The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 7 Chapter 36 Part 1

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Chapter 36: Let's Celebrate! (1)

The entire Wuheng Snow Valley was in turmoil.

A few hours earlier.

When the disciples heard that the people from the Hades Hall had come to the door, they either ignored them or sneered in contempt.

How dare you come here and get beaten again?

In that case, we will destroy the Hades Hall today!

The Elder on duty stroked his goatee, then turned to his eldest disciple and said, "Quickly go to the back mountain and invite the Snow Spirit Lord!"


The eldest disciple held his head high as he made his way back to the mountain.

Over the years, the disciples of the Wuheng Snow Valley became increasingly proud.

The Snow Spirit Lord is considered invincible in the Snow Sea!

The Hades Hall, Tianhai Pavilion, Qishan Mountain and many other sects will soon fall to the power of the Snow Spirit Lord.

Those who refuse to surrender will be killed, while those who surrender will be sent to work in the mines.


We can hire those who are aesthetically pleasing to work as waitresses for us.

Amidst laughter, the eldest disciple made his way to the back of the mountain.

He bowed thrice before announcing loudly, "The Snow Spirit Lord, along with the Hades Hall, has refused to comply with our demands and has challenged us. Shifu has tasked me with requesting your assistance in teaching them a lesson!"

The gusty wind from the north made a lot of noise.

The eldest disciple continued to laugh.

There's no need to worry.

Wuheng Snow Valley has faced various disasters, but by inviting the Snow Spirit Lord, they can sit back and let them take care of everything while staying in the sect.

However, this time, the situation is somewhat different.

The eldest disciple's smile gradually faded.

The Snow Spirit Lord neither responded nor appeared in person.

After waiting for a moment, he shouted again, but still received no response.

After several attempts, he began to have a sense of foreboding.

Summoning his courage, he ventured into the back mountain.


"No, the Snow Spirit Lord has vanished!"

It feels like trying to stir a thick paste with a small spoon.

Enormous waves are rolling.

The waves will engulf the entire Wuheng Snow Valley in an instant.

Suddenly, the large vat burst open with a loud noise.

The Elders and deacons of the Wuheng Snow Valley were unable to contact the Snow Spirit Lord, despite their attempts to do so.

Who exactly is the Snow Spirit Lord?

Not only is she the strongest person in the Wuheng Snow Valley, but she is also the soul and the guiding light for everyone there.

But at this crucial moment, the light has vanished.

"It's finished!"

Some of the deacons were trembling.

The Lord of the Hades Hall rushed towards them before they could react.

The Lord of the Hades Hall, who believed that his son was harmed by the Snow Spirit Lord, was now acting completely unreasonable.

After scolding the Snow Spirit Lord for a while, he ordered the people of the Hades Hall to attack the Wuheng Snow Valley.

That momentum…

Anyway, it's terrible.

After an elder had their hair cut off by a sword, the people of the Wuheng Snow Valley were too afraid to leave the mountain protection magic array and stop the people of the Hades Hall.

While crying, "Quickly, go invite the Snow Spirit Lord," they could only consolidate the magic array.

"The Snow Spirit Lord isn't here anymore,"

"We're all going to die!"

The Lord of the Hades Hall managed to destroy nearly half of the Wuheng Snow Valley in just half an hour.

If he wasn't constantly worried about the possibility of the Snow Spirit Lord appearing, he could have moved even faster.

Just as the Lord of the Hades Hall was on the brink of obliterating the whole Wuheng Snow Valley, an unexpected incident took place.

A bright, white light ascended from the sky!

The sharp white light pierced through the flow of stars in the depths of space.


Next, the white light flowed like water and engulfed the entire Milky Way.

The Lord of the Hades Hall gazed at the wonders in the distance.

As he pondered whether or not to send someone to investigate, he observed the water curtains rising up into the sky.

The water curtains resembled numerous pillars of colored glass.

Collectively, they comprise a "divine land" that is ten times more magnificent than the Hades Hall.

The ruler of the Hades Hall ceased the assault.

The unexplainable impact pacified his rage.

He was willing to risk his life, but not willing to bring the Hades Hall down with him.

"Go and find out!"

The check continued for several hours.

As the ice field's end glimmered with golden light, Bai Lian's blue-faced monster took flight to the clouds above Wuheng Snow Valley.

She sent down a puppet to investigate the situation first.

She frowned at the check.

Wuheng Snow Valley suffered heavy losses, but casualties were relatively low in battle.

After all, as long as I stay inside, I won't die until the defense line is breached!

Amidst the cries and moans, Bai Lian turned around and asked Xuezhan, who was resting her head on her thigh.

"Do they always do this?"

Xuezhan's long eyelashes fluttered as she spoke. "Apart from the three puppets I'm controlling, the most powerful elder just overcame her Guafeng Disaster."

Bai Lian asked, "Do they feel secure under your protection because of their weak strength? Do they avoid fighting back when attacked because of their vulnerability?"

Xuezhan lowered her head in embarrassment.

Bai Lian glared at Xuezhan.

In the world of cultivation, sects are like small countries in terms of power and influence.

When foreign enemies invade, nobody in this small country can back down!

As a comparison, take the Duxian sect.

In the game, when the Duxian sect was attacked by Mu Yisheng and others, all disciples took up their weapons and joined the fight. Even the black-hearted "Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian" contributed her own strength to protect the Duxian sect.

Rather than waiting for the light to come, it's better to become your own light!

This belief is deeply ingrained in the hearts of the disciples of the Duxian sect.

As for the people of the Wuheng Snow Valley…

Don't you feel proud to be a disciple of Wuheng Snow Valley?

It would be better to feed them all to dogs.


Dogs don't eat garbage like that.

Bai Lian believed that individuals born in colder regions tended to be more aggressive.

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"There's no reason for this sect to continue existing. It would be best to dissolve it as soon as possible."

Bai Lian spoke to Xuezhan.

Xuezhan didn't have the courage to meet Bai Lian's gaze.

Her lips twisted as she said, "Actually, it's not entirely their fault. I managed to solve all the problems, so they…".

"You're aware that you were mistaken, right?"

Bai Lian cut Xuezhan off.

Xuezhan sniffled.

Although she was wrong, she was just seven years old when she became the Snow Spirit Lord.

Seven years old!

What do you expect a seven-year-old child to be capable of doing?


As Xuezhan was lost in thought, Bai Lian suddenly pinched her cheek.