The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 7 Chapter 37

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Chapter 37: Where Is the Fifth Younger Martial Sister?

The cold wind, though sobbing, couldn't extinguish people's curiosity.

"An Immortal Emperor?"

Within just a few tens of seconds, both sides on the vast ice field received this information.

"Wasn't the previous news about Bai Lian being a reincarnated Star Lord? Could it be a mistake?"

"It's difficult to determine. What if it turns out to be true?"

"The issue is what Bai Lian did on the beach. Didn't the Snow Spirit Lord take her away?"

"Who knows? Perhaps she was hunting down demons."

Suddenly, a young disciple arrived at their location.

"How powerful is this Immortal Emperor?"

The elderly cultivator responded, "It's not a matter of strength. Let's just say that an Immortal Emperor is the leader of the Immortals and holds more authority in the Immortal World than any mortal emperor could in the mortal realm."

"That sounds good."

"Absolutely," the man replied. "I've heard that a powerful Immortal Emperor possesses the ability to transcend the flow of time, journey to the past, reverse Karma, alter the future, and redefine the laws of the Great Tao."


The young disciple felt bewildered.

The elderly cultivator chuckled and replied, "It's alright if you're bewildered, because truth be told, even I am not quite sure myself!"

"Oh, this thing?"

"All that matters is that the Immortal Emperor is an immensely powerful entity."

"I see."

Don't worry about anything else.

Just keep in mind this equation--

Bai Lian is said to be a reincarnated Immortal Emperor!

"My Lord, will this be…"

Suddenly, a man dressed in black appeared in front of the Lord of the Hades Hall.

The Lord of the Hades Hall clutched his chest and grimaced as if experiencing constipation.

He shook his head and said, "Bai Lian is known for her kindness. Even if she is angry, she will only punish me at most. I will take care of everything."

The man dressed in black nodded silently.

He watched the Lord of the Hades Hall grow up.

The Lord of the Hades Hall is far from perfect and will make various mistakes while leading the Hades Hall forward.

If there is only one person loyal to the Hades Hall, it must be the Lord of the Hades Hall!

"You should go back first."

The people of the Hades Hall retreated like a wave.

The female disciple who was arrested by the Wuheng Snow Valley was released.

She limped towards the green-faced monster.

Suddenly, she burst into bitter tears, wiped her eyes, and expressed her feelings in an emotional but intermittent voice.

"Oh, Snow Spirit Lord! If I hadn't accidentally mentioned that Bai Lian was a reincarnated Immortal Emperor, I wouldn't have had the chance to meet you again! Ooo…"

"Even though they tortured me, my loyalty to the Wuheng Snow Valley remains steadfast. I never divulged any information regarding the Wuheng Snow Valley, no matter the methods they employed!"

The female disciple lifted her right hand.

In that moment, the sunlight streaming from the rising sun fell upon her back, giving her an almost divine air.


How touching!

Observing the female disciple on her knees in front of the blue-faced monster, Bai Lian felt her own emotions welling up and tears threatening to fall.

(。• ́︿•̀。)= ○

I only want to hit your chest with my small fists!

Damn it!

Although you didn't reveal the secrets of the Wuheng Snow Valley, you still exposed my secret to them!

Bai Lian had the urge to turn the female disciple into a ball and toss her out, but she managed to restrain herself. And now, the same disciple has become the "Snow Spirit Lord".

"Go back and take care of yourself."


The female disciple hurriedly left.

Bai Lian steadily walked back to the Wuheng Snow Valley.

After the war, all the mountains surrounding the valley collapsed, leaving behind only a huge black and deep crevice.

She double-checked the protective magic array of the Wuheng Snow Valley on the mountains.

For the most part, this array has already collapsed, like torn clothing.

If there had not been an accident during the battle, the people of the Hades Hall would have broken through the protection and bullied the residents of the area, if Xuezhan hadn't given her the Immortal Spirit Stone to stop the attack.

The entire sect is solely dependent on Xuezhan!

That's a pity.

They just want to enjoy themselves without putting in any effort!

Will they solve the problem themselves?

Nope, I won't go.

A sect with one or two individuals who think like that might not have much influence, but if there are many others who share their views, the sect is bound to decline.

When each individual is only concerned about themselves, the affairs of the sect are left unattended, resulting in a decline of its reputation, and a fewer number of new disciples.

Directly robbing people in the streets is not an option, is it?

Even if you were to do so, how much loyalty can you expect from disciples who have been robbed?

Bai Lian summoned all the Elders of the Wuheng Snow Valley and proclaimed her decision to close the entrance and concentrate solely on her own cultivation.

One of the Elders inquired, "May I ask the Snow Spirit Lord how long she plans to remain in closed-door cultivation?"


Bai Lian replied nonchalantly, "It's hard to say. I expect it will take me around ten years, but if difficulties arise, I may be closed off for a hundred years or more."


All the elders were taken aback.

If the Snow Spirit Lord doesn't emerge for a hundred years, won't it lead to the great collapse of Wuheng Snow Valley's future?

"Snow Spirit Lord, would it be possible to postpone your seclusion for a while…"

Bai Lian shook her head directly and said in a cold voice, "No!"

She was not lying.

Even if Xuezhan controls the puppet, she cannot exert much strength, and forcing her to do anything would be tantamount to suicide.

As for her, she will not stay to help the people of the Wuheng Snow Valley.

She is the Eldest Martial Sister of the Duxian sect, not the mother of all the people in the Wuheng Snow Valley!

