The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 7 Chapter 35 Part 1

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Chapter 35: The System Is Offline (1)

It is said that Ruomu, born between the black water and the blue water, is the source of all water.

In short, this is a towering tree which has the ability to produce water!

According to legend, the water that once flowed out of Ruomu's body formed a massive river. It is also believed that the Green Emperor, who united the southern regions of the East Divine Land during the "Yuan" era, became an emperor after acquiring a branch of Ruomu.

According to the Hundred Plants Manual, Ruomu is a divine tree that is second only to Jianmu.

Bai Lian was unaware of it, but the turtle, having lived for 120,000 years, knew all about it.



Most of it is true.

It has never experienced the dark turmoil that lasted for thousands of years.

Being weak at that time, it had to deal with the sudden surge of kelp and avoid being hunted by sea monsters.

The turtle had also caught sight of the Green Emperor from a distance.

The Green Emperor was an enigmatic woman, and no one had ever seen her true face.

She walked on the water's surface, clutching a branch of Ruomu in her hand.

After throwing the branch of Ruomu into the sea, it grew into a massive tree that ultimately crushed the Marine Emperor despite his formidable resistance.

Thus, the boundless sea was restored to its peaceful state.

After many years, the flood that had ravaged the East Divine Land finally receded.

However, ever since then, the Green Emperor has been missing.

Legend has it that the Green Emperor's power doesn't stem from her own cultivation, rather she entered into a contract with Ruomu. Once everything is settled, she will return to Ruomu and offer herself up as a sacrifice.

The turtle has never laid eyes on it.

Could it be possible that the Green Emperor has ascended to the Immortal World?

After all, the power she exhibited at that time surpassed that of the ordinary Mahayana Stage cultivators.

The Great Tao would not permit the existence of such formidable beings in the lower realms!

"We should begin."

The turtle picked up the Ruomu branch and hurled it towards Xuezhan.

Xuezhan's problem may appear to be a soul issue, but in reality, it is related to the Qianhuan Real Eye.

If the Qianhuan Real Eye had not absorbed her spirit Qi in excessive amounts, she would not have been in such a critical condition.

Since the Qianhuan Real Eyes have already been transferred to Bai Lian, solving other problems will be easier.

Xuezhan's soul is unique. Even with changes, at its core, it remains the same foolish Spirit of Snow.

Using Ruomu, a divine tree formed from the Spirit Qi of Heaven and Earth, is very appropriate for healing the Spirit of Snow, who was born from the essence of the same.

The turtle uttered mystifying sounds.

Over time, a vibrant green light emanated from Ruomu.

It is a sea of green!

Bai Lian quickly formed a sword array around Ruomu's energy to keep it from fleeing.

That is all she needs to do. From here on out, everything depends on the turtle.

The turtle may not excel at other tasks, but when it comes to delicate work, he is truly exceptional!

Time passed by second by minute.

Bai Lian had to bemoan her luck.

If she hadn't acquired Ruomu from Ji Shi and if she hadn't emptied the storage pendant, it's possible that Xuezhan might have died unnoticed by the turtle.

However, upon reflection, it wasn't all just luck.

Ji Shi's situation was far more critical than Xuezhan's. If he didn't continuously prepare some props in advance to preserve his life, he may have already been reduced to ashes.

Bai Lian, with nothing else to occupy her time, opened up the system.

Just recently, the system displayed several prompts.

One of the prompts stated that due to the integration of Qianhuan Real Eye, her [Focus] had been improved--

[Focus +100]

Her current Focus is 551 which puts her in the same league as some of the cultivators at the peak of the Soul Changing Stage.

Certainly, the most prominent change is noticed on the second page of the system's panel.

[Cultivation base]: Early-stage Soul Changing Stage

[Cultivation method]: Qiongming Traceability Sword Classic and Thousand Mountains Twilight Snow

[Constitution]: Switchable Qianhuan Real Eye

Although her cultivation base remained the same, she unexpectedly acquired a cultivation method known as "Thousand Mountains Twilight Snow".

Bai Lian attempted to click on the switchable button located behind the Qianhuan Real Eyes and the [Preview] button that appeared.

All of a sudden, her property panel changed.

[Name]: Lord of the Snow

[Nickname]: Lord of the Snow

[Hair color]: White as snow

[Cultivation base]: Peak of the Soul Changing Stage

Her foundational skills also improved.

[Hard Skill level: 510]

[Soft Skill level: 525]

[Light Skill:520]

[Focus level: 610]

Feeling confident because of the changes within herself, Bai Lian believed she could even defeat a cultivator at the early stages of the Transcendency Stage.

However, all of this has come at a cost.

Even though it was her, she could only utilize the power of Qianhuan Real Eyes for a mere quarter of an hour.

Extending the usage of the Qianhuan Real Eyes would weaken her body, thus making it easier for enemies to capture her. Since this world is based on an R18 game, there is a possibility that she may meet a tragic end.

"I will use it as sparingly as possible."

Bai Lian secretly shook her head.

This is not an eye that ordinary people should possess.

If you aspire to become its master, you must be willing to bear the risk of being enslaved by it.

Moreover, …

Bai Lian recalled what Xuezhan had said.

"Generally, individuals with double pupils are Natural Saints."

When Xuezhan gave Qianhua the Real Eye, it was like providing her with a metaphorical "Natural Saint" cap to wear.

No matter how much she explained, nobody would believe her anymore.

"That's a lie!"

If she did something wrong, she would receive the following evaluation -

"Even the Natural Saint is starting to do wrong things! This world is becoming hopeless!"

(Translated by Gravity Tales 😁)

Come on.

<em>Sigh</em> It seems like I have no choice but to become a Natural Saint.

There are both good and bad things.

Bai Lian turned to look at Xuezhan, who had already formed half of her body. Did this mean that she had allowed Xuezhan to join her team?

This way, rumors of her being a reincarnated Immortal Emperor won't spread and once everything is settled, she can safely return to the Duxian sect to rest.

"That is correct!"

Bai Lian suddenly realized the problem when the system was shut down.

There seems to be an issue with this system!

She last triggered the task when the turtle offered her a ride.

No new tasks have been released by the system since then.

This is extremely unfair!

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