The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 7 Chapter 38 Part 2

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Chapter 38: For My OGood! (2)

He bowed and spoke, "My Lord, I have just received news that the disciples of the Duxian sect have been spotted at the edge of the Snow Sea. It is likely that they have come to find Bai Lian."

The Lord of the Hades Hall waved his hand and said, "Bai Lian is not here. Don't worry."

Suddenly, he remembered that there was another disciple of the Duxian sect in the cell.

"Release the woman that is in the cell."

It's useless to keep her in prison. It's just a waste of food!

The Lord of the Hades Hall lifted his head and gazed at the Black Spirit Lord.

When did the Black Spirit Lord get so close to him, just a few feet away?

"Lord, please don't let her go!" Black Spirit Lord said in a hurry.


"I will tell you about it. The woman in the cell is likely your illegitimate daughter," said the Black Spirit Lord.


The Lord of the Hades Hall immediately stood up, ignoring everything else.

The Black Spirit Lord recounted the tale of how Tong Yao fled prison, but was eventually recaptured.

The Lord of the Hades Hall hurried to the prison.

The Black Spirit Lord turned and smiled at You Gui, who was garbed in black.

"Although we lost Bai Lian, it may also have a silver lining."

You Gui doesn't speak. He always does.

The people in the Hades Hall were all exceptional/spectacular/remarkable.

While they couldn't conquer the Wuheng Snow Valley, the lord managed to find his illegitimate daughter.

The girl named Tong Yao, who is going to change her name to Zhao Yao, possesses a purer Nether Bloodline than the Lord himself.

And yet, she has a remarkable talent. She managed to grasp the cultivation method recorded in the Youming Scroll within only half a day.

"Ha ha ha," exclaimed the Lord of the Hades Hall, addressing everyone present, "My daughter has the potential to revive the glory of the Youming Emperor!"

"Congratulations, my Lord!"

The Lord of the Hades Hall smiled with joy.

Bai Lian?

She is no longer needed.

So what if he's an Immortal Emperor? His daughter is much lovelier than Bai Lian!

That woman from Wuheng Snow Valley, just wait for me. My daughter will teach you what cruelty truly means one day!

In the main hall.

The Lord of the Hades Hall consulted with You Gui about capturing the traitor.

At that moment, someone came outside to make a report.

"My Lord, there's an old turtle with a sharp tongue and a round face approaching!"

A turtle?

"Allow me to take a look."

The countenance of the Lord of Hades Hall grew somber upon sighting the turtle.

Isn't that Bai Lian on the giant turtle's back?

In a chilling tone, he asked, "Fairy Bai Lian, what is it that you desire?"

Bai Lian stated plainly, "My Lord, I have come to retrieve my junior Martial Sister and depart with her to the Duxian sect."

The Lord of the Hades Hall let out a snort.

"Your Martial Sister is not here."

Bai Lian questioned, "My Lord, why are you lying?"

The Lord of the Hades Hall stated, "There is no Tong Yao from the Duxian sect, only my daughter Zhao Yao!"

Ah, Zhao?

Bai Lian was momentarily stunned and requested, "I wish to meet younger Martial Sister Tong Yao."

The Lord of the Hades Hall apologized for his impulsive actions and requested, "Fairy Bai Lian, please refrain from interfering in my family affairs."

"Can't I catch a glimpse of her?"


You really are!

Luckily, Master Turtle is here.

The turtle nodded and said, "I will persuade the Lord of the Hades Hall, White Emperor Bai Lian."

"Thank you," said Bai Lian.

I owe you more and more every day.

She got off the turtle's back.

"The Lord of the Hades Hall."

The turtle flew forward and spoke politely.

"Who are you?" asked the Lord of the Hades Hall with a frown.

"A turtle that lives in the Return Ruins."

"I have never heard of it."


Bai Lian was frozen.

How can he do you a favor if he hasn't even heard of your name?

The turtle had anticipated this, and he remained calm.