"I cannot take care of the Wuheng Snow Valley forever. Sooner or later, I will ascend to the Immortal World. Please try to adapt to the days without me as soon as possible!"

"Snow Spirit Lord…"

"Do you have any suggestions?"

Bai Lian rapped her fist on the table.


That's correct.

"As there are no objections, the decision stands."

After saying that, Bai Lian left without hesitation.

She thought to herself that these people couldn't possibly be so foolish.

The Snow Spirit Lord they rely on has fallen.

Do you want to revive the past glory?

Rebuild it yourself!

Once the other sects realize the true strength of Wuheng Snow Valley, it is difficult to predict what will happen.

In the game, Tong Yao chased away the Wuheng Snow Valley from the Snow Sea like a dog.

The reason behind it was that Ji Shi, who had taken over the body of the Snow Spirit Lord, required assistance from the Wuheng Snow Valley to gather his required things. Otherwise, the Wuheng Snow Valley would have been destroyed during that time.

"Is that okay?"

Xuezhan spoke to Bai Lian.

"The legacy of the Wuheng Snow Valley remains intact. If they choose to, they will rise again one day, even in your absence. Your only responsibility is to take care of yourself. They are indebted to you, not the other way around."

Xuezhan gave a nod.

She was defenseless against Bai Lian's charm. He could disarm her with just one hand.

Even though Bai Lian missed Tong Yao, he didn't hurry to leave.

She doesn't know where Tong Yao is!

Now she was left with no other option but to rely on the turtle who was taking a nap.

When she left the Duxian sect, there were two of them. If she were to return without Tong Yao, how could she face Master Qin?

"Not even one can be missing!"

Bai Lian held her breath in anticipation.

Mentioning divination, Bai Lian recalled the fifth Martial Sister once more.

The fifth Martial Sister is currently missing and requires someone skilled in divination to calculate her whereabouts.

It's you, Master Turtle!

Good afternoon.

As the purple haze dissipated from the sky, the turtle finally emerged from its massive shell.

He chuckled and asked Bai Lian, "So, White Emperor, where do you plan to go from here?"

He vividly remembered the words spoken by An Lan before leaving, "Please take care of Bai Lian for me".

If nothing else, he would quietly follow Bai Lian until the latter left North Luzhou, even if it meant traveling alone.

"Hello, Master Turtle."

Bai Lian approached the turtle and explained her intentions.

"Are you looking for someone?"


The turtle agreed right away.

Though relieved, Bai Lian couldn't shake the feeling that she owed the turtle a massive favor.

I'll repay you once I'm stronger!

It's not too challenging for the turtle to figure out Tong Yao's whereabouts.

His eyes flashed with a few wisp of white light, revealing, "Miss Tong Yao is now in the Hades Hall."

"The Hades Hall?"

Bai Lian was taken aback.

She soon realized that Tong Yao might have been caught with her.

Oh, it seems I have to deal with the Lord of the Hades Hall, who claims to be her father, again.

She had a headache.



Bai Lian proceeded to disclose various details regarding the fifth Martial Sister, "Her name is Ling Xuan and she is ten and a half years old…"

She elaborated in detail, not only on the physical appearance of the fifth Martial Sister but also on her "delicate" constitution.

This is done to enhance the accuracy of the turtle's divination.

"I'll try."

Mysterious and intricate veins of gold illuminated the turtle's back.

The effectiveness of divination is not solely dependent on the diviner's strength, but also on the "root" of the subject being divined.

"Root" is a broad term that encompasses aspects such as fate, Qi, magic array, spirit tool, and magic treasures, among others.

Even if the diviner possesses immense strength, they cannot make an accurate prophecy if the target's "root" is too deeply entrenched.

Bai Lian was feeling anxious due to the lack of feedback he had received for a prolonged period of time.

In that moment, she even caught sight of some free Tao Halos on the turtle's back.

All her waiting was rewarded in the end.

After fifteen minutes or so, the turtle suddenly opened its eyes.

"I found it!"

It created a map in the empty space.

Although the exact whereabouts of Ling Xuan couldn't be confirmed, it was highly likely that Ling Xuan was currently sailing near the Thunder Swamp and Guangchang Prefecture.

Bai Lian glanced quickly.

These two places are not far from the Yao Xia Bay, where she rescued the fifth Martial Sister in the game.

It appears that the fifth youngest Martial Sister's range of activities is not very extensive.

It's understandable. Despite her bravery, the fifth Martial Sister is currently only a ten-year-old girl.

Bai Lian smiled while narrowing her eyes.

"Thank you, Master Turtle!"

The turtle shook his head and smiled.

It's not a big deal, it just took a little more time.

Xuezhan, "…"


In the small town near Thunder Swamp.

In a bustling restaurant.

"Let's get started!"

The waiter, with a towel draped over his shoulder, placed a steaming bowl of noodles on the table.

"Many thanks!"

The girl with a bun in her hair sat at the table and eagerly kicked her short legs in excitement.

"No problem, happy to help."

The waiter shook his head and walked away.

After lurking outside the door for five days, the little girl managed to save enough money to buy herself a bowl of noodles.

That's really sad.

Nonetheless, her smile is very sweet.

Her eyes narrowed and curved, resembling the crescent moon in the sky, and her kind smile automatically drew people's attention.

The little girl picked up the chopsticks beside her.

Observing the soup in her bowl, she delicately wiped the corners of her mouth.

Make sure to relish this bowl of noodles!

She went up the mountain specifically to hunt for a wild boar and earn some money.

Shall we begin?

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