The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 7 Chapter 39 Part 2

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Chapter 39: Welcome Back Bai Lian! (2)




"When I get back, I'll apologize to Shifu."


"I will never do anything to make Shifu angry again!"


People always cherish what they have lost.

The advantage of this situation is that Martial Sister Tong Yao and Master Qin have not actually lost anything valuable.

Bai Lian gazed up at the clear night sky.

As she walked, she appeared to trample the clouds beneath her feet, and the view before her was that of a picturesque night sky.

When did the moon appear in the sky?

The disaster of immeasurable proportion…

Now, there's no need to think about it.

Similar to Tong Yao, Bai Lian is missing An Lan and her birthday is only ten days away.

First, let's help Shifu overcome the effects of her declining period, and then we can plan on how to locate the Ancient Starry Sky Road.


The Snow Sea tonight is silent.

After a few minutes.

Suddenly, the jade slip hanging from Tong Yao's waist began to tremble.

Tong Yao quickly glanced at the jade slip before jumping up with excitement.

"It's Shifu, it's Shifu!" the girl with purple hair exclaimed, holding the jade slip high. "He said he came to the Snow Sea specifically to find me!"

"Then reply to Master Qin quickly and let him know that you're safe now," Bai Lian said with a smile.


Tong Yao promptly responded to the letter.

As Tong Yao and Master Qin chatted merrily through their jade slips, Bai Lian couldn't help but feel envious.

Why hasn't anyone contacted me?

However, her envy didn't last for too long.

Ding ding ding--

At the same time, more than ten messages flooded her jade slip.

They came in a hurry, in a fierce and unreasonable manner.

That's too much! It's overwhelming!

Bai Lian was really worried about the jade slip getting damaged after witnessing its violent tremor.

Thankfully, the jade slip quickly adjusted to this rhythm.

Bai Lian held it carefully in her hand and read it.

The second Martial Sister said, "Elder Martial Sister, I'm so glad that you're okay!"

The third Martial Sister said, "Elder Martial Sister, I finally managed to get in touch with you."

The fourth Martial Sister greeted, "Welcome back, Elder Martial Sister."

The jade rabbit cried out, "Bai Lian! Bai Lian!"

Bai Lian also came across the news about Master Yan Yue.

Yan Yue reassured, "These days, your Shifu's injury has stabilized a lot. I didn't inform her about your disappearance, so don't worry."

In that case, I am truly relieved.

Bai Lian responded to everyone with great patience.

Being a cultivator, she could converse with ten people simultaneously!

Subsequently, Tong Yao and Master Qin came to an agreement on a meeting location.

The turtle promptly turned around and flew towards its destination.

It's incredibly quick, and it doesn't consume much of his time.

"Then I will bring you here."

The turtle grinned as it reached the edge of Heimu Strait.

"Master Turtle, why don't you go to the Duxian sect?" Bai Lian inquired.

"No," the turtle declined. "I prefer to remain in solitude. If you want to meet me, White Emperor Bai Lian, you can visit the Return Ruins. Even if I'm not present there, you can leave a message," it suggested.

It departed with great decisiveness.

Bai Lian and Tong Yao exclaimed in unison, "Thank you, Master Turtle!"

The turtle gestured with its hand.

Without looking back, it leaped and plunged into the black ocean, creating a splash.


Bai Lian took a deep breath, grabbed Tong Yao's hand, and said, "Let's go meet Master Qin down there."


After hovering in the sky for a moment, they soon spotted Master Qin's figure.


Tong Yao ran unsteadily on the thick snow beneath her feet.

Master Qin's anxiety dissipated when he saw Tong Yao, who he had been waiting for anxiously.

"Tong Yao."

He whispered.

Then Tong Yao, who was like a "baby tiger", jumped into Master Qin's arms and hugged him tightly, causing him to stumble.

"Master, I've missed you so much!"

Tong Yao was overwhelmed with excitement and tears streamed from her eyes.

Master Qin's face lit up with a smile, "You aren't a child anymore. Get up quickly."

That's great.

It's nice to be pampered.

Bai Lian gazed happily at the scene over there.

At that moment, the crisp crunch of stepping on snow suddenly reached her ears.

"Bai Lian?"

Bai Lian turned around suddenly.

Yan Yue suddenly appeared in the wind.

She gave a smile.

Her face was flushed due to the cold.


Yan Yue opened her arms and hugged Bai Lian tightly.

"Welcome back!"

Whether you are a reincarnated Star Lord or a reincarnated Immortal Emperor, you will always be my intelligent martial niece!

The wind was still blowing.

And even the wind started to feel warm.

Silently, Bai Lian could feel the warmth emanating from Yan Yue's chest.

She differs from the "Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian" in the game, as she is encircled by numerous people who hold her dear.

What makes for a good day?

Spring brings flowers, autumn bears a bright moon, summer has cool winds, and winter is graced by snow.

When your mind is untroubled, any moment can be a good one.