"Why do you have to be so cold, Lord of the Hades Hall? Can you please do me a favor and allow Fairy Bai Lian to meet Miss Tong Yao?"

"If I refuse, how will you treat me?" The Lord of the Hades Hall said in a hushed voice.

"I prefer not to engage in conflicts," the turtle said.

Suddenly, its body swelled and pressed against the Hades Hall like a heavy stone.

It was moving too quickly.


The Hades Hall, floating in the sky and supported by a magical array, plummeted thousands of feet.

Amidst the howling wind, the turtle pleaded once again, "Please, for my sake…"

"I completely agree!"

The ruler of the Hades Hall shouted immediately.

Just its weight could shatter the magic array, and if the turtle were to get angry, a single slap from it could bring down the entire Hades Hall!

The ruler of the Hades Hall was profusely sweating, finally realizing the source of Bai Lian's confidence.

Is this the power of an Immortal Emperor?

Despite being only at the Transcendency Stage, she has managed to command such a formidable demon to serve her!

Bai Lian was in shock.

Wow, it's so big.

It's no surprise that the turtle claimed it had never failed.

If you do me a favor, that's great. If you decline, then I'll offer to do you one instead.

Soon, Tong Yao emerged.

Timidly, she stood next to the Lord of the Hades Hall.

She was feeling conflicted. Just moments ago, she had been worried sick about the safety of Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian, but now, out of the blue, she had gained a father figure.

Well, as her father figure, he must allow her to take refuge in the Hades Hall and practice the Youming Scroll.

She had a strong desire to return to the Duxian sect, as she longed to see her master once again.

However, she was hesitant to express her true thoughts.

Since the Hades Hall is significantly more powerful than the Duxian Sect, she fears that her association with it could result in harm to both the sect and Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian.

"Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian."

Tong Yao appeared to be upset.

Will she have to bid farewell to the Duxian sect permanently?

The Lord of the Hades Hall urged, "Fairy Bai Lian, please speak up if you have anything to say."

Bai Lian nodded and asked, "Younger Martial Sister Tong Yao, I want you to be honest. Do you want to come back to the Duxian sect with me?"


Tong Yao began to speak.



I'm sorry, but I have to refuse.

"Miss Tong Yao," a voice suddenly came from above her head. "Please speak your mind. The Lord of the Hades Hall is a very reasonable person."


Tong Yao looked up and saw the turtle perched on top of the Hades Hall.

The expression on the Lord of the Hades Hall's face changed.

Fuck you!

However, he didn't dare to say anything as the turtle's presence weighed heavier on him compared to the Snow Spirit Lord.

"Yes," the Lord of the Hades Hall said, "My dear daughter, share your true thoughts with me. As your father, you have nothing to fear."

Tong Yao comprehended.

The Lord of the Hades Hall feared the turtle, which happened to be in the company of Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian!

She gritted her teeth.

This is what you requested me to say.

"I want to go with Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian!" she exclaimed.

The Lord of the Hades Hall had a bitter expression on his face as he said, "My dear daughter…"

"I believe Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian is the best choice for me. I desire to be with her," she said.

Bai Lian? How good is she?

I am not sure, but I have already known that she is exceptional!

Tong Yao gazed at the Lord of the Hades Hall with a determined expression.

The Lord of the Hades Hall felt his injury worsen the moment he was met with Tong Yao's gaze.

The turtle let out a sigh and said, "My lord, the bonds of family cannot be forged in a day. Please don't be too disheartened by this."

(I'm still here. Do you dare to threaten Tong Yao?)


The Lord of the Hades Hall's face became grim.


Please depart.

Regardless of where you may find yourself, you will always be my daughter. That is unchangeable.

He conceded.

"My beloved daughter, I will frequently visit the Duxian sect to see you."

Is it done? Can I leave now?

Tong Yao was taken aback by a flood of surprises.

The Lord of the Hades Hall continued to disapprove of Bai Lian, as evidenced by the look on his face.

Is Immortal Emperor able to do whatever she wants?

Please wait here.

I am going to take my daughter back!

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