that Jue Yunzi's body was tense, like a rusty machine.


An Lan rolled her eyes in annoyance.

The Guafeng Disaster is really simple. Why are you so nervous?

How did she handle her Guafeng Disaster in the past?



She was able to break up the thunder cloud with just one punch, put out the Yin fire with a single palm, and blow away the Guafeng wind.

It was so easy for her that she didn't even break a sweat!


An Lan gazed at Jue Yunzi.

She differs from Jue Yunzi.

If everyone possessed such talent as hers, the Immortal World would not have so few Heavenly Lords.

An Lan cleared her throat and assumed a serious expression as she addressed Jue Yunzi, "Sect Leader, there is no need for you to be nervous."

Jue Yunzi was taken aback.

An Lan has acquired the skill of comforting others?

He put on a forced smile and responded, "You are right, Martial Sister An Lan."

An Lan shook her head slightly and said, "You are more than 500 years old. Shouldn't you be as calm as my first disciple, Bai Lian?"


Jue Yunzi's mouth fell open slightly.

You don't seem very calm yourself, do you?

An Lan continued, "You broke through to the Transcendency Stage more than 200 years ago. After such a long time of cultivation, even without using external forces, your chance of surviving the Guafeng Disaster is over 80%."


Jue Yunzi was left agape.

Martial Sister An Lan, are you trying to comfort me or scold me?

Two hundred years have passed!

After experiencing the Guafeng Disaster, which took him two hundred years, he wonders how he can be confident about his survival chances with such a poor talent.

"There's no need to rush your cultivation. It's not always better to be faster," An Lan said.

Although she has many methods to improve the cultivation speed by overusing potential, the side effects of these methods are terrible.

According to her, the most crucial trait of a cultivator is "persistence."

This worried An Lan.


She quietly tightened her fists, hidden in her long sleeves, and was determined to tell Bai Lian the truth after she returned!

Why do young people always focus on cultivating as fast as possible?

Remember to take a break while cultivating.

"I will leave first."

An Lan waved her hand and proceeded to walk past Jue Yunzi.

Let's go.

Jue Yunzi smiled, shaking his head.

Martial Sister An Lan said this out of kindness.

Although Martial Sister An Lan has grown up, it seems that there is still more for her to learn from Bai Lian.

Jue Yunzi's hope is to see An Lan and Yan Yue become friends again one day.

An Lan went straight back to Qiongming Peak after leaving Yunluo Peak.

She intended to invite Bai Lian into her cave.

However, when she recalled the accident from the previous night, she abandoned her plan and instead chose to visit Bai Lian's room under her own volition.


Bai Lian, who was arranging flowers, looked up in surprise upon hearing a noise from outside the door.

Today, An Lan wore an indigo wide-sleeved skirt.

She appeared as though nothing had happened the previous night.

An Lan stood before the wall adorned with paintings, her eyes wandering.

Indeed, her painting was positioned at the top. Bai Lian remains a dutiful person.

Turning back to Bai Lian, she stated, "I have something to tell you."

Bai Lian sat up straight and respectfully requested, "Please speak, Master."

An Lan advised, "Regarding your cultivation, please bear in mind that focusing solely on it won't guarantee success. Be cautious not to squander your potential and jeopardize your prospects for the future."

Bai Lian nodded.

She listened to An Lan's words with one ear and let them slip out the other.

She cannot slow down.

How can she help Shifu break the barrier and return to the Immortal World if she doesn't cultivate as fast as possible?

How can she break fate and make everyone happy if her strength isn't strong enough?

An Lan smiled.

Yesterday was just an accident. You see, Bai Lian always respects her as her master.

As time goes on, everyone will forget about it, and then it can be considered as if it never happened.

An Lan also mentioned, "The second thing is that the sect leader will soon face his Guafeng Disaster. For now, Gao Yi is in charge of all internal affairs. You don't need to worry, as long as you're aware of it."


Upon confirming that Jue Yunzi would be the one to face his Guafeng Disaster, Bai Lian's eyes shook briefly.

No way.

According to her recollection, this should have been the main plot two years later. Why did it happen all of a sudden beforehand?

As Jue Yunzi's Guafeng Disaster is occurring ahead of schedule, is it possible that the cultivator who is hostile to the former sect leader will try to intervene and prevent Jue Yunzi this time?

Bai Lian had no idea.

The information presented by the game is insufficient and biased.

No matter.

It is always wise to make sufficient preparations, regardless of whether he will make an appearance or not.

Bai Lian emphasized the importance of the matter by saying, "We must take this seriously!"

An Lan reassured them by waving her hand and saying, "Don't worry."

It is not appropriate for a child to intervene in adult matters.

Bai Lian intentionally inquired, "Master, do we have any enemies in our Duxian sect?"

"Of course," answered An Lan.

"In that case, we need to be more vigilant. If these people appear during the critical moment of the Guafeng Disaster for the sect leader, the consequences would be catastrophic," said Bai Lian.

"All the things you mentioned have already been discussed," said An Lan.

Bai Lian nodded, as she also had the same thought.

Right now, the most crucial thing is to find a way to keep Shifu in the sect and prevent her from traveling during this period, thought Bai Lan.

"If Shifu is present, then the Duxian sect will not be in any danger, even if the four major sects launch an attack together," Bai Lian reassured.


I can simply mention that I seek guidance from Shifu on matters that I don't comprehend in my cultivation, and do it so frequently that she won't find the time to venture out.

Without hesitation, Bai Lian expressed that she had encountered a bottleneck while cultivating the 'Thousands of Flowers' spell,"

"Put your hand out."


The peak of Qiongming was adorned with the sweet fragrance of flowers.

There were various flowers like roses, lilies, and apricot flowers…

The day Jue Yunzi was going to overcome his Guafeng Disaster.

The cave was still filled with blue fire.

The brightest blue fire suddenly emitted a strange laugh.

"This is our chance!"