The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 7 Chapter 36 Part 2

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Chapter 36: Let's Celebrate! (1)

Take it and pull it aside.

She quickly admitted in a muffled voice, "I was wrong, I was wrong."

After letting go of Xuezhan's flushed face, Bai Lian spoke with anger, "If I were you, I'd turn around and leave. Wuheng Snow Valley isn't worth saving!"

Shaking her head, Xuezhan replied, "Bai Lian, the White Emperor, wouldn't do such a thing."

Bai Lian sneered, "I may be a Natural Saint, but I'm not a social justice warrior."

Continuing to shake her head, Xuezhan explained, "That's not the reason."

She knew that everything Bai Lian was doing was for her benefit.

She couldn't just stand by and let Wuheng Snow Valley be destroyed. Bai Lian was willing to help her, otherwise they wouldn't have had so many conversations.

"Please take care of your injury."

Bai Lian forcedly rubbed Xuezhan's hair.

As she rubbed it, Xuezhan's white hair resembled snow.

Meanwhile, in the boundless sunlight, Bai Lian brought down the blue-faced monster under her control.

The giant monster caused the ice layer to break under its powerful momentum just before it fell to the ground.

At the same time, the people of the Hades Hall and the disciples of the Wuheng Snow Valley looked up.

"It's the Lord of the Snow Spirits!"

Half heavy.

Half surprised.

The Lord of the Underworld tensed his body.

"So, she finally showed up?"

He had fought with the Snow Spirit Lord before in the Hades Hall using Modeling Heaven and Earth, and he was unable to fight back at that time.

The disciples of Wuheng Snow Valley jumped up.

"Great! The Hades Hall bastards are dead!"

"If only the Snow Spirit Lord had come earlier…"

"What nonsense?"

Amidst the chaos, the blue-faced monster single-handedly divided the battlefield with its immense strength.

"I don't really want to fight with you, but since you've approached me, how can I not defend myself?"

The voice belonged to the previous Snow Spirit Lord.


The Lord of the Hades Hall gritted his teeth and glared at the blue-faced monster. "Snow Spirit Lord, you not only robbed my daughter but also harmed my son. That's unacceptable! I refuse to believe that your Modeling Heaven and Earth technique is limitless!"

Bai Lian sneered and said, "Go ahead and try it!"

Come on!

The Lord of the Hades Hall paused briefly and took a deep breath.

With each step he took, his momentum increased by several percent.

After taking seven steps, he suddenly burst into flames.

The flame rose like a pillar, sending a wave of fear through everyone present.

He resembled a war emperor returned from the underworld with the overwhelming spirit Qi emanating from his body, causing the disciples of Wuheng Snow Valley to crouch in fear within the magic array.

Such is the might of the Lord of the Hades Hall!

The Lord of the Hades Hall charged towards the blue-faced monster like a fierce tiger.

Typically, when Xuezhan controlled a puppet to use Modeling Heaven and Earth, her body would experience a period of fatigue.

However, the Lord of the Hades Hall was unaware of something -

It is now Bai Lian who is fighting you!

"Destroying the buildings of the Wuheng Snow Valley is not a big issue, but if you take even a single step further, you will regret it for the rest of your life!"

Controlled by Bai Lian, the blue-faced monster charged straight towards the Lord of the Hades Hall.

No spells and no weapons.

There is only the purest form of fists, violence, and bullying.


That won't work.

The blue-faced monster's fist descended from the sky like a falling mountain, but the sheer force behind it was enough to obliterate a small star.

That's a strong punch!

It's too speedy.

The Lord of the Hades Hall arrived with lightning-fast speed and departed even more swiftly.

The Lord of the Hades Hall emitted a powerful force that obliterated the distant snow-capped mountains.

The pursuit of the Lord of the Hades Hall continued as the blue-faced monster gave chase.

The once-furious Lord of the Hades Hall was beaten badly and scrambled to flee in all directions.

Unfortunately, it doesn't work either.

The blue-faced monster's fist locked onto him, as if a solid line had formed between them.


After taking another devastating blow, the Lord of the Hades Hall coughed up blood and was sent flying into the air.

As he came to, the blue-faced monster loomed overhead once more, its fists clenched tightly as it descended like a crushing hammer.


The Lord of the Hades Hall plummeted into the very depths of the earth.

The aftershock wreaked havoc on the ice field, transforming it completely. The frozen soil crumbled, the underground river ran dry, and the lava was snuffed out.

"Lord of the Snow Spirits! Lord of the Snow Spirits!"

In Wuheng Snow Valley, the watching Elders and disciples burst into cheers, while those in Hades Hall looked on in terror.

I'm done.

If the Lord of Hades Hall were to die here…

Hades Hall will fall into chaos.

The blue-faced monster fell before the Lord of Hades Hall and asked, "Do you wish to continue the fight?"

The Lord of Hades Hall struggled to rise to his feet and declared, "Certainly not. A king cannot be humiliated!"

"You fool!" scolded Bai Lian. "I am not your daughter, nor was your son injured by me. If you still wish to fight, I shall fight you until the bitter end!"

The Lord of Hades Hall gritted his teeth.

He still recoiled.

The Snow Spirit Lord may have had a limit, but he was unable to surpass it.

He rose to his feet.

Good. You didn't kill me. One day, I'll regain the dignity I've lost.

The Lord of the Hades Hall turned around and departed.

He made sure to order the others, "Release the people of the Wuheng Snow Valley."

Someone responded with a "Yes!"

Bai Lian nodded in silence.

Considering the Lord of the Hades Hall is Tong Yao's father, killing him cannot be an option.

That's amazing!

It would be even better if she possesses the same power as the blue-faced monster herself!

It's finished.

Once she has taught the people of Wuheng Snow Valley a lesson, she will be able to find Younger Martial Sister Tong Yao and return to the Duxian sect with her.

A day of leisure is coming!

Bai Lian smiled warmly.

Suddenly, a man appeared from a distance and yelled, "Something big has happened, something really big!"

The Lord of the Hades Hall snapped, "Don't panic! What happened?"

The man continued to speak anxiously, "My Lord, I have just apprehended a female disciple of the Wuheng Snow Valley. She claims to have seen Bai Lian engage in battle with others at the seaside, and one of them referred to Bai Lian as an Immortal Emperor!"


Everyone, including Bai Lian, was shocked upon hearing this sentence.

Bai Lian an Immortal Emperor?

Damn it!

The wind was blowing.

Bai Lian was gape-mouthed.

Who leaked the news?!

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