The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 7 Chapter 35 Part 2

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Chapter 35: The System Is Offline (2)

In prior times, the system would have released a plethora of tasks during this period.

There must be several options that could lead her to "bully" Xuezhan.

However, in reality, the system remained silent, as if it had suddenly disconnected from the outside world.

Bai Lian furrowed her brow slightly.

The system shouldn't be malfunctioning, otherwise, she wouldn't have received the system prompt just now.

"What's happened?"

Bai Lian questioned the system, yet it completely disregarded her.

Could there be a bug?

[This system is bug-free, so you can rest assured!]

Bai Lian was at a loss for words.

The system appears to be exceptionally persistent in proclaiming its bug-free status.

Whenever she came up with a similar idea, the system interrupted and had something to say.

Bai Lian was confused.

But it's not the appropriate moment to contemplate that.

The system lacks physical form, and even if she desired to grab its neck, it would be impossible.

Perhaps only when she reaches the level of an Immortal Emperor can she uncover the truth.

Bai Lian redirected her attention to Xuezhan and the turtle.

Another half hour passed while waiting.

While utilizing Ruomu to reconstruct Xuezhan's body, the turtle meticulously repaired her shattered soul fragment by fragment.

As soon as the green light emanating from Ruomu vanished entirely, Bai Lian glimpsed Xuezhan resting peacefully on the mat.

She squinted, placed her hands on her chest, and slept soundly.

The danger has passed.

Xuezhan remained frail, but it was the expected weakness after a significant health scare. Given sufficient recuperation time, she would eventually regain her strength.

Bai Lian spoke to the turtle with enthusiasm, expressing her gratitude for its assistance. "We owe you a tremendous debt, without your intervention Xuezhan might not have survived."

The turtle smiled and gently shook its head.

His face still displayed signs of exhaustion.

"White Emperor Bai Lian, there's no need for thanks. I'm simply repaying a debt of gratitude," the turtle humbly replied.


Bai Lian was taken aback.

However, the turtle had no intention of explaining further, saying, "Let's leave it in the past. White Emperor Bai Lian, I need to rest for a while."

It withdrew its head into the shell, leaving only a sturdy exterior visible.

Please don't ask anything!



Bai Lian gazed up at the full moon in the sky.

She sat beside Xuezhan, crossing her legs and allowing the back of her head to rest on her thigh.

Until dawn.

Xuezhan shook off her lethargy and woke up.

She stared at Bai Lian with her large eyes wide open, fully aware of what had just happened.

"How may I repay you, White Emperor Bai Lian?"

Bai Lian smiled and replied, "Just live well!"

She didn't idle her hands, even as she spoke.

She took out the "Yaojiang Feather Cup," which was an inferior Spirit Tool given to her as a reward for being brought back to the Hades Hall by the man in black.

This is a cup!


However, if you leave it on the table for a while, it will automatically release a milk-like liquid.

The liquid refined by the Yaojiang Feather Cup is extracted from the spirit Qi of Heaven and Earth that it absorbs. It can strengthen your body, improve skin health, enhance beauty, and help in increasing your cultivation base when consumed.

Bai Lian intended to present this cup to Xuezhan.

"Thank you, Bai Lian, the White Emperor."

Xuezhan shyly turned away.

She clutched the cup tightly in her hands.

It is cozy.

As she held it, she felt as though she was holding Bai Lian.

As she drank the liquid from it, she felt as though she was drinking in Bai Lian's love.

After a prolonged period of time, Xuezhan suddenly sat up.


She let out a surprised cry.


Xuezhan explained, "The people from Hades Hall are still attacking Wuheng Snow Valley. The valley must be in chaos without me. I have to go rescue them."

Bai Lian reached out and held her gently.

"You will die even if you go in your current condition."

"I have control over those puppets."

"No, you can't!"

Bai Lian rudely oppressed Xuezhan.


Xuezhan was not convinced.

However, Bai Lian simply refused her.

Let's take a different route.

Bai Lian said, "You can trust me and give me those puppets for now."


Xuezhan's eyes lit up.

Since obtaining the Qianhuan Real Eye, Bai Lian finds it effortless to control the puppets.

Bai Lian saved her at all costs, hence earning her full trust.

Xuezhan promptly handed the puppets over to Bai Lian.

To be frank, Bai Lian was eagerly anticipating it.

She has no knowledge about Xuezhan's mother's body, but she envies the puppet that can perform the "Modeling Heaven and Earth" spell.

The epitome of masculinity is to pilot the Gundam!

As a woman, she's following the same idealistic pursuit.

While I may not be able to pilot the Gundam, it's just as cool to operate "monstrous" machines!

Amidst the glacier canyon, a colossal monster with a blue face soared into the sky and headed towards the Wuheng Snow Valley.

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