The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 7 Chapter 38 Part 1

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Chapter 38: For My Own Good! (1)

Ling Xuan was enjoying her bowl of noodles while Bai Lian escorted Xuezhan back home.

Although the glacier is stunning, they cannot linger there for too long.

Soaring through the clouds.


Bai Lian lowered her head and addressed Xuezhan, who was resting on her thigh.


Xuezhan opened her eyes and cast a doubtful glance at Bai Lian.

Bai Lian remarked, "Now that you're free from the shackles of Qianhuan Real Eye, you should be able to mature, right?"


Xuezhan was awakened by this.

It will take several years for her to heal her damaged soul. Perhaps she will fully recover and become a sixteen or seventeen-year-old girl.

In the past, she would have looked forward to it.

Being young will eventually be seen as less important.

If you grow taller, others will naturally respect you.

When she grows up, she will be able to do many things that were inconvenient before.

However, now…

Xuezhan glanced at Bai Lian's jaw.

She recalled the scene where Bai Lian had asked Master Turtle to assist her in finding Ling Xuan.

"I am Ling Xuan, ten and a half years old!"

"Well, she's a young girl who might seem a bit naive. She's optimistic and fears nothing, always facing things with courage."

"There's a mole on her neck."

When she said those words, Bai Lian couldn't help but smile.

Even though she claimed to have never met Ling Xuan, the way she described her was as if she were talking about a family member.

Xuezhan puffed up her cheeks for a brief moment before returning to normal.

With a lazy tone and squinted eyes, she asked, "Do you like children, Fairy Bai Lian?"

Well, this question…

Bai Lian paused for a moment.

Not really, especially since she had suffered a lot in the past from dealing with naughty children.

However, it would be erroneous to say that she despises children.

Bai Lian nodded seriously and replied, "Well, I can say with certainty that I don't dislike them."

As expected.

Observing Bai Lian's hesitation on the matter, Xuezhan gave a gentle nod.

While the reason is unknown, it's evident that Fairy Bai Lian has a preference for smaller-built girls!


She will now manage her physique to prevent further growth!

Xuezhan fell silent.

Before long, the turtle brought them once more to the bamboo house by the stream.

Upon assisting Xuezhan in repairing the floor and constructing a magic air conditioning system to regulate the house temperature during winter and summer, Bai Lian bid farewell to Xuezhan.

Seated on the bamboo chair, Xuezhan parted her lips slightly.

After exhaling, she gave up the idea of detaining Bai Lian.

She is someone who understands the value of reciprocating kindness, and therefore, she cannot hinder Bai Lian from pursuing their goals.

"I hope Fairy Bai Lian ascends to the Immortal Emperor's throne soon!"


I am not the reincarnation of an Immortal Emperor!


Bai Lian bid farewell and walked away.

The turtle once again lifted Bai Lian into the clouds.

How can we save Tong Yao?

Bai Lian furrowed her eyebrows and contemplated.

The leader of the Hades Hall is not a good individual.

Given the significant disparity in strength between the two parties, resorting to the use of force would be equivalent to self-destruction.

Oh no!

If Shifu were not ill, Bai Lian would be completely fearless of the Lord of the Hades Hall with her assistance.

"Attempt to reason with him initially."

Bai Lian pondered silently.

If it fails, she will have to once again borrow puppets from Xuezhan.

At that instance, the turtle, carrying Bai Lian, stated, "White Emperor, if your intent is solely to rescue your junior Martial Sister, it will be effortless."

Bai Lian's eyes lit up and she inquired eagerly, "What is your proposal?"

"I cannot claim that it is a shrewd scheme."

The turtle chuckled.

Like a benevolent elder, he proceeded to share with Bai Lian his vast life experiences.

"Even though I usually spend most of my time in the Return Ruins, it is inevitable that I will come across some challenges from time to time."

Bai Lian nodded.

Life is bound to have its ups and downs.

Whether the waves are big or small depends on luck.

The turtle continued, "Whenever I face trouble, I simply say to those causing it, 'Do me a favor', and they leave promptly. This trick has never failed me."

Bai Lian, "…"


Does this exhibit the composure of an extremely resilient individual?

Bai Lian also wants to ask others for a favor.

She imagined herself walking over and intervening when the younger Martial Sisters quarreled.

"Please stop quarreling for my sake!"

The younger Martial Sisters immediately stopped quarreling and reconciled as good friends.

It's nice to think about, but it might not happen.

Bai Lian was faced with a new task.

This also served as evidence to her that the system was functioning properly.

[Task 1: Decline the turtle's generosity (Reward: Hard Skill+2)]

[Task 2, "Thank you for your generosity!" (Reward: Alchemy+1)]

Don't overthink it.

Bai Lian chose Task 2 without hesitation.

"That's not important."

The turtle smiled and spoke.

It's thoughtful.

But it doesn't extend kindness to everyone.

Before the black kelp stared at it, it too held the title of lord of the East Sea.

The kelp's torture lasting thousands of years was what transformed it into a turtle with a gentle temperament.

Please speed up!

Target the Hades Hall!

The Lord of the Hades Hall returned to the hall at almost noon.

"Who is the Lord?"

As he entered the main hall, constructed of blue crystal, the man wandering in front of the throne suddenly turned around.

As he gazed at the Lord of the Hades Hall, a peculiar look flickered in his eyes.

The individual before us is the Black Spirit Lord, the third leader of the Hades Hall.

Approaching the Lord of the Hades Hall, he asked, "My Lord, how fares the war?"

"I have encountered the Snow Spirit Lord," stated the Lord of the Hades Hall.


"I am no match for her," he said.

With a sigh, the Lord of the Hades Hall sat on the throne.

The successive defeats made the Lord of the Hades Hall realize that they were unable to compete with the Snow Spirit Lord.

He must wait for the right moment.

The thought gave him a headache.

"I wish Bai Lian was really my daughter, that would be so good."

The Lord of the Hades Hall let out a sigh.

An Immortal Emperor who has been reincarnated.


After Bai Lian grew up, even the Snow Spirit Lord would not be able to defeat her.


"This kind of thing cannot be forced," said the Black Spirit Lord as he stepped forward.

The Lord of the Hades Hall shook his head as the figures of his children flashed through his mind.

None of them are talented nor are they cultivating hard.

They are only good at elbowing their brothers and sisters out.

It really angers me!

The Lord of Hades Hall felt that his injuries were more severe.

Looking up, he asked, "What did my ungrateful children do while I was away?"

The Black Spirit Lord paused and replied, "They're all in their rooms."

The Lord of Hades Hall nodded, saying, "That's good."

The Black Spirit Lord asked, "My Lord, does your wound feel a bit heavy?"

The Lord of Hades Hall let out a sigh and said, "I need to rest for at least two months."


The heart of the Black Spirit Lord suddenly began to pound rapidly.

That's dangerous!

He was about to say something more when the temperature in the hall suddenly dropped, making the air cooler.

The man in black, You Gui, suddenly appeared.

